HTC One BlinkFeed home screen

The meat of HTC's new home screen experience in Sense 5 is the BlinkFeed -- a vertical-scrolling feed of news, social updates and other relevant info. This includes content from leading news organizations, and today the Financial Times has confirmed that it's onboard with BlinkFeed support on the recently-announced HTC One. As is the case when reading on the web, selected FT content will be available for free, but access to everything will require a subscription.

At Tuesday's press conference HTC boasted that it had more than 1,400 outlets supported within BlinkFeed, as part of the curated experience it's offering through the HTC One home screen. The presence of FT content is a plus for BlinkFeed, but that pesky paywall still stands in the way of full access to FT content.

For more on the Sense 5 home screen, BlinkFeed and the rest of the HTC One, check out our hands-on preview.


Reader comments

Financial Times gets onboard with BlinkFeed on HTC One


Good for HTC. Having good content for the BlinkFeed is key to elavating it from a quirky novelty to a useful function. Let's hope it succeeds amd we see this feature (or it's equivalent) on other Android devices.

I love the idea, but not being able to add your own RSS feeds is a big negative for me.

Feedly needs to come out with a widget like this, ASAP. It's the main thing missing from their app.

AHH....the beauty of Android. Live tiles anyone? Live widgets? More awesome customization from the world of Android. Step back and watch...Apple and MS.