We can be completely honest here, right? With all the phones that tend to come across our desks, things can, on occasion, become a bit of a grind, especially when you've reviewed the fifth or sixth version of a manufacturer's flagship model. Specs change a little, but it's largely the same experience. That's when this job can become work.

"Oh, shut up, Phil. I'd kill for your job." And I wouldn't blame you. Indeed, it's why I travel in unmarked sedans with no fewer than two Bulgarian bodyguards (and occasionally a chase car, depending on the neighborhood).

But those long days of writing about a phone for what seems the Nth time is also why it's been refreshing over the past month or so to see the excitement over Sprint's HTC EVO 4G LTE. I dare say the anticipation has been greater than even the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. (That can't be right, can it?) Sure, the phone itself is what's important, but it's the Sprint fans that make these high-profile releases so much fun. I'm not a Sprint guy. I like the company a lot. I love sitting in the same room as its execs. The PR folks we work with are top-notch. Unfortunately, it's never had a good enough network experience for me to have an account. Hopefully that will change with Network Vision in the next year or so.

But those of you who are on Sprint, boy, howdy, you're a breed unto your own. You don't see this sort of fanaticism on AT&T. It's there on T-Mobile, but to a lesser extent, not nearly as vocal. More of "Yeah, it's a really good network -- with a really cool spokesmodel -- and some really good phones. It's just not big enough." Verizon's the 800-pound gorilla in the room, but, again, it just doesn't have the same sort of excitement you get with a major Sprint launch.

What's taken me so long in getting our EVO review done? Life, for one. It happens. But I've also been spending more time in our forums lately (for better or for worse). That's where you really learn what people want to know about a phone. Hell, it's where I go to learn more about a phone. It's amazing the little features (or, yes, nuisances) that you might not notice on the first, fourth or even fifth go-around.

The point is, you Sprint fans out there -- you crazy, fanatic Sprint lovers -- you've added some serious fun to the past couple weeks with the launch of the EVO.

Here's to hoping we get to do it all over again in the coming months with the Galaxy S III.

Stuck in Customs

But what about the EVO being held up in Customs? I really have no idea what happened. Did HTC blow it? Sprint sure seemed to be throwing its hands up and saying "Hey, we're ready to sell it. We just need HTC to get us the damn thing." And that's probably true.

My question (and I'm hardly the first to have asked this) is how could this have been avoided? And should it have been avoided? HTC back in December had said it had a workaround for the software patent of Apple's that the International Trade Commission said it was infringing on. We got our first look at the EVO in early April. How is it, that a month later, with the phones (either presumably or metaphorically) sitting on the docks, the ITC still had to review them? There really was no way of taking care of this ahead of time? Is the inspection process that literal, wherein phones have be unboxed at the side of the boat and proven to be in compliance?

There's got to be a better way.

On the other hand, you'd be amazed by the minutiae, by the number of steps in the life of a smartphone before it gets anywhere near shelves. It's astounding, when you stop and think about it, that anything ever gets sold. Ever.

I think that's maybe why I can, on occasion, seem indifferent to these sorts of problems. When I seem to throw my hands up  and say "Well, that's just the way it is." Do I like it? Hell, no. Can I do anything about it? Nope. Bitching about doesn't make me feel any better, either. Is it frustrating for me, too? Absolutely. (And you can be sure we give our contacts at the companies involved a hard time later.)


Here we go again. More "sources" saying that we'll see an inexpensive Tegra 3-based, 7-inch tablet handed out at Google IO in about a month.

That's about the most uninspired, uncreative "scoop" of the year so far.

And again, folks, you don't go to Google IO for the swag. (Just ask anyone who got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 last year that still hasn't been updated to Ice Cream Sandwich.) You go to learn and meet fellow devs. 

But here's my thing: How long before someone complains "Last year we got a $600 tablet. This year we only got a $200 tablet." It'll happen.

Required reading

A nice read this weekend from iMore.com's Ally Kazmucha on iOS jailbreaking and how it's not -- or at least shouldn't -- be about stealing apps.

