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With a new Samsung phone comes a bunch of official cases, and the new Galaxy Note 3 is absolutely no exception. In the sprawling Samsung booth here in Berlin at IFA 2013, the range is on show for everyone to see, including the pretty interesting and nice looking S-View case. The range comes in a whole bunch of different colors, and there's even some special edition ones designed by Moschino and Nicholas Kirkwood. 

Click on past the break for a few more snaps of what's on offer.

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Eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 official cases


It's difficult to tell from the pictures...does the S-View cover replace the back like the one for the S4 does?

Just saw on Gizmondo that it in fact does. Why do you say "It has to" though? Looking at the wallet type cases, it looks like they do not replace the back.

Snapping on would add bulk and the 'hinge' would be bigger and more awkward when folded. The one I have for the s3 is perfect and replaces the back. Just figured it would be a natural thing since you can remove the back.

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When the front S cover is flipped around to the back, is the camera obscured or does it have a clear shot through the cutout?

IDK about the note3. Just my opinion but it's like a big gal with a pretty face. Sure she looks nice but if your hands don't touch when you hug her(in this case thumb and middle finger as demonstrated in the above picture) it just makes things a little to difficult for my taste. *Side note luckily I have average hands otherwise I'd be stuck with a iPhone... YUK **other side note sorry if I offended any pretty faced big gals with small hands if it makes you feel any better I have an oversized nose.

I'm 6'4" 230 lbs. and nothing on my body is average sized, so I have no problem satisfying a big girl with a pretty face. They have no need to be offended. Just don't waste time with a guy who cannot handle what they have to offer.

The s charger it just me or does the white one look like an uncooked rectangular ravioli?

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It is the new usb3.0 charger(which offers a lot faster transfer speeds and charging). But, it is still backwards compatible with the micro usb.

Not interested in these cases at all.

I'll be waiting for Incipio or Seido to make one of their slim hybrid cases (TPU inner sleeve + polycarb outer shell). Currently lovin' Incipio's dualpro on my S3.

I've never cared for any of the "official" phone cases from manufacturers...that is until I got the Samsung Protective Cover + for my Note II. Liked it so much I got my wife one when she got her S4...she loves hers, too.

I'm happy to see their making one for the Note III...because I'll be getting one for Christmas!

Holy crap those Protective Cover + cases are seriously MIA (in the US). I am not digging the ridges/design, as the back of the phone already feels great and tactile. But I loved the Note 2 version of this case model...Can't compare in store cause no one has a clue about it! Is this out in Korea at least? Anyone have a model number?