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Some quick hits for this fine Sunday morning:

  • Worlds collide: Warning - shameless familial promotion ahead. My wife's Sunday column in this week's Pensacola News Journal is on Capagami, the developer of Android app Out of Milk. The crux is that the company moved to California because it's tough to sell local investors on unfamiliar app development. 
  • Patent trial perpetuity: I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen in the Samsung-Apple patent trial. And, frankly, I don't believe anybody else does either. I'd also caution against reading too much into anything you've read. It's a condensed part of the story, but not the whole story. (Who wants to read a boring recount of days and days of testimony?) That's not to say you shouldn't keep up with the trial recaps, just don't expect to see the full picture.
  • NSFW: I was pleasantly surprised by most of the reaction last week after we launched our NSFW section. Most folks got it -- it's a page where we can park stories we might not want on the front page, but that we still want to explore. It's not a change in direction or anything. We've always done these stories, tucked in (and with far lesser frequency) with the device reviews and app roundups and news and rumors and podcasts and everything else that make us the No. 1 Android community around. If you don't like it, don't click on it. We're OK with that.
  • Pro tip: When you go back to an old single-band (2.4 GHz) router because your fancy ASUS one got zapped by lightning and suddenly your phone won't connect, make sure the phone's not set to only connect on 5 GHz. And check it before you decide to wipe the phone in hopes that a reset will fix things. (Also: Let Jerry finish his sentence before you hit that hard-reset button.)
  • Romney app late to the party: The Atlantic notes what I also saw early Saturday morning regarding Mitt Romney's official application, which promised to be the first place you'd learn about his voice for running mate. An Associated Press bulletin, citing an unnamed Republican party official, hit my inbox at 1:01 a.m. EDT, naming Paul Ryan as the pick. Romney's app caught up some time around breakfast. Score one for old media. And The Atlantic rightly points out that the real purpose of the app is to learn about you more than it is inform you. (Same goes for any politician's app, actually.)
  • The next Angry Birds?: Download Ski Safari. Watch as you lose your job, your dog, your family. It's that addictive. How is it, though, that we haven't seen another Angry Birds? Ski Safari is as casual, addictive and repetitive. It lacks the personality of those damn birds and pigs, and probably the personality and marketing prowess of the developer matters a lot, too. Regardless, give it a go. It plays pretty well on a phone (though it was surprisingly laggy on the AT&T HTC One X), and the Nexus 7 feels like it was built for the game.
  • The Olympics are over: I'm tired of complaining about NBC. It was ridiculous. I'm all about having content on phones and tablets, but it needs not be the only way to watch the Olympics live -- especially for sports that we only see every four years. I'm also hoping maybe we'll see fewer Galaxy S3 commercials now, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. How many millions of dollars do you think Samsung spent on that one?
  • Coming up this week: We'll be live from New York City on Wednesday morning when we expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to get some more love. (So much for those exclusive anonymous sources saying it'd be the next Galaxy Note.) It is a little odd to see another semi-secretive "launch" given that the Note 10.1 was announced back in February at Mobile World Congress (and that after being outed early on the side of a damn building), but we'll take it. 

That's it for this week. Let's get to work.


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Now how about other Android notifications like text messages and Facebook notifications? That would be so cool!

"The campaign saw an interesting phenomenon after the Ryan announcement. Over 30% of the visits came from mobile devices, something the source tells me the campaign has never seen before in this cycle. It shows that the selection of Ryan may have some significant upside among younger voters who may relate more to Ryan than to Obama, Joe Biden, and the administration that has cratered job prospects for this demographic over the last three years."

Interesting and not something I would have predicted. Maybe the app had more impact that one would guess.

Phil, why do you want to see fewer sgs3 commercials? Isn't it a good thing that one of (if not THE) best Android phone is getting proper marketing? I believe that this serves Android as a whole, not just Samsung... People now actually recognize a handset that isn't an iphone.

Totally agree. My friend that wanted an iPhone so badly just decided she wants an S3 instead. Mind you before this she knew nothing about Android

Gonna second the Ski Safari recommendation. So addicting, a bit like Tiny Wings if you've ever played that on iOS but this is actually better. And it's great on a Nexus 7.

I personally would like more aticles involving reviews on phones that perform well while muti-tasking or reviews that give you more bang for your buck from each mobile phone carrier. An article such as, "Best Android" for performance or for videos, etc... Yes we can "Google" Google and do research that way but, some of us look forward to the expertise and knowledge Android Central Editors posses, such as Mr Phil Nickinson. Back to the basics I suppose.

Just wishful thinking I guess... I'm sure there are far more important subjects to cover rather than drop back a notch.

Hey Phil, if you're gonna photoshop yourself on the Google least make yourself taller.

And, where are the fat-guy sized Lloyd shirts?

Go Google Fiber!

phil is such a samsung hater. love AC but phil's Samsung hate is just blah. We get it, you're an htc fan, but as a AC writer, you shouldn't be biased like that. We are all Android and choices make us great.

"Let Jerry finish his sentence before you hit that hard-reset button."

Thanks for that, Phil. The laugh was definitely needed today and much appreciated.

WITH you, not AT you... keep telling yourself that.