Posting that story on Google+ garnered a few dozen comments (apologies for not hopping back into that discussion -- weekend family time beckons), but it was the first one that had me rolling on the floor.

And what about the upside? Piracy spreads awareness and increases the likelihood that paying customers will see your app.

Seriously? That's like saying the act of shooting someone in the leg will help advertise the brand of jeans they're wearing. Or that carjacking someone's Camry will somehow boost Toyota's sales. (OK, OK. That's a bit much. But still. Craziness.)

It's pretty simple. Don't steal apps. </soapbox>

Etc. ...

  • When the hell is Verizon going to update its Galaxy Nexus? (Yes, this coming from the guy who usually says "It'll be ready when it's ready.) OTOH, is anyone really surprised?
  • And how many more exclusively rumored -- and wrong -- update dates will come and go before then?
  • Google Glass: Still very cool. Still not a real product and shouldn't be treated as such.
  • Facebook and the IPO and banks: A shining example of what's wrong in the world these days.
  • Instagram: I figure now that I'm actually using it a lot (and enjoying it), Facebook will eventually shut it down and fold it into its services. But let's hope not.

Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: Thanks, Sprint fans, for bringing back the fun


Why do you say that? All I see is a ludicrous "network vision" project and a shifty 3G network, launching "LTE" phones that a majority of which will likely not see an LTE tower in their lives. All Sprint has going for it is a very concentrated vocal group of Sprint fanboys that like to dribble on about "truly unlimited data" while they take 25 minutes to download an app from the Play Store over EVDO.

You obviously dont know what you're talking about.

The fact is that Sprint actually has a great network, and as a company, they have gotten much better at taking care of their customers and usually really try to do the right thing, and I think it shows, more so than the two other big players in this industry. The problem is that most people are so damn in love with these cell phone companies, or cell phone manufacturers, that they think the only thing worth buying is whatever phone they own or service provider they use. I have used every major wireless carrier (Big 4) and yes, Verizon does have the best network, after that, its Sprint, no doubt about it. AT&T and T-Mobile, are also good, it just depends where you are, for all of them. I used to work for Verizon and can tell you we had complaints every day about coverage / signal issues, just like every other carrier, it happens, no network is perfect. Network Vision is unlike anything any other carrier has ever done, upgrading and rebuilding its networks from the gound up, upgrading to 3G Advanced, adding LTE 1900mhz and refarmed 800mhz iDEN spectrum, adding HD Voice and Sprint Direct Connect (CDMA), not counting Clearwire's TD-LTE Advance-Ready network that will be hosted on Sprint towers. Sprint is spending more on its networks that all other carriers combined. Yes, they have issues with data speeds in some markets and they know it - they are addressing them with Network Vision.

I'm not a so called "fan boy" and I cant stand the spread of mis-information, I am not loyal to any one company, Sprint is currently my carrier and their service works everywhere I go. The bottom line is people should use what works for them based on what they're looking for. They should try something before they bash it.

You're, quite simply, a fool. Sprint is spending billions in upgrading their network and we will see that effort soon enough. Right now, of course, things seem pretty dim for Sprint because of this transition in their network but this time next year Sprint will be touted as a great network with super fast internet speeds.

I regularly put 12-15 Gigabytes a month through my phone, and I shudder to think of what I would pay on any other carrier. 3G's a little slow once in a while, but when I want to actually download a big game or something, I just flip the 4G switch and I'm downloading at about 3mb(600K)/second. That means I can download one of those giant 40mB apps in about 1 1/2 minutes. Most of them, I can get in just a couple of seconds. Maybe you should check your facts before ranting. Lashing out without getting your facts straight just makes you look like a sheep regurgitating what someone else told you as to why you shouldn't go with another carrier (probably because someone else told them that, too).

Don't be a sheep. Use your own brain. Have your own opinions. It's fun. I promise.

I agree. I believe the Network Vision will help Sprint survive and thrive in the faux 4G future.

