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Android travel app Flightview -- read our initial review -- just announced an upgrade, adding a trio of improvements. They are:

  • Manage Travel Itineraries - with the updated My Trips feature, users can save grouped flights together, record reservation information and personal notes, and sort saved flights by trip name or date.
  • Plan for Flight Delays – with the upgraded airport delay map, including the new “Low Traffic” indicator, users can get first looks at probable delays in departures or arrivals – ahead of airline announcements.
  • Conserve Battery Life – by optimizing FlightView’s servers, the new Android app allows users to track numerous flights at the same time, share travel information through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, and quickly rebook when flights are delayed or cancelled – all without draining the smartphone’s battery life.

Still missing is support for automatic itinerary -- such as you get through Tripit -- but we're still expecting it at some point. Flightview has been downloaded by more than 40,000 users since its launch in late July, the developer says. It's in the Android Market for 99 cents. Download links after the break. [Press release]


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Flightview Android travel app updated, improves itineraries, battery life


Used flightview in the past and loved it. Just being able to check your status without going into email is the best. And if your connection changed gates midflight you are notified.

I have to say, I was about to fly out of long beach airport last monday and was sitting in the terminal and received an alert from flightview that my plane was delayed. it was twenty minutes later that the annuncement was made in the terminal.....flightview was quicker to relay the news than the actual airline!! Great job by them!!

so whats better tripit or flightview? I could use auto updating but id like a better supported product.