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To say that Facebook's Android app has been ... less than exciting ... would be the understatement of the past year or so. Hopefully tonight's update is a sign of greater things to come, as Version 1.7 brings some UI tweaks and features that frankly should have been added by now. Here's the rundown:

  • Made it easier to share with who you want
  • Improved the sharing tool to add privacy controls on posts and match your settings on the web site
  • Added the ability to tag friends and places in photos posts
  • Added new design for Profile and Group Walls
  • Improved photo browsing with swiping
  • Added the ability to tag your friends in photos
  • Improved Messages and Notifications
  • Fixed a number of crashes and performance issues

Not mentioned in the bullet points -- these are the official changes mentioned in the Android Market -- is that you can also now pull to refresh. It's about time. And while the app's now installable on Android 3.x devices, let's see about maybe getting a proper tablet layout, shall we?

Snag the updated version in the Android Market now. We've got download links after the break.


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Facebook gets a noticeable update, starts to suck less


Negative on that pull down to refresh. Does not work on the Droid Incredible. when is Friendly app coming to Android.

Won't even launch on my Incredible (2.2, I still didn't get GB). Just a plain, white screen and a force-close...

Another FB fail!

I use Friend Me on my Xoom. What's a good option to replace this crap app on my phone?

Edit: After ten minutes of waiting it finally loaded, but no pull to refresh here either...

FAcebook is an app that I have probably installed and uninstalled 20 times....I think, well maybe it will be ok this time....then its a no go. Looks like we're off to try #21!

The pull down to refresh works once in a while for me, but not about 75% of the time. Can't figure out why.

ETA: I can pull down when I first enter the news feed, but not again until I exit and re-enter the news feed.

I really dont understand what it is people want from this app...i feel like people who have anything to complain about are probably trying to do too much to begin with. If you got a crap load of serious facebooking to do, get on a laptop. itll only make your life easier.

anyway, it all works fine on my EVO Shift...refresh pull and all. no problems.

I totally agree. The only issue (IMHO) is that all of us are leading the charge to eliminating PCs from our world. The smartphone IS the new PC, this IS a new revolution in tech, and while I don't see the normal 101 keyboard being eliminated anytime this month (lol), it will be. For now, yes, if you want serious fb'ing, then get on a computer. But for some people, the smartphone is the new PC, and they want/need/expect more... and more... and more. This is what makes a revolution.

Soon, we will all be doing out taxes on our smartphones... oh, wait, some people already are. lol

Is it so hard for Facebook to build a decent Android App, like the ones in IPS & BB OS
I didn't think ill say this, but thank God for MOTOBLUR & it widgets

Pull-down refresh works fine on my Samsung Fascinate. I'm liking this update so far. Having a full screen to type out a status is definitely a nice addition.

Pull to refresh works for me on my tbolt but I can't actually tag pics WTF FB? Tagging people in pic posts is useless. At least the UI is getting better though.

How do you write on the Wall for an event? I've gotten to it before by way of tapping a myriad of links but I can never find a definite way there. Most of the time when I tap an event it only gives me the Info and an Attendance option.

"It's about time. And while the app's now installable on Android 3.x devices, let's see about maybe getting a proper tablet layout, shall we?" How about we get a decent androidcentral tablet app and Widgets please they both look horrible on tablets

They're trying...I can give them that much. There are about two features if fixed I'd be happy with this app.
1) Privacy settings needs to be active on "your profile' not only in "news feed."
2) You can't see which friends like your posts or comments on your profile - only visible in news feed. Other then those two options, I'll give it three stars.

The pull to refresh sorta works on my phone.
It refreshes it, but it puts the news feed on the bottom quarter of the screen after it refreshes.

Finally tagging has come to Facebook for Android.

Swipping in photos, profile walls improved...but notifications are no longer push in my european Sensation since yesterday...

At least an UPDATE in capital letters!

On my EVO 4g with SwiftKey X keyboard it won't let me enter a "space" between words when doing a checkin. Works fine with my other keyboards. SwiftKey X works fine when doing status updates.

Any other EVO with SwiftKey X users confirm this?

EVO 4G here with SwiftKey.

It happened to me the first time I opened the app. Now that I have opened and closed the app a few times, the keyboard pops up and lets you put in spaces between words.

Strange. I've opened and closed quite a few times and even rebooted, but every time I go to try to checkin with SwiftKey X as my keyboard it won't allow spaces.

Oh well, will try again later. Not a big deal, just kind of a pain.

This update causes my GPS to start polling pretty much all the time, as soon as the app does anything. This is tremendously annoying and quite a battery hog. Patch, please?

This Android fragmentation is getting out of control. Here we have an update to an app that so many people use and some are having issues while others are saying it works perfectly.

Can someone tell me how to turn off notifications? I usually use the internet on my thunderbolt not the app.. But this one is finally working & seems pretty good.. Just need to turn off the notifications.m

Anyone else agree this new look resembles the iPhone? Mainly the buttons on top for "Photo" "Status" and "Check In"

After updating it wouldn't open, it would just stay at a blank white screen and force close. Uninstalled the app the installed it again and all is well. Pull to refresh works, swiping through pictures work. I haven't tried tagging people in pictures though. many clueless folks on here abour having a simply problem... LISTEN UP .....after you down load the update.....(DO NOT TRY TO GO INTO FACEBOOK JUST YET)......go to manage your apps...go to the facebook app...clear out the cache...and force stop....then reboot your phone....once you phone is up and running and loads up.....then you may sign back in to facebbok appp.......HOPEFULLY you will see the update with out any issues......i am running a stock EVO 4G....i have no issues what so ever from this app...actually the update is a lil smoother and faster.... ...GOODLUCK !!!!!

Thanks! This worked for me (the clearing cache, I cleared data as well, and then rebooted). Now the refresh works properly.

Facebook should just buy out friendcaster and let them create their apps for them. They might actually be worth a poo then.

Updated and haven't found any problems whatsoever. I didn't clean cache or rebooted, but think I'm gonna go do that. It's definitely a bit faster than the previous version and it is now somewhat similar to the old iOS version. Thunderbolt 2.3.4

They claim to have fix messaging. Anyone know if it's safe to remove the Facebook messenger app from my phone?

Still kinda sucky.
Works on my Incredible 2.3.4, but sometimes the pull down refresh gets hung up at the bottom, so most of the screen is white.

better.. finally. it actually seems to be more like the touch site. good update but still a ways to go.

White screen issues Hey everyone I got the white screen too. After u download the update restart ur phone. Open the app from the drawer then hit home button then wait 5 to 10 mins, then open the app again from the app drawer. This worked for me hopefully this works for you.

Don't know why some of you are having problems, but everything works for me. I love the new update......EVO 4G

pull to refresh works fine on my thunderbolt. I honestly don't care about all the group stuff but can they at least get the notifications right. The IOS version is way better and even when I had my blackberry, the notifications were a hell of a lot better and made me easily ignore the watered down BB experience.