I have times where my 3G is a little slow, but I pay a significantly lower price per month for the services I receive than people on "Big Red" , AT&T or T Mobile.
Most of the rest of my family is on Verizon, some chose Verizon, some had Verizon choose to buy THEIR carrier.

I have much better service from Sprint in central NC than I EVER did with AT&T, by the way!

I am really happy with Sprint as are "Most" of their customers. If we weren't we'd all bail...

As a Sprint guy, I can vouch for how much their network sucks, even compared to T-Mobile. At the same time, they probably have the nicest, most knowledgeable associates, at least around my area (New York State, Jersey). They actually know specifics about the phones and plans they're selling and not just throwing buzzwords out there.

If Sprint can pull off this "vision", without changing the plans or policies, raising prices, messing up their good support, or losing touch with the best phones, they will be a huge force. That is a lot of "if", but it can be done.

While I agree that they don't currently have the best network, I still stick by them for the same reason that people don't like fine print.

I have yet to see a bill come to me from Sprint, where I was charged anything, whether that was a month in the double digit gigs from Netflix or anything else from roaming to w/e... Oh, and when I do have a problem, I give them a call. The representatives seem to always find a way to get me credit, and in 1 case gave me a FREE Sprint Airrave, with no monthly cost. So, I got a $280 box with no monthly fees because of my troubles at work for a bit with a cell tower being down.

If you have experiences like that, then when you do have tough times on this carrier, you can see that they are a customer-built company and they know that. They claim to have the customer service, and I never once doubted that claim.

Also, I believe Sprint does the best with their phones, from support, to updating, to stock delivery (you know, adding a MicroSD slot to a phone that other carrier didn't get). I know other carrier get phones that don;t live up to the hype *cough* Thunderbolt *cough*, but I can't say that about the high-end Sprint phones.

If/when they improve their network, I see no reason that people won't start to flock over to Sprint. They must keep unlimited data with close to current rates.

I was not built a Sprint fan boy; they earned my respect and exclusive following.


Leave the East Coast & T-Mobile goes downhill very quickly. I live on the west coast where T-Mobile fans had better stick very close to the I5 corridor. It really depends where you live.

I agree about the sales associates. Case in point: I recently upgraded my phone to one I bought via Best Buy Mobile and, along with it, their protection plan. When I called Sprint to deactivate the previous protection plan I had with them, after we compared the specs, even they advised me to drop their plan and go with Best Buy's. Now THAT is customer service!!

Have a feeling that, if Sprint can keep the speed up for its LTE deployment, it'll see demand surge. Right now it's mostly hobbled by a pokey EV-DO and a one-carrier WiMAX network... throw in some proper 4G and a lot of the complaints fade away.

Maybe I'm more of that "Average Customer" term that always gets tossed out on tech sites, but here in the Metro Detroit area, Sprint's 3G service isn't as bad as what I read all the time as of late.

In my day to day tasks, it works great. Emails, using maps, streaming spotify, watching the occasional video, using Stitcher, or Google Listen, etc.,etc..

Their network never hinders me in any way. Granted, I havent used any of the competitions 4G/LTE/HSPA+ networks, so I don't have a baseline to compare it to in regards to speed. I do know it works every time I use it.

Hi JDAFFLIN! You missed nothing, I have six line with Sprint and one line on AT&T,
I been with Sprint since 2002,I love their network, I get the same speed on my Samsung galaxy note on AT&T as on Sprint SGS2E4GT and I`m in Canton, MI, which not far from you.. VZW has no par on their phones in my place. But all this depend on where people lives and their area.

Network speeds really do vary from market to market. Even big cities like the DC area have terrific 3g speeds (1.5mb+) while the Boston area rarely pushes much higher than 600k. And both cities are relatively flat. Go figure. I too am hoping that Network Vision pans out for them otherwise, I may jump ship too. Android and Me's featured article a week or so ago has got me thinking about buying a Gnex from the Play Store and signing up with Straight Talk or one of the other off-contract AT&T/T-Mobile resellers. I have until July 1 to figure it out (contract expiration date). That is if I don't break down and buy an Evo LTE by then...

