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20 million yearly travelers will now have high speed broadband inside the Chunnel

Looks like EE and Vodafone are set to unleash some speed in the Channel Tunnel, a transportation mode that turns the trip from the UK to France into a 35-minute jaunt.

Vodafone and EE's networks will consist of LTE (or, as EE creatively calls it, "4GEE"), 3G and 2G. Services should be up by this summer. The goal is to have 2G and 3G up by March. 4G might take a little bit longer.

Fotis Karonis, EE CTO, had this to say about the development:

We’re proud to offer customers a superfast 4G service when they’re traveling from the UK into Europe. It’s another technology first for EE, and it’s one that will make a big difference to business workers and people going away on holiday. Being connected is such an important part of traveling now and this will be another route we’ve covered with 4G, making a huge difference to millions of customers who can now make the most of their journey time.

According to EE, around 20 million people travel through the Channel Tunnel each year.

This just might give me a good reason to go over there and try it out!


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EE and Vodafone set to get speedy in Channel Tunnel


2G shouldn't even exist anymore. And 4G always takes "longer"!

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2G should definitely exist. Just because it's no longer perfect for consumer market, doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist.

Don't forget that some (not many) but some people do still have 2G only phones. Think of them, their network has to

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Definitely won't be any free wifi in the place you showed, since there hasn't been a Eurostar train to Waterloo station for a number of years :) They go to St. Pancras now.