Samsung Galaxy S5 and Amazon Fire TV

Our reviews are coming, and I can't wait to read them, too

For all the writing I have to do in this job, I still love editing. That's how I started in the publishing biz — actually, I started as an agate clerk, compiling the night's sports scores and standings — and I still enjoy getting my hands on someone else's priceless prose and helping to make it as good as we can make it. And so I'm eagerly awaiting a couple of reviews this week, from a couple of great reviewers.

Alex is working on the Galaxy S5 review while the rest of us break down its features. I've got lot of thoughts about this phone, but I'm going to (mostly) hold off on sharing them until we get the review out the door. I'm still not entirely sure why I like the GS5 more than I did the GS4, and I'm not entirely sure it's for rational reasons. And that's OK. While I believe opinions should be educated, gut feelings shouldn't be ignored, either. There's a lot to like about this phone, I think. And there are a few things that are driving me crazy.

And Andrew is wrapping up the Amazon Fire TV review. (You might have seen his video walkthrough already.) I don't want to steal any thunder here, either, but I'm very impressed by Fire TV. My biggest complaint (and we talked about this on our latest podcast) is that I have to remind myself that an Amazon Prime subscription isn't the same as a Netflix subscription, and I'm still going to have to pay for a lot of content. I understand why, but it's just a different way of thinking. On the other hand, my 7-year-old daughter, Mia, isn't exactly thrilled when she scrolls through, finds something she wants to watch and then sees me shake my head after seeing that it's not on Prime.

Both kids, however, are having a blast with the games. The big "center button" (as I'm calling it for our 3-year-old) is simple for our youngest to use, but games that need the D-pad are a little tougher for her. Still, this $99 gaming/streaming box has become an instant hit in our house.

That makes me even more excited to see what Google brings to the living room later this year. Amazon has already set the bar pretty high.

A few other thoughts on the week that was ...

  • I'm still not entirely sure how worried to be about Heartbleed. Obviously is a horrible bug, both in the theoretical and actual sense. But it's that we don't actually know if (and what) might have been compromised that's maddening. I've started changing passwords, though.
  • And if you're not yet using a password manager (I'm a 1Password fan, but I've also used the excellent LastPass), it's time to start.
  • Same goes for two-factor authentication. Just deal with it. It's a minimal amount of pain given the amount of protection it provides.
  • As a Mac user, I'm stoked to see the return of Reeder.
  • A reminder that Google's going to try for Google I/O registration this week. Random selection this year, so everyone cross your fingers. (Not that you didn't have to before, when sever woes had their own sort of selection process.)
  • I can't stress enough how great it is to be able to stream Coachella to Chromecast. It's a little annoying that you have to do it from a desktop browser, and the West Coast time zone is tough for this aging parent, but still. So good.
  • So anyone will be able to purchase Google Glass for one day this week. The question is: should you?

That's it for this week. Let's get back to work ...


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From the Editor's Desk: GS5 & Fire TV


+2 I can't wait to read the review. But, what I REALLY can't wait to read are the comments for said review. There should be an epic amount of butthurt to go around for everybody, lol.

I expect to see to see a lot of comments about plastic. Then a plethora of corny names that start with an S.

Posted via Droid Razr M on the Android Central App

I've never had a problem with plastic. The Nexus 5 is one of my favorite phones ever. The S5 is an ugly phone imo, but it has nothing to do with plastic. I also genuinely like the back (of the black model).

Yeah why should people be butthurt? Either you like the phone or you don't and just move on. I admit I'm not into this phone but I'm not going to waste my time trolling. The HTC vs Samsung fanboys are comical this year so far.

It can be rather comical at times (here on the blog or in the forums). But most of the time it's just stupid and a complete waste of time. It really makes me start to tune out (not visit here as much) until things calm back down.

Yeah, no offense to AC (they've been doing a great job with all of their coverage and in-depth articles), but I haven't read most of the articles about the GS5 or the M8 because I don't care for all of the rabid fanboyism that litters said articles' comments sections. And, before someone says it: its extremely difficult to read an article without reading the comments. It's also really difficult to read trollish comments without getting the urge to respond to them.

It's tough to read the comments when it's just trolling at times. Would almost be better to have a forum topic on each major review. And maybe they do it already. Seems to be better in the forums sometimes.

Posted via Android Central App

Agreed. We're all playing for Team Android, so why be such losers just cause someone likes one and you don't?
Posted via Android Central App

I definitely want to see the GS5 review. Then I want to see a comparison between the S5 and the M8.

Posted via Droid Razr M on the Android Central App

There's only so much you can do with a demo model in the store. For example, you can't set up the finger print sensor on the S5. You can't fully test the speakers on the M8. You can't compare the cameras.