That was my plan, too, to get a Nexus on an off-contract T-Mobile plan. My contract is up at the end of September, so waiting 2 months for a new Nexus isn't terrible. Unfortunately, my Evo 4G's internal memory seems to be failing now. It says that storage space is low, but I only have 10 apps in addition to what came in the ROM, and they're not large apps, either (I used to have about 30, including GTA3, Robot Unicorn Attack, and Chrome Beta, which are all 15MB+; The ten I have now top out around 1MB). Though, considering it's been over a year since it fell in a bowl of water, and the storage issue just popped up in the last couple weeks, I think my Evo is pretty beastly. Since my upgrade is in July, and my Evo is dying now, waiting another 4 months (6 months from now) might be too long. As much as I'd love the next Nexus, I think I'm going to have to "settle" for the Evo 4G LTE in July.

I have high hopes for Network Vision, and I hope Sprint can live up to the hype. I'm definitely looking forward to LTE.

I noticed a similar issue on my brother's OG Evo last week. Not sure how / why things would get so bad, but... one thing I did to save him some space was install and run both CacheMate (for Root Users) and 1Tap Cleaner (root not needed). You'd be surprised how much cache is stored on your internal storage. Secondly, some apps like Skype are pretty large. Unless you're using it all the time, you should just uninstall it or back it up with Titanium Backup and restore it whenever you need it. Restoring doesn't take more than 30 seconds anyway.

Lastly, there's always the Craigslist route. That's how I picked up my current phone (Nexus S 4G). Or you could simply buy out the contract / pay the ETF. For me, anytime after July 1, I only have to pay $50 (Sprint's minimum ETF for contracts renewed pre-September 2011).

My Sprint Evo 3D has radio bands for the 800Mhz spectrum that we will be migrated to hopefully within the next year or so.

Future proofing. Can't wait for 3G to be half of what 4G Wimax is now.
Won't need another phone for 3 more years.
I normally upgrade every year.

I use to be a Sprint fan but sadly no more. I switched to Sprint from AT&T back when the EVO 4G came out. They had the best prices, features and seemed to be ahead of everyone else with the roll out of their WiMAX network. The first disappointment came when they killed their premier plans, losing my one year phone upgrade path. So, I bought the Nexus S 4G off contract and stayed with them. The second disappointment came when their 4G network deployment stalled out leaving me with spotty WiMAX coverage at best. The third disappointment came when Sprint released the iPhone 4S. I don't know if it was just a coincidence but from the day Sprint starting selling the iPhone their 3G network began to slowly deteriorate, often leaving me with 50k download speeds. So after winning a Windows Phone in the WP Challange I left Sprint for Straight Talk (AT&T). I switched back to Android after Google began selling the Galaxy Nexus and right now I am satisfied. I may return to Sprint at some point in the future but right now I am going to stay where I'm at. Life is too short to wait around for promises of LTE. I live in the now not the Now Network.

blooO153... I don`t know where you and other coming with 50k download ideas on Sprint? I have Sprint for 10 years and I do traveled almost more than anyone in this room, I drove big truck cross the 48 state and into Canada, I never seen 50k or ever below 1.4Mbps download.. I have Sprint and AT&T, I just returned the HTC One X to AT&T, it`s slower than the Sprint SGS2E4G touch! And the AT&T has no better service in my area than Sprint! The different between both carriers I pay $15 extra for one line with 3GB A MONTH, which Sprint less $15 for the same line and service and UNLIMITED DATA usage.
Anyone talking about Sprint, they just a hater people and like to come in here and showing off.
WE all like to see the 50k download post it on line, otherwise, no one should comes in here, saying any bad thing about any NETWORKS OR CARRIERS.

