Falcon Pro

The Falcon Pro Twitter app got an update today, adding the ability to copy tweets and fixing a few bugs. More interesting, perhaps, is the addition of support for DashClock Widget, which we're very quickly falling in love with.

The Falcon Pro extension for DashClock Widgets lets you see how many unread tweets you have from your lock screen. The usefulness of such a feature is debatable, but Falcon Pro is one of the first major applications we've seen add an extension for the open-source DashClock. And chances are we'll see more soon enough.


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Falcon Pro adds support for DashClock Widget


The DaskClock Widget is very nice, installed it yesterday.

I really wish that the default view was not compressed and a full view like shown in your photo. Maybe a future update will add that feature.

Phil, are lockscreen widgets not resizable?

The way they work now is you have that compressed view, and the full view. Not ideal, I agree. Still. DashClock is as good as those lockscreen widgets have been so far.

That's probably not an option for the widget developer - it's more of a lock screen (hence ROM) feature. CM 10.1 allows you to maximize widgets by default (Settings -> Lock Screen -> Maximize Widgets).

Absolutely. Calendar entries are the most important thing to me. I use the SimpleCalendar Widget on my home screen, and frankly I couldn't live without my next 2-3 events listed.

you need to read your tweets. Some of those could be you winning (rigging) a Nexus 7 in your giveaways!!!!!!

Can I just say how much I love both Falcon Pro and DashClock Widget? They're both just awesome. The only thing I wish I could do with DashClock is to flat-out replace the original lock screen, but...maybe you can, and I'm just too much of a doofus to figure it out.

tap and hold the original and drag it up to the top to remove it and then tap and hold the panel with the Dash Clock on it and drag it to the left of the camera.

At least, I'm on CM10.1 and that worked for me

Anyone using any other good extensions. Found a good battery one, but that's it. Would love to see one for Google Voice.

It's a freely distributed, open source project that was created by an Android engineer (a Google employee). There's nothing for them to purchase and given their company culture, this was probably developed during work hours on his 20% time.