Evo captures car chase

A car plows through traffic on the Pulaski Skyway in Jersey City, and the Evo 4G is there to capture the aftermath. It's a hell of a story, and Jerzyiroc tells it in the Android Central Forums.

"Literally no more than 3 seconds after I moved over I look at the rear view mirror and see police lights, then I quickly look to the side view mirror and what do I see... A car PLOWING through other cars trying to squeeze through then passes right by me. Had I been 3-5 seconds late in moving to the left, I definitely would have gotten rammed. When the cops drove by all I could smell was burnt oil and burnt trans from the poor police cars. As soon as he passed me I grab my phone and start recording."

Another reason why having a great phone with a great camera is important these days. Check out the entire tale and a quorum of videos (Warning: there's a bit of salty language) in the forums. (And check out a second guy with an Evo in the second video. Classic.) [Android Central Forums]


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Evo 4G catches aftermath of hit-and-runs, police chase in Jersey City


I know there are a lot of things my evo can do that I don't know about but what laser are u talking about? Can u please briefly tell me how to access and use it? Thanks.

i dont know if they are jacking with u (and the rest of us) or if they are for realz about the lazer but what i do know is lazer is spelled with an "s" so it is laser and i want to know if my evo has one or not

I found the videos completely stupid. There is no need for all the inane cursing in just about every sentence. They didn't really show anything interesting, anyway, "YO". This is hardly worth posting as a main article on Android Central.... in fact, it is somewhat embarrassing.

Complete waste of space.

The videos have no substance. Look, everyone! Look! Cop cars with lights on, driving past my car!

If its that stupid then skip it. I guess it wasn't stupid enough for you not to waste your time by commenting on it.

I thought maybe something interesting would happen... but it didn't. Didn't want anyone else to waste their time.

It's not meant to be entertaining. It's just showing the camera in action and how well it takes video. Do you stiffs take injections of seriousness before logging into the all serious domain of Android Central??? Chill out!

Ya I'll admit, the cursing was a bit much to say the least. But when your car was a few inches away from getting plowed, seeing a bunch of other cars getting rammed like it's a Bruce Willis movie and a car getting chased by cops it's a pretty crazy wtf moment. Same goes for the yo... However, I'm sure if I said "dude" after every word it wouldn't have been an issue.. Gotta love the double standards.. And no it wasn't meant to be a "Cops Home video". It was a crazy situation and I happened to be able to capture the aftermath of what happened. There isn't a damn person in this forum that wouldn't have recorded it. As far as the car, it's not mine. It's my girls. Unfortunately me and him have different tastes. He's a great dude but his taste in cars is along the lines of rice and mine is with nice clean muscle cars. But anyway, to those than saw the video and took it for what it was supposed to be and didn't find a need to flame, thank you. For those that felt the need to flame w/e. I can care less.

If that's the Kearny exit underneath the Pulaski, there used to be a dope ass deli on central over there. Damn I miss Hudson County. I think I'll go tomorrow. Yea that was mad random. Thanks for the video.

Android Central lost soooooo much credibility for posting something this stupid. Seriously, WTF? How is this related to Android? The content of the video suck, taken by some douche and his [can't tell girl or boy] passenger whose foul mouth is only matched by their foul looking ricer car (is the dash pealing??).

Wow seriously? Some "douche"? Are you that holier than thou? I guess you've never cursed a day in your life right? So that must make you better than me? I can't stand people like you. And yes. The car is a ricer. If you knew how to read you would have read in the thread that it's my girlfriends fathers car and yes he's a bit of a ricer. But why does that matter to you? Is it any of your business? Get off your high horse. You not special nor are you important. You're nothing but an internet tough guy..