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We're live in London at the Samsung Premiere 2013 event where we've had a first look at the new Galaxy S4 Zoom. Part smartphone, part point-and-shoot camera, the S4 Zoom is unlike any smartphone we've come across to date. As is usually the norm with new Samsung devices, a range of accessories come to market with them, and the Zoom is no exception. There's actually a pretty decent looking flip case for the device, that covers the screen on one side, and acts as a sort of bumper around the exterior edges. It also comes with a matching lens cap so you can pocket your new Galaxy S4 Zoom without worrying (too much) about that honkin' great zoom lens on the back. More pictures can be found after the break. 

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Eyes on with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom flip case and lens cover


the flip cover on my sgs3 makes it a bit of a pain the butt to take pictures now, I cannot imagine it on this thing...

Could just be me

Flip cover? Doesn't make sense to have something flapping around.


Annoying, isn't it

So when are these cases going to be available to buy? (And where?!) I've had my S4 Zoom for about 2 weeks now and am on tenterhooks every time it's in my pocket!

I'm so impressed with this phone/camera. ... the case is amazing! Got the phone last week and the cover today. I feel like a child on Christmas!

Gooed to hear, where did you buy the cover and the lens cover. I want one of each too.


Take care.