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It's a holiday weekend, so I'll keep things short this fine Sunday. But I'm pretty stoked for this week's announcement of the LG G3 (and hating Alex and Richard for being so close to London it precludes me from going to the main event). And that's just the start of a crazy month — I'm on the road three out of the four full weeks of June already. So much fun stuff is on the way.

Anyhoo. It's Memorial Day Weekend. So I'll be brief. Stay safe out there.

  • I live in a beach town, a huge destination for the unofficial start of summer — and a huge yearly get-together for our LGBT friends. It's important as hell to our tourism industry here. But this year I can't help but wonder: What would happen if instead of sand and sun and hot dogs we all just camped out outside of the VA building in Washington?
  • That's not a political rant. That's a be-good-to-your-friend-in-need rant.
  • OK, I guess it's sort of a political rant. Whatever.
  • Speaking of rants, count me in the "That's not how to do things" camp when it comes to yet another dust-up over Google Glass. I completely agree with Russell Holly on this one. It's absolutely possible to share your message and help educate folks without being a dick.
  • So much good stuff is happening with the Android Central app right now. Yes, we're working on notifications. (It's incredible how fast Google Cloud Messaging gets things done. Makes you loathe RSS and Twitter for getting the word out.) No, I can't give you an ETA. We need to be a little careful about how we implement notifications, given that we publish, on average, around 30 stories a day.
  • But why stop at the app when it comes to notifications, though? More on that later.
  • Saw a site using app downloads as a prerequisite for a contest entry. That's just gross. If you download our app, do it because you think it's a great way to read Android Central. (And in some ways it might even be better than the browser experience.)
  • But speaking of Android Central in the browser, we've got some big visual changes coming up on that front as well. It'll be an extended process. We're not rolling out one huge redesign all at once. But you will notice. And it's gonna be very, very cool.
  • Folks, Google designs things all the time. Its apps. Android itself. Happens every year. Be not surprised by this, particularly as we edge closer to Google I/O.
  • But we're also getting into the silly season, where we all need to think twice about what we see. (And for us here, think twice before posting.)

That's it for this week. Things should be relatively slow on Monday, but I would recommend checking in. As always, thanks for reading.


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From the Editor's Desk: Holiday quick hits


I love the AC app. I think it works really well. If I'm not on a computer viewing the full site I'm using the AC app.

Totally agree with you! There is no need to visit the Android Central site on my Nexus 5 as the app works incredibly well!

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I can understand redesign every few years, but to change design language every year is wrong. It leads to the fragmentation myth, it discourages developers to update the look and feel (not functionality) because it is only gonna change again, and so on.

Pick a design and stick with it for a few years, maybe 2-3. You will see a lot more continuity if you can do that....

You can call it what you will, but it is still a change in design language.

I know people call Apple boring, but from one handset to the next you still know where everything is. Google for a short example went from menu key, to hamburger menu, to slide out.

I am not even saying that is is not a huge improvement, just that at some point we need consistency

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I think I may be one of the last ones in the camp that prefers and menu button, that way no matter what app I'm using I don't have to go hunting for the settings.

Posted via Android Central App

Your not. I am with you on that.

I like the home button as well....

That being said, I can adapt to anything rather quickly, including the m7s screwed up buttons.

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I'm finding I enjoy on screen keys more than I thought I would. Especially with being able to change them on Cyanogen.

If you make a 5.7" screen and advertise it as such, I do not want the keys taking up. 2 of it. Yeah I know about immersion mode, but on screen keys take up space that can be easily put on the bezel of any phone.

They are unnecessary

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Agreed. I really want a manufacturer to make a phone with on screen buttons without the bottom bezel.

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I was thinking more about the core os interface. But yes the Google apps are massively inconsistent and that is disappointing. But it's still relatively early in the smartphone market and we've come so far already.

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Happy Long weekend to all in the U.S.

Phil, I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's one solid reason why Mobile Nations sites are my "go-to" when it comes to tech news. You tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to rumors - and you make it pretty dang clear when you are handling one. Hands down there's a reason why AC is a site I'll visit at least once a day - sometimes multiple times a day - for the news and forums (from both the web and app).

Keep on doing what you're doing, because it's awesome. But I also appreciate that you keep pushing forward as well.

