Previously only available to a select few verified accounts, Google is to expand the availability of Google+ custom URLs this week. Custom URLs give you an easy way to link friends and followers to your Google+ page, for example you'll find Android Central at

There are a few (easy) hoops to jump through before claiming your URL — you'll need to have at least a 30-day-old account with a profile photo and at least 10 followers. If that's you, you should start seeing the link to claim your URL on your profile page sometime this week. (The rules are a bit different for businesses — local Google+ pages must be verified local businesses, non-local pages must be linked to a website.)

As with all Google features, it'll take a short time to roll out to everyone, so keep an eye on the "About" page under your profile over the next few days. Good luck claiming your name of choice!

Source: Google; via: +Otavio Silva

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silverfang77 says:

So where's mine, Google? I have way more than ten followers, a photo and have been on practically since Google Plus started. I see no link, button or anything else. Google promises, but doesn't deliver.

outlooker says:

They said it'll roll out to everyone within a week. So GIVE IT A WEEK!

mwara244 says:

Google staggers all their updates for apps. I live in the midwest and am always last to see the update in the play store. I go to Droid-Life because they always post or have someone post the updated apk to download for the newest version of every google app, even the new playstore version is there with slideout options

outlooker says:

Gonna run out of the good ones soon! Reminds me if the California Gold Rush.

The SPCS Guy says:

I'm still waiting for mine, where is it? In the mean time, add me on BBM: 7B725FA9

brendilon says:

Crackberry fans are weird.

NoNexus says:

If I were to bother downloading that, I would spam the crap out of crackberry users.

Might be worth it for the lolz

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Except that pin is for a DROID or iPhone

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NoNexus says:

Still a crackberry fan in some capacity

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

borgdog says:

hmmm, need more friends ;-p

AbuYazeedUK says:

Everyone follow me so I can get a custom URL AbuYazeedUK

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Notajediyet says:

Presumably, the Oatmeal's is already done for them.

I just got my email, and claimed my custom URL

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Taz89 says:

Well got an email to get my custom url... Don't think I need to be honest..

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duoFurious says:

Got mine already

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My email just came. Surprised I got it so soon..

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Insp_Gadget says:

Got mine. Never got an email about it. Claimed it right from my G+ profile page.

phaeton says:

Just got mine a few minutes ago!

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Mychaiel says:

Just got mine a couple hours ago....

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return_0 says:

Yup, just got mine half an hour ago. Seems to be rolling out quickly.

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DataHawg says:

Got the email but haven't activated it yet. I didn't even know I had 10 followers

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jean15paul says:

I just got mine. :-)

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scaots says:

I received an email a little while ago and it happened while I was talking in G+ comments about it with someone who already had theirs.

ybcthanerd says:

its not really custom i got my email but couldnt choose my own, it was 2 preset options, no thnx

S-Doo-1965 says:

I got mine. Thanks Google.

nexusrtw says:

I cannot seem to find the answer to this - perhaps Android Central can help? Why does our G+ URL just not default to our Google / Gmail username? It really bugs me to think that another person will most likely get my username for their URL / Google acct profile. It seems like my @gmail should = my G+ profile.

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rlhammon says:

I agree. I didn't create a YouTube account at first, and my Google ID is common everywhere except YouTube now.

Also, while I guess you could submit your own custom profile... like others have said, I had one choice to pick from.

c1971ace says:

I got mine.....ty Google

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mrmexican87 says:

This is torture! Haha

But seriously, I stayed up and waited on the Facebook land run. Seems I may not have that kind of luck this time.