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So today's the Labor Day holiday here in the states, which I'm told celebrates people who work by giving them a day off. It's also the unofficial end of summer (though here in Florida, that usually doesn't happen until sometime in October), and the signal that school's about to start for many. So with that, a few Labor Day thoughts:

  • Back to that school thing for a second. Kids are going to be walking to the bus stop. They're not paying attention to you. You're in a hurry, possibly with your own kids in the back seat. Leave your damn phone alone. If you still can't help yourself, there are a number of apps to treat you like a grade-schooler to lock it out while your car's moving. Sprint and AT&T have been champions of that for a while now. But above all, put down the phone.
  • Fun fact: There's an HTC One XC and One XT, Chinese variants, both. I didn't know that.
  • Alex and Richard killed it at the IFA conference in Berlin last week. (And I'm still a little jealous that I didn't go.) My highlights? No surprise, really -- the Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note 2. Can't wait to play with them. Catch up on all the IFA news here.
  • It's smartphone hell week this week. Or tech heaven, depending on how you look at it. We've got the Motorola-Verizon event in New York, the Amazon event in California, a Sony event in London, some other stuff going on, plus our pals at WP Central have a Nokia-Microsoft thing laid on. This is going to be a good (long) week.
  • Oh, and I'm in New York City this week on HTC's dime for the second Frequencies event, for some more candid conversation with some of the top names in tech journalism. (Seriously, it's humbling to be in this group). If you've got anything you want me to pass on, leave a note in the comments. (But, no, I won't be asking them about ICS for the Thunderbolt. HTC knows it's late.)
  • And believe it or not, this is just the start of an unusually busy fall season. We've got the fall CTIA event coming up in a little more than month. It's been renamed "MobileCon" (from "Apps & Enterprise"). Not sure if that'll make it any more worth the trip (last year was pretty slow), but, hey, it's the job. I also can already taste the tacos in San Diego. Nom.

That's enough for now. It's a holiday, after all. See y'all on the flip side.


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From the Editor's Desk: Laboring away on Labor Day


Ask HTC when the One X+ for T-Mobile is coming and what are the official specs? That Galaxy S3 is getting harder and harder to ignore!

Please ask if they are going to have a 5 inch phone this fall to compete with the Galaxy Note 2. I'm looking for a phablet with a super lcd2 screen. Rumors out that they are making this a 1080p device. Thanks Phil.

>"Kids are going to be walking to the bus stop. They're not paying attention to you. You're in a hurry, possibly with your own kids in the back seat. Leave your damn phone alone"

(I almost never use my phone while driving) Around here it is just a prevalent for pedestrians to be walking on/into/across the street while looking down at a phone and paying zero attention to what is going on around them.

Just saying...

Cool another HTC trip. What a surprise. You guys you change your podcast to the HTC show.

Ask them if they actually are still making phones. I never see one in the wild anymore.

Just saying.

I do. I've seen a number of AT&T One X's and Droid Incredible LTE's in the wild in the past couple weeks, and even a T-Mobile One S. I haven't seen too many EVO LTE's like mine, but I don't think Sprint is very big where I live.

"Leave your damn phone alone"
Thank You Phil

Maybe something about some Windows Phone 8 HTCs (Yes I'm aware its an ANDROID site)

Enjoy your time in NYC :)

When are we going to get a fix for the HTC EVO 4G LTE's memory handling? Why can't I type in half a number in the phone dialer, switch to a google voice (or anything else) and then finish typing in the number (in case you hadn't noticed the dialer resets to blank, and yes there are times when cut and paste and/or autoclick aren't applicable). Every app should save the state of itself when it is left. Better example is having a web page up and then switching apps, losing signal (e.g. on the train) and then going back to web page only to have it fail trying to refresh? Why does it need to refresh? It was exactly where I wanted it!

I really hate having to do something that should be quick and having to wait for some core app to catch up. Honestly, my Palm Pre handled multi tasking infinitely better. That really hurts me that I waited for this phone and choose it over the SIII and now I feel like I've been burned... Again...

I read this is a "feature" and they're not doing anything about it. Is this true?

Good question. I may be wrong, but I think that has to do with exposure levels above a certain value. Even in bright lighting, if you set the exposure level to MAX and record, you will see the FPS drop. I think they have their software programmed that way, because the H/W is more than capable...I'd love to hear their explanation though :)

Hi Phil! Can you ask HTC why the One X never came to T-Mobile or why it neveR was built with compatible HSPA+ frequencies (even though the Qualcomm S4 has support for it)? That's something I definitely would have gotten

Would you ask them about the "G3" or a proper successor to the G2?
Details on the One X+ or whatever is coming to Tmo this fall are appreciated too.
Please remind them that SDXC cards, removable batteries, and physical keyboards are things some people want or require!