Honestly, I have no clue where you've been to get 1.4 Mbps on Sprint's 3G. I've topped out at 1.3, and that was at 3 AM and on a tower that doesn't get very heavy traffic. On the other hand, I regularly get speeds of 50Kbps or less on my Epic Touch here in central Florida. Even in Tampa, where "4G" is present, I got about 300Kbps download. I've checked my PRL, updated my profile, and tried other Sprint customers' phones, all to no avail. It's pretty undeniable; Sprint needs to do some serious work on their network in some areas. It's pretty pathetic that a small town in SW Georgia gets much better speeds than a huge market like Tampa or even my home town of 30,000 that is just outside of Orlando. Don't get me wrong, I love Sprint. I just wish they would get on with fixing their network, it's been terrible for far too long.

I have seen speedtest postings from others on Sprint 3G reaching 2Mb/s down. Certainly not typical, but apparently possible.

I have the EVO 4G and my co-workers have the EVO 3D and EVO 4G Touch and so on. I have seen pretty constant data speeds at my job from 1.0-2.4 mbps daily at work. Also, the other week I worked a Saturday job at a golf course on Long Island, and got 2.9 on wifi-tethering for 2 laptops. My phone is rooted with a custom ROM, but even so, my co-workers pull down the same data as I do.

It varies where you live, but telling one person that they don't get speeds that low or they don't get speeds that high, is crazy. I always recommend Sprint right off the bat when asked, but I always say you have to look at coverage in your area and choose your carrier by that. IT VARIES!!!!

Sprint's network speed variances are very market dependent right now due to Network Vision upgrades / deployment.

I'm near the Tampa Bay area and speeds here have been hit or miss lately on 3G. I do know they are working on Network Vision LTE and 3G Advanced upgrades as I type this (Tampa is a round 2 NV market) so that may have something to do with it. 3G speeds have been hovering between 150kbps-600kbps. Some days when the network is not very congested I do see 3G speeds around 1.6mbps. 4G WiMAX has been great, I consistently see 6-10mbps so I switched my home cable internet to a Sprint 3G/4G hotspot, it works awesome at home and I travel with it. That being said I cant wait for LTE.

I guess you're just lucky then. I've used several devices including an Evo 4g and Nexus S 4g...in the Boston area, there are days I don't get anything higher than 200k. I haven't gotten over 600k or 700k since last summer (pre-iPhone). This is a fact. I'm not hating on Sprint. I've been with them for nearly 10 years and I've stuck with them partly due to the pricing, but also cause I'm a "root for the underdog" kind of guy. Their network is awful right now. Network Vision can't come quickly enough.

Sorry mhmmdy123, but many of us can confirm Sprint 3G speeds far, far, far below 1.4Mbs. In my area of 1.7 million people, it is typical for daytime speeds to be as low as 50kbps, just like he claimed, although sometimes it is as high as 400 kps here. On average, around 200 for daytime, maybe 500 for late night. WiMax promises never came true here, nor in countless other places, either.

Regardless of your travel experiences, speeds on the Sprint 3G network vary wildly from place to place. Some places it is fantastic. Others it is horrible. Typically it is somewhere inbetween. Yes they have great rates, great support, great phones, good polices (return, no data caps, buyout), great voice reliability, even good coverage. But Sprint desperately needs to work on their data speeds across their network. Over the last 1.5 years, it has been getting worse and worse. In some areas, it is almost unusable during the day.

I am not a hater. But I am not a fanboy either. I am a realist. I am a Sprint Premiere Gold customer with over 12 years...

Just did a speed test with my sprint galaxy nexus in orlando Fla. 93kbps. Thats not consistint but also not unusual. My corporate deal with sprint is to good to leave($60 tax included for everything unlimited) but thier network speeds blow. Kinda regretting jumping from my epic touch to the gnex. At least i could get 2-3 mbps on wimax with the epic. That vision better come soon or ill be...bitching alot more!

crzssi, hate to tell you, but Sprint did away with that whole "Premiere Gold customer" thing. Like you, I *used* to be a Premiere Gold customer and was surprised to find out that the program vanished.

Oh it most certainly is possible bc as soon as I bought my E4GLTE, I tried to download the speed test app but it would just stall. I got to my house, downloaded it over wifi, left to run an errand and ran the test while in my truck and it was literally showing the needle at 21-40kbps!! I seriously thought it was a fluke but every time I ran it, same results. This was in Austin, Texas and right now I'm on the Texas coast and I'm getting speeds consistently around 900+ kbps. Trust me, it's possible!

