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The South Korean government announced today that it will collaborate with the EU in developing new technologies, set standards and allocate radio frequencies for next-generation mobile information and communication networks.

Under the terms of the agreement, a new joint working group will be established, which will "plan and set up joint research and development projects." The joint venture would ensure global interoperability of 5G networks, as well as create a set of global communication standards for 5G networks while providing ICT services for the cloud and the Internet of Things.

South Korea has always been at the forefront of mobile technology, becoming the first country to implement LTE-A networks. Earlier this year, the South Korean government mentioned that commercialisation of 5G would occur as early as 2020.

Handset vendors are also testing out methodologies for successfully implementing 5G services, with Samsung stating earlier this year that it made a breakthrough in the development of 5G technology. The South Korean manufacturer mentioned that it found a way to transmit large volumes of data using a much higher frequency band.

In addition to handset manufacturers like Samsung and LG, mobile carriers like SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus are hard at work in becoming the first carriers to offer 5G services. Overall, over $1.57 billion will be invested over the next seven years to bring 5G networks to life.

The EU's involvement would significantly bolster South Korea's efforts, while being mutually beneficial to both parties. EU digital commissioner Neelie Kroes said that the collaboration on 5G networks would put the EU back in the driver's seat. She said, "In the '90s we were in the driver seat, talking about GSM, so it would nice to be back in that position." While the EU was slow at implementing the 4G standard, the European Commission is investing over $948 million to drive research into 5G technologies "without delay."

Are you as excited as us about the upcoming 5G standard?

Source: Yonhap News


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EU and South Korea working together to develop 5G networks


Battery technology is also pushed to the limits with atomic level research. There will be better batteries including better charging systems around 2020. Of course, after this new technology is released, Apple will "reinvent" it someone where down the road for a higher price.

There won't be batteries. Battery research is pointing to high energy capacitors for larger power storage. The first will start with electric cars in the coming years. Most of the battery research that is ongoing is for the fuel for electric cars, from there it will spread to everything else I presume.

Actually 4G/LTE consumes less battery than 3G. So this as being a next gen technology will be even better for battery. Try looking into stuff before commenting.

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It's like that now. But go talk to everyone who owned one of the OG LTE phones and they'll tell you otherwise. It took a few years for LTE radio's to be as efficient as they are now.

Haha I remember that. I remember my Sprint Wimax phone. What a battery slut that phone was.

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Wouldn't it be more productive to work on handsets that will work properly across carriers and countries? We were almost there a few years ago, when all we had were four bands in use in the world, but I can't even keep track of what's being used where at this point. Maybe we should either try to harmonize the bands in use or at least get phones that can more easily work across all of them. Once that problem is at least somewhat under control, then we can move on to 5G.

I applaud innovation wherever it pops up. Hats off to these guys. Just kinda shows how far behind the curve we are falling. While the Verizons, Comcasts and other ISPs are trying to lobby the FCC to find new ways to siphon money from your pockets by killing net neutrality so that they can deliver their below industry leading (but gleefully above 3rd-world country) internet services, these folks are overseas working on the next big thing to deliver to its users. Heck, 4G isn't even rolled out fully in the US and they're talking 5G over there. These folks over there are just providing services, its the phone manufacturer's job to work with the carrier to build phones that work on the network, not the other way around. I don't see an issue with this. Just saying, though I respect your opinion.

as much as i hate verizon....their AWS XLTE easily pulls speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which compared to every other carrier in most places, is industry leading.

Posted via an AT&T Galaxy S III LTE running on America's....neither fastest or most reliable network. ):

Agreed. And I'm sure it works really well till you actually utilize it more than 'just a little', after which you are subject to throttling. That's the carrot on a string, and you/we are the rabbit. They show you speeds that you will never really get to enjoy. But I digress, there is still innovation to be seen even above this. Not saying I need it personally, but if we are going to be paying what we pay for these services, we should have the best. Say what you will about Verizon being industry leading, but they aren't (not on a worldwide scale). Neither is the US as a whole, compared to other industrialized countries. We pay the most, but don't get the best. That's actually a fact, not a matter of opinion. I wish it was just an opinion, though...

Verizon doesn't even plan on starting work on 5G till 2020, from a press release from over a year ago.
Besides companies want a broken system, and it'll stay that way when our government sides with corporations instead of the citizens. Wheeler is head of the FCC and was the top lobbyist for the telecom's, Monsanto has former employees in the FDA, Goldman Sachs have tons of ex-employees in the Treasury and SEC. It's pretty pathetic how corrupt and infiltrated or Gov is with corporate stooges heading up most of the Regulatory Agencies that are supposed to be governing them.

You're right, though. I was amazed to see how much you guys pay Iver there for 500 MB of data (or something along those lines?) here in Slovakia I've got a 3 GB data plan for 9 euros/month

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Can Android Central ban this self-promoting idiot?

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The two aren't mutually exclusive. This is research, and your'e talking about deployment. It's not like they're taking people off of the "roll out technology that's been around for years already" projects and putting them on the "develop the technology that we'll use for the next ten years" team.

I thought the point of LTE was that we'd be able to have it for the long run... Lol
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$1.5b seems like a small amount of money to invest in the future of technology and communication. It's about the cost to buy one half popular app

Aw sorry to hear that. Glad I am not you and am enjoying 15+ speeds on Sprint

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On Verizon in Tennessee I get 30+ on LTE but my WiFi (80211 ac) is still faster than that on WiFi I get 144+ speeds its pretty great

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That's because of the 3G technology Sprint used as well as Verizon which can only offer up to 3mbps. But LTE is fast. Constantly getting 30 megs down or more. Never get anything lower than 15.
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I personally think it's great that we are moving towards 5g; however, I feel that 4g LTE covers my needs quite well. Investing so much into an infrastructure to bring up data speeds is kind of unnecessary and misplaced. The money could be used for something much more meaningful, like public works. As cool as it is, I'm fine with 40 Mbps on LTE. There simply is no need.

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LTE-A already exists; it's just not very widely deployed and needs more standardization. This makes it sound like they're researching new technologies for future standards. I hope we get some technical details about what exactly they're working on.

I know but I am wondering what the tech is that they consider 5G. Wimax, HSPA and others are considered 4G, what are we defining as 5G?

5g sounds pretty sweet, but being in the US I hope that T-Mobile and sprint finish their infrastructure implementation first.

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Come on Verizon! It has been hours since this has been announced and you have not even upgraded one city to 5G!?!? Why does it always take Verizon so long to to anything????

^^^this there are still plenty of places that don't really have good coverage southern Cali for example

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Thank goodness Jerry didn't write this article. If he did we wouldn't know WHAT was going on! Hahahahahaha!!!!