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Checking in from a couple days of R&R in New York City. It isn't often that I get time to do any tourist-type stuff here, let alone with my lovely bride. But I managed to sneak in a few thoughts on the flight up. Enjoy.

So what's next? The major U.S. variants of the HTC One line are all on sale in the U.S. That's the HTC One S on T-Mobile, the HTC One X on AT&T, and, finally, the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint, which is a retooled One X. The Samsung Galaxy S III has been released in a couple dozen countries.

So what's next in the smartphone world?

At some point we're going to get some U.S. announcements for the Galaxy S III. And it's worth taking a look back at the past couple of years. In 2010, with the original Galaxy S, Samsung managed to do the unthinkable -- get all four U.S. carriers into the same room and unveil four versions of the Galaxy S. (I was there. It was magical. Or something.) The phones, as you'll recall, were the Verizon Fascinate, T-Mobile Vibrant, AT&T Captivate -- and a wild card, the Sprint Epic 4G, which added a slider keyboard for good measure.

In 2011, Samsung again gathered the major players in New York to show off Galaxy S II. Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T all were represented, with Verizon on the sidelines. (It instead got the Galaxy Nexus later that year.)

So what's going to happen this year? To be completely honest, we don't yet know. Samsung's made no public announcements yet, nor have any of the carriers. You can bet something's coming though. But where things really get interesting are with last week's leak of what The Verge says is the T-Mobile version of the GSIII. And damned if it doesn't look exactly like the European version. Now, Samsung's clout as a manufacturer is unquestioned. (See the above examples of getting competing carriers to take part in a single event.) Will we really see an unchanged version for the U.S.? (And bloat-free is probably too much to ask, right?)

We'll find out when we find out, I suppose.

Some other musings from the past week:

  • Speaking of ol' Sammy, let's give credit where credit's due. They announced the Galaxy S III on May 3, and released it within a month. Not too shabby. Of course, we don't have it here in the states …
  • Lordy, I can't wait for Sprint to get its Network Vision plan up and running. Such a great phone in the EVO 4G LTE. It deserves better data. (Same goes for other top-tier LTE-enabled phones it'll be releasing this year.)
  • Yes, I got a MacBook Air. No, I'm not getting an iPhone. For me it's more about the portability than anything else. These gear bags get heavy. But it's also been a good experience to see how Android interacts with OS X. For instance, older phones that use traditional universal mass storage connect easily. If you've got something newer that uses MTP, you'll need the Android File Transfer app. No biggie, and it's been fun learning some new stuff, even if it's from the Evil Empire.

Oh, and one last thing. I'm up in New York every couple of months, at least. But it's been a while since my wife's been here. And what's the first question she asks when we get to the hotel? "So, I have 'real' 4G on my iPhone here, right?" Nope. Sorry, babe. Then I proceeded to bore her with radio talk that would make Mickey Papillon proud. But for me, this is the what really stands out:


And that's all I have to say about that. Catch y'all next week.


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From the Editor's Desk: Checking in from a couple days off


Phil you made a typo. The galaxy S version for sprint is the Epic 4G. The galaxy s 2 is the Samsung Galaxy S II, Sprint Epic 4G Touch

Too bad you couldn't hold out a little longer for a new laptop. A dual-booting Asus with Windows and Android sounds like it would be right up your alley.

Don't take away from the Macbook Air though, there's a good reason it's so popular. 

If the logo on the lid bothers people, you can get stickers to cover it up ;-)

If anything involving buying an expensive laptop could be called "punk rock," using stickers to cover an Apple logo would be it.

Manhattan is gorgeous. There is an abundance of magnificent sites and a ton of history in The Big Apple. Enjoy!

The sad part is, on that last pic the Android phone was using a server much farther away than the iPhone. Not that it made much difference but the smackdown may have been even more severe had the same server been used.

My GNex is probably the last VZW phone I will own for a long time. Damn them for c**kblocking Google and the manufacturers for no good reason. I hate VZW as much as I hate NYC (having dealt with both for almost a decade of my life).

Two thoughts:

--I'm old enough to remember when you'd say "Evil Empire" and it wasn't even remotely close to referring to Apple.

--Those speeds on the iPhone look like good Sprint 3G speeds in my area, I can't believe people are buying LTE phones with no LTE network. (I'm a Sprint customer, too BTW; I'm not trolling)

So it looks like you haven't received a GS3 yet, or you have, and you are so enthralled with the HOX that you won't let it go. And its funny you mention the iP owners thinking their 4S is a 4G phone too.. Got into a debate the other night with some woman over that until she was promptly shut up by her friend who was toting a Skyrocket. The browser launching contest was hysterical since we have LTE here in SF.. I love it when Apple people think what they have is the best only to find out it's sorta kinda the best, LOL.

Well as one of those that bought a E4GLTE, this is just like when the Evo came out 2 years ago. No Wimax at that moment but it came soon enough (yes i know some never got it). So long as its sooner rather then later it will all work out.

if being stuck on 3g bothers you then before buying the new evo you should see to see if your city is one of the first two phases, if so then go rock the new evo. if not then stick with wimax

Sprint won't fool me a second time. Sprint fool me once shame on my. Fool me twice shame on me. I got the epic 4g or the OG Galaxy S with the hope of getting 4g here in Phoenix. Never happened. Sprent owes me 240 dollars for charging me the 10 a month premium free. I had the instinct before the Epic and us way less data now then with the Instinct because Ican now get on wifi with this phone and Icouldnt with the Instinct. Sprint is a great company but there planning sucks. They should have just bought Clearwire considering they own 51% of the company and completed the expantion of the wimax network themselves. They could then offer two levels of 4g when they decided to build out and lte network and would be way ahead of the game. Bad decisons Sprint bad decisions. I have lost faith in a great company. GSM carrier here I come.