I live in Saint Paul, MN. AT&T seems to have the fastest 3G coverage here. Verizon, as you can imagine, wins out overall with their LTE service.

I had to return a VZW Gnex in my 14 day trial window this winter because at my home in Eagan and work in Roseville it was clawing for signal and absolutely eating battery alive.

There is one spot on 35e I've seen AT&T drop out, but otherwise I'm pulling 3-4 meg on my devices. Can't wait for LTE on my One X though... Some websites think perhaps this summer.

Sprint customer here of 8 years. :) Have to admit their network quality has seen its share of ups and down's. More on the downside unfortunately... Hopefully the Network Vision with the LTE roll out and improvements to 3g will all pull together and form a solid network. Sprint fans, I think we are some of the best. Definitely some of the most out spoken I believe!

Here's to hopefully better days ahead!

As stated in a reply, I also left Sprint and moved over to AT&T. The network speeds were unbearable and I just couldn't take it any longer...and I live in Kansas City, MO...Sprint's backyard. I feel like those of us who had the OG EVO, had a game changing device. But, I also feel we were beta testers for their WiMax network as well...which failed. Yeah unlimited data and great prices offered, were great selling points. But, unlimited data makes no difference when you are constantly seeking out WiFi, because the 3G/4G speeds are not where they should be.

However, I'm still pulling for Sprint and I hope they get their network together...which I believe they will. I just couldn't wait for that to happen. And if or when they do, I'll gladly switch back...I just hope it's sooner rather then later.

Sag7392 I stay right across the river in kck and i get 1.3+ data speeds on 3g and 4+ on Wimax always and I have the OG EVO and I get solid 4+ bars always on both 3g and Wimax.

I am in Tampa and have no trouble with the Sprint network.

Just thought someone with good experience should chime in. Their network isn't bad everywhere.

I have personally never had any real complaints / problems with SPRINT in the 7+ years I have been with them. A few of my coworkers have Sprint and are happy , while the majority of my coworkers have AT&T or Verizon and are constantly whining about COST. I'm still hopeful ( realistically ? )for a new flagship slider though (my OG EPIC4G still ROCKS ! )

I am in the same boat. I have never had any real problems with Sprint. No problems with speed/downloads, customer service and I love their pricing. I live in Los Angeles...I love Sprint.

I am also hoping they will get another slider. I love my keyboard and don't want to switch to a full touch screen. Just not for me.

I'm going on 6 years now with Sprint. I can't say I'm super happy with the 3g speeds in Seattle, especially since the iPhone came out, but I'm usually in a WiFi or WiMax area when I need to download something large so who cares. Here's the thing though, all cell phone companies suck, just like laptop manufacturers. You need to find the one who doesn't charge an arm and a leg and then doesn't proceed to screw up your bill on top of that. AT&T and Verizon lost there from my expreiences with them. T-Mobile is the next best thing, they just haven't offered a compelling enough reason to switch. So there you go, for now and for the immediate future, I'm a Sprint fan. Now if only I could just get an early upgrade I'd be basking in the EVO LTE glory.

I saw my first pair the other day. I live in SF right next to where the Google shuttle drops off from Mountain View and an employee got off the bus wearing them. I don't think he was supposed to have them in public because as soon as I went to grab my phone to snap a picture he quickly took them off and stuck them in his bag. I said, "Aw, come on" and he gave me a wry smile though and said "They're pretty awesome."

They didn't look too obtrusive from what I saw.

I think I should chime in. I like sprint. Didn't start with them, started with virgin mobile but moved over when sprint acquired them a couple years ago. I live right outside of washington dc and work downtown everyday. The company I work for has Verizon. They used to have sprint but got rid of them for some reason I can't remember right now. I'm on the 9th floor of the building and their are dead spots in the office! I chuckle every time my boss has to go into a conference room to use his cell phone because the reception in the building is so bad.