I keep coming back to AC for my Android/Google/tech news because of a broader reason: the writers are always sensible about things. Whether it's a rumor or a controversy, they always seem to keep a level head and maintain the right perspective. Happy Memorial Day, Mobile Nations, and keep up the good work.

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I'm in agreement with you about the Google Glass shenanigans. Just because you were able to plunk down $1500 does not give you the right to be ignorant and think you are above anyone else. Businesses have rules, you either abide by them or leave. Getting your "friends" who have never been to the business to post 1-star reviews because the company was "oh so mean" to one Google Glass wearer does nothing more than make other, more respectable Glass owners look bad.

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When you are in a public place, you need to expect people to look at you, take pictures of you, record you, listen to your conversations, etc. if you don't like those things stay home. You have NO expectation of privacy in public. That is the law.

I'd say! I'm not saying the restaurant is right in banning Google Glass (though they certainly are able to since it's their own business).

It's not about privacy concerns, it's about how these Glass wearers tried to make themselves superior and try ruining a restaurant's reputation despite never being there. Just because you own a $1500 wearable computer doesn't mean you automatically have the right to use it wherever you want. If someone asks you to remove it in their business (private property, btw), then you do so or leave!

Posted via Android Central App

it's a difference in being a restaurant that is**** open to the public****** and being in a public place like a park or street corner.

You're confusing "public place" with "public property".

The law is very clear that a private establishment that is open to the public is legally considered a "public place". If you open you home to the public, say for a garage sale, then your home is legally a "public place" for the duration of that garage sale. Perhaps an easier way to think of it would be that, anywhere that you are "in view of the public" you have no legal right to privacy (with the exception of certain places like restrooms).

How often the MN editors speak of caution when they consider posting about stories really makes me appreciate the content I do get here. Rumors are fun but solid news and insightful opinions are what count to me.

No Phil, your comment about the VA is not a political rant, it is a national embarrassment and tragedy. There are many among us who need a helping hand and we need to find a way to do it...for all Americans in need. But to wantonly prolong medical care for those who have voluntarily chose to made the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow countrymen is a disgrace.

LGBT doesn't need to be mentioned in this forum. As for the VA, my wife works at the one in Tampa. The overwhelming majority of Vets get great care there. Unfortunately, the politicians have managed to ruin what is otherwise a solid reputation for those hospitals. Sad.

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VA doesn't need to be mentioned either but it is a national hot button topic, like gay rights. Don't pick and choose

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I concur. Politics is slowly creeping into the site. Granted it's only once in a while, but that's up from zero when I first started coming here.

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On an editor note, I can get that. It is like an opinion article.

The conversation from a few weeks ago was disgusting.

Also to hold one for of injustice up over another is pathetic.

Live and let live

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I agree with on all points. But, you can't seem, or I can't seem to escape political discussions anywhere. That fact alone is making loath the people in said groups, on both sides of the isle, because I can't even go look at a site called Android Central without having to hear something. It so pervasive, it feels intentional.

99% of the time it stays out of here, just the off hand comment here and there.I do try to stay out of them, but you are absolutely right that anymore, no matter where you go, you cannot get away from one political discussion or another. In the last term of Bush and all throughout Obamas term it is being more pervasive in our lives than almost anytime that I can think of (historically speaking) outside of the civil war (maybe the start of WWII when we were isolationists).

I am trying to limit mine views to a deep dark corner of the internet, the politics tab on Fark. It is good for a lot of laughs.

  1. It's about people, not politics.

  2. Pensacola is a HUGE Memorial Day Weekend destination for the LGBT community, which is why I mentioned it.

  3. And it's still about people.

They're many places to voice your political opinions. This isn't one of them. Stick to Android topics.

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The reason I have your app is that I think you guys do the best job of all the sites that I follow. Including your podcast.

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Maybe you can think about changing the advertisement strategy / implementation on AC. I count over 20 ads on this page alone. Lately, AC has been lagging while waiting for the train of ads to load. Understand that you have to make a living, but when it negatively impacts the user experience...well, there needs to be some balance.

...and happy Memorial Day!
Thanks to those who have served., or are still serving here and overseas...

While I am 100% for honoring our troops, Memorial Day is specifically to remember those that didn't make it home. I don't mean to be snarky, but a lot of people seem to not understand that.