Starting at £23 for 500MB, going up to £63 for 20GB

EE, currently the UK's only 4G LTE network operator, has launched its first 30-day, 4G SIM-only plans. The plans allow Brits to sample EE's LTE network without committing to a hefty year-long contract, and are divided up by data allowance in the same way as the carrier's 12-month plans. All plans come with unlimited calls and texts, as well as tethering access, with allowances starting at £23 per month for 500MB and going up to £63 for 20GB. Each of the 30-days plans will cost you £2 per month more than the 12-month equivalent, so here's how things shape up --

  • £23 per month for 500MB
  • £28 for 1GB
  • £33 for 3GB
  • £38 for 5GB
  • £43 for 8GB
  • £63 for 20GB

The 30-day plans launch today and are available from EE's online shop, as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

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Reader comments

EE launches 30-day 4G SIM-only plans


Still way too much compared to 3G prices, 23 should be for 1GB min.

There's not many people who need unlimited calls & texts nowadays I'm sure most people would be happy with 1000min & 500 txts and get a bit more data otherwise what is the point of 4G.

Hopefully competition will drive this down

I believe most European countries are using 2600, 1800, and 800 Mhz for the LTE. Verizon's LTE phones have been 700 Mhz only for a while and we're just starting to see the 1700 (AWS) LTE band.

1800MHz is not a common standard for LTE.

It just happened that when EE was formed by the merger of orange + t-mobile that they were able to devote spare spectrum to it. I don't know how they persuaded the regulators that giving them a one year lead over competitors was a good thing!

What's the point of having 4g and being limited to anything? Let alone 500mb. If you use play music and YouTube to any extent even the 20gb could soon be eaten up. I'll stick with unlimited 3g. It's quick enough in the UK anyway, I think LTE seems to be a priority in the US where speeds seem to be slower.

No it won't work. 3 Mobile here have unlimited data plans for 12.90.. Has 250mins + 5000 texts and unlimited data for 12.90 pounds... Their network is HSDPA+ 42Mbps so pretty fast... In some places faster then EE's 4G network.

I pay 16 pounds a month for unlimited plus 1GB of hotspot - it's not 4G but since it averages between 16-25mb the benefit from 4G is so marginal I'm not going to swap that for a 500mb contract for more money.

@cgk Hey I'm traveling to Great Britain next month with my Nexus 4 for about 3 weeks. Tell me where I can get a deal like yours! thanks

Yes I'd recommend Three PAYG too for UK visitors particularly if you wish to use Skype or VOIP on your smartphone.
I tested a T-Mobile PAYG SIM recently and they block Skype/VOIP.

as the other guy said I could only recommend Three. If you want truly unlimited data, excellent 3G coverage and great pay as you go add on packs... their 30 day rolling contracts are even better if you're staying for longer periods.

Make sure you convert your top ups to add ons

There are vending machines in airports from which you can buy Three sims ready for use.
Just be sure to get the right size sim!
Otherwise go to and use the store finder to look for a store near where you be staying.