The only people who have good service in the office are people who sit close to a window. With me on sprint, I get full 3G throughout the office all the time. Sprint is steadily trying to improve their 3G network and they steadily send out updates about it. I think a lot of sprint fans help to make flagship phones get a lot of anticipation really. One thing I notice when doing speed test on sprint's 3G is that the ping is crazy high. Hopefully they will get that worked out with their new LTE and network vision deployment but we will see. I'm fine with the speeds I get because I am usually near wifi or 4G wimax when needed and I never need to pull down data THAT fast that I need data up in the Mbps range.

A lot of us, not all but a lot, came over from the Palm on Sprint, and you have never seen a more intense, vocal, or passionate (and often depressed_ group of phone owners.

With Sprint since 1996. (If you really want to hear waxing, let me tell you about how rock-solid Sprint Spectrum was . . . never--I mean never!--a dropped call.)

I think the point about Sprint having a bunch of us ex-Palm people is right on. The most idealistic and demanding, and most frequently disappointed.

Also agreed, and I think the whole bash up of the network is the iDen which they are going to phase out. I'm currently happy, and expect that to help a bit and have no problems waiting. I actually have my sister coming on to my plan and getting s smartphone next month with me (even though she "doesn't want/need" a smartphone). The network will hopefully improve by sometime next year and she won't experience too bad of a welcoming committee and also be around to see it improve :)

I've been with Sprint for almost 2 decades and seen the ups and downs with CS and the network. Hesse has improved the CS on the phone although CS in the stores has declined some. I've done contract work for over a decade and have never experienced the problems I read so often. People cry about WIMAX and LTE and I've been in several places with 4G and I have to admit I hardly use it. I use WIFI as much as possible for battery reasons alone. If I just have to stream something huge I use WIFI as we all should. I use Google Play to stream my music from my computer everywhere I go and it works fine. I pay much less then any other carrier offering the same plan I pay at Sprint and I don't have to worry about a cap. I get that people have had bad experiences where they live and I understand that so go with another carrier and quit coming to every Sprint forum, article, or post to complain JUST LEAVE.

Been with Sprint forever. Can't say I wouldn't have switched but every time I looked into it I would have ended up paying a lot more for my needs. I have had good and bad experiences with customer service but my biggest frustration comes from their lack of phones I'm interested in. I have had a palm pre since it's launch. In looking for a phone that even comes close to webos, I was interested in windows phone and ICS. Sprint's wp offering was...uh...less than stellar. Now I am waiting on EVO to launch. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LAUNCH THE EVO IN STORES SPRINT??????????? It is agony reading the reviews of the "preorderers" on my itty bitty Pre....

I can't believe you lasted this long on the Pre. Don't get me wrong, I missed a lot of the OS from WebOS on there, but the speed of that device had me crying a few short months post launch. Since my EVO 4G Day-1 purchase, I have never once regretted it. Good luck on the EvoLTE bro, it will change your mind/blow you away, I'm sure of it!

I'm on my 15th or 96th refurb. It has been agony but even more so since I finally found a phone I wanted the it was delayed right before launch! I'm like the Schleprock of the cell world....

Ever since the iPhone came to Sprint the network was suffering and Sprint themselves pointed out where I was experiencing problems with data. So went on search for better. I headed over to AT&T to test them out...phone and data was great but the dropped calls killed it for me. I returned it after 3 weeks of trial. Next I tried Verizon and here again the data and 4G LTE everywhere was amazing but there was a couple of setbacks. The voice quality poor compared to Sprint was and I didn't get service in my home. So after 3 days I returned it and ended back at Sprint. Didn't bother to try T-Mobile because in the end I see the grass is not always greener on the other side. I'm sure Sprint will get their LTE up and running full force, but one things for sure, their voice is hands down the best. This is only my opinion and from my own experience. Sprint is where I will always be, period.

Sprint user for over 10 years! I've never had a bad thing to say except for the network speed but that is changing soon. They always have top of the line phones...why leave now?! Love my evo 3d!! Wooooo!

