Galaxy Note 2

New York seems to be the first stop for the US-bound Galaxy Note 2—we caught the first stateside glimpse last month at Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular, and tonight we’re meeting AT&T version of the hotly anticipated device. Aside from AT&T’s logo and LTE connectivity, we’re dealing with the same exact device that our own Alex Dobie so eloquently reviewed just today. So dive right in to see what he liked and didn’t, and while we await final word on pricing and availability on Ma Bell, catch some shots of AT&T’s model after the break.


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Love it. At&t take my money.

Ya, like NOW, AT&T! Just say YES . . .

cj100570 says:

Come on Big Red

Is the pictured device Titanium Grey? It is hard to tell the picture is dark.

SoreAintya says:

I have 2 upgrades waiting on this thing..availability please!

Same here!

n-strike says:

No video?

planoman says:

Come to papa! Cannot wait to get this on AT&T. A perfect addition to my SGSIII!

Matwill88 says:

Upgrade 2 months away. I'm so getting this

xeroslash says:

Wow. Here I thought VZW had some bloatware. Geez.

tottyrice says:

that was my first thought also when i saw the pic under the headline


Whats about the T-Mobile branded GNOTEII?

Oh don't worry about Tmobile. They will release it's Galaxy Note 2 like clock work.

NavyVet420 says:

Yeah, only a month before the Note 3 is released in 2013.. Tmobile reminds me of the GOP party here in America. Always behind the times

tim242 says:

Verizon, where you at? Money for full retail in hand.

OceanView says:

$199 please!

ninjabilly85 says:

US cellular will be the first company to release this phone. I will be preordering on the 15th. It will be $299

nachjager says:

Why all the best phones always comes to AT&T first? This is gadget-hoarding big time.