It started off as much maligned and then turned into pretty ok, so it's been interesting watching the Facebook for Android app evolve since it's inception on our phones. It would seem the next step of that evolution is nigh, as the Facebook for Android developers are seeking your (yes, you) help in beta testing v1.6 of the app.

A partial list of fixes includes:

  • Improved News Feed including comment liking
  • Pages
  • Video Uploads
  • Many bug fixes

If you like to be on the bleeding edge of tech (or just Facebook), be sure to hit up the source links to get your name in the pot.

Signup form; Source: Reddit; via Android Police


Reader comments

Facebook for Android v1.6 in the wings, beta testers needed


weak, friendcaster / flow / F+ has had this stuff for a long time now. I use pages, groups, comment liking quite a bit, oh and video uploading of course.

I really hope the official app improves. I've been using Friendcaster (formally Flow) and it's been better than the official app, imo.

The Zuck has already said there will be no official tablet version of the app since he doesn't see tablets as being "mobile."

Yup, fame and fortune are too much for this kid. All he did was create the Apple version of MySpace. No personalization, just follow in his vision. I'm sure the movie portrayal of him is not far from the truth.

The Zuck has already said there will be no official tablet version of the app since he doesn't see tablets as being "mobile."

I must agree with morellox...I bought Flow (which is now Friendcaster) and it puts the Facebook for Android to shame...the only thing it is missing is "chat"...but that is not important as I am more likely to "text" on my phone then to "chat"...Friendcaster just does everything better...I havent even used Facebook for Android other than using it to link Facebook profile pics to my contacts..lol.

LOL! That is exactly the same for me. FriendCaster is an awesome app. Hands down the best one for Facebook. The only and I mean only thing the Facebook Android app is good for is linking photos to your contacts.

I gave up on the Facebook for Android app long ago & switched to FriendCaster (it used to be called Flow). It already does what the Facebook app should have done at initial release!

Notifications are instantaneous & actually work 100% of the time...access to Pages/Groups & the ability to like a comment have ALWAYS been there!

I would be willing to bet that this update STILL leaves things out that FriendCaster already does.

Ummm. Facebook using a Google Docs form to sign people up for an official beta? Why do I find this hard to believe???

I totally had the same problem with notifications... I lost count at how many times I posted something along the lines of "Notifications?! What notifications?!" because I NEVER got a single one.... until a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if it has more to do with GB or more to do with me deactivating and then reactivating my Fbook account (I upgraded to GB and deactivated and reactivated my Fbook account around the same time), but ever since I did those two things I have gotten push notifications every time someone has posted something on my wall.

When I tried clicking on the "Signup Form" link, I go to a page that displays:

It looks like the form "Facebook for Android preview" is turned off.

Huh? What happened to the beta signup? Something isn't right.