If only Sprint had a good network, I'd still be their customer. After all, the Android phone I have enjoyed the most is still the Motorola XPRT. But no phone is worth getting EDGE-like data speed and all sorts of noises during voice calls.

They have a perfectly fine network in lots of areas. And pretty miserable in others. You can't make a blanket statement about Sprint's network.

How's that review for the EVO coming along Phil? Still doing battery tests that everyone else and now the customers themselves have done? Still going over the same exact Sense 4.0 that's been out for over a month now and that has already been reviewed? Still exploring all the HUGE complicated differences like the dedicated camera button or being able to expand with SD card storage from the other iterations of this phone? Yeah. Okay.

Simple reasons

1. Sprint is the reason we have all these Android superphones. The Evo 4G was genesis - it had so many firsts and really made it possible for phones to have high resolution 4.3"+ screens, 1Ghz cpu's and all the other specs we take for granted today.
2. They are the most non-evil carrier
3. They have by far the best version of a phone released on multiple carriers
4. Least bloatware

and Sero was the best thing ever to happen to the phone industry in the US. I bet it won Sprint a lot of fans.

Had Sprint, hated the service and left. Praising Sprint for unlimited data is like praising an all you can eat buffet filled with rancid, spoiled food.

Some people don't wanna go to Red Lobster cuz they want to save their money. Doesn't mean they shouldn't enjoy Sizzler instead? Lol

satisfied sprint customer here, get wimax mostly everywhere i go, live in clearwater fl. i also admit, sometimes wimax can lag (1bar) and 3g is fairly slow most times. but love the phone choices and customer support. so sprint lets get this service improved fast lte across the board and great 3g speeds.

I've been with Sprint in the past 14 years and I've never had any problems with them.

Now if Sprint ever decides to take away our unlimited data, there will definitely be problems. ;)

I'm actually surprised to see a lot of Sprint fans/customers in here myself. When Jerry put up the poll about which carrier will offer the best Galaxy S3, I was shocked to see Sprint in 1st Place (beating the other carriers by a pretty big margin).

The poll showed confidence that Sprint would offer the least "molested" version of the Galaxy S3. Has nothing to do with Sprint's network, or any other factor. People just know, based on previous experience, that Sprint seems to get the best phones and "ruin" them the least with bloatware, crippling features, etc. Perfect recent example is the everyone else HTC One X vs. Sprint Evo LTE. Sprint commissioned a phone with many better features than the HTC One X.

as someone on Verizon I have this to say. Challenge accepted!!! it is now time for us on Verizon to stop complaining about them penny pinching us to death and start being completely insane over the next DROID or other flagship Android power house big red over charges us for! So say we all!!

As a former Verizon user that switched to Sprint, I can tell you a few interesting facts:

1.) My 3G speeds are faster than Verizon speeds everywhere around the areas in which I live. That's Northeastern Ohio. I've run speed tests with my phone sitting side-by-side with a friend's Verizon phone, and I literally and consistently get double the speed each time. This is true even as far west as Toledo. Does that mean Sprint's network is amazing across the whole country? Nope, but it means that it's better than Verizon 3G where I live.

2.) Voice coverage is pretty even with Verizon. Better in some places, but I haven't found areas where it's worse.

3.) 4G speeds are good (5.5M to 7.5M steady with 50 to 100 ping), but Verizon LTE is faster and more widespread. This is my biggest complaint, and I'm glad to see that Sprint is being aggressive about addressing it with their impending network updates. However, 5.5M to 7.5M is pretty good for a cell phone.

4.) Sprint is more affordable. Ignore the fact that I consume 2.5 to 5.5 GB per month of data--I also spend less for my voice/data plan than I was spending on Verizon.

All-in-all, I'm glad I switched. Sprint takes a lot of heat for network quality, but I have to say, it's been great for me so far, and with Verizon shifting all of its policies to match AT&T, no thank you. Sticking with a company that doesn't mind blatantly mauling its customers with worse and worse policies doesn't set the right example.