Posted via Android Central App

So with Last pass I have to use their browser on my phone ? I watched one of the videos; it sounds simple, but I feel like it's not.

Right, for complete functionality right now you use their browser. The latest big update to their app enabled it to auto-fill passwords into 3rd party apps and Chrome though, and while its early days for the new feature its looking to be useful.

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to use lastpass but I don't see how I could use it on the computers at my university

Posted via Android Central App

OMG Phil are we ever going to hear about a phone other than the S5? It's all y'all talk about! :-P

Excited for the review, dropped in on the Verizon store yesterday and played with one and I definitely like the feel of the S5 the S4. S3 owners might not see it as a worthy upgrade but for those that are coming up on the end of their two year contract with the S3 should find a lot to like.

Posted via Android Central App

Love that Lastpass preemptively sent an email about the Heartbleed bug, and took it a step further to show you which of your accounts are affected (and when to change your passwords). Great job.

I'm sorry but I lost some respect for you guys that you rushed out a HTC One (M8) review within a week but all you other reviews you took your time.
I guess HTC forced you guys to change for them.

The S5 is two days old, and the article says that Alex will have a review within the next week. Doesn't that say to you that they took the same amount of time to review each device?

Posted via Android Central App

Um, I'm pretty sure they had had the M8 for about 10 days when the review was posted. Everyone had the phone before the announcement, but reviews and articles about it were embargoed. And, even then, the review on the M8 kicked ass. As far as I can tell, they've had the S5 for less than a week and are currently in the final stages of writing the review. So they've taken about the same amount of time on each of them. This is coming from an M8 owner who was very satisfied with the M8 review and is looking forward to see how the S5 fairs in its own.

Here at HTC Central, uh I mean Android Central it's called giving the fans what you know they want. It's probably a goods reason that Phil isn't doing the GS5 review.

These comments come along every time a new flagship arrives. Android Central is always "bias" to the current flagship because they cover it so thoroughly.


Seriously Phil? "I'm still not entirely sure why I like the GS5 more than I did the GS4."? Way to imply to the readers that there's basically no difference between the S4 and the S5. I know AC is basically HTC central but let's try and not prejudice the readers too much. Let me help you out. The reason why you like the S5 more than the S4 is because it is a much better phone with vastly better performance. The S4 was a laggy stuttering mess that Samsung should have been ashamed of and the S5 is not. Commence flaming now.

Disagree, rooted S4 w/ Nova and bloat removed was great. I did not experience what you are talking about, had S4 for six months, great phone.

Don't know what phone you were coming from but the GS4 was so bad that even Samsung knew they had to change things up. Sure it sold a lot of units because of Samsung's marketing but out of the box that phone was, relatively speaking, one of the worst performing phones of 2013. Moto X, M7, anything from LG, hell the S2 was better than the S4. The S5 is a good phone and people should try one out for themselves before assuming that it's just the same old Samsung.

Out of the box yes, after the update to fix whatever programming error they made, no

Posted via Android Central App

I only had it for a little over a month, but I have to disagree. I felt it was on par after the update with all the other phones last year with the exception of the Motorola X.

Posted via Android Central App

Clearly you need to look up the definition of the word "lag." Mine had none whatsoever.

Posted via Android Central App

I love Samsung products. I have more of their products than I have fingers but am not a fan of their phones. You give Samsung fans a bad name being a crybaby bitch.

Definitely not a Samsung fan. If I was I wouldn't have called the S4 complete garbage. My point is that the S5 is much better than the S4 even if it's still looks the same. I haven't used Touchwiz for more than an hour or so in three years just to check on the lag but after trying the S5 it's good enough that I'm going to give it another chance.

The S5 is less laggy then the S4 but it would be hard not to be.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

The average user is not going to root, remove bloat, etc. And, if you had to do all of that to get a decent experience from your S4, then you just proved his point.

The sgs5 is the best iteration yet. Bought it for my gf and she is stoked about it. Those "gimmicky" features for us tech heads aren't so gimmicky to her she loves them. I'm kind of jealous too being a nexus 5 user the amount of features is insane.

Posted via God

So are people saying they covered the m8 more than the s5? Seems to me like AC did a lot of promoting of both phones . *kanye shrug* Anyway I look forward to reading the review.

@calvin35 your accusation of bias while simultaneously saying you know exactly what I'd write is truly comical. Thank you for that.

Now go troll (badly) somewhere else, please.

Posted via Android Central App

Do me a favor and show me where I said I knew exactly what you'd write and yea you are biased. I guess you're right though because everyone knows that the GS5 and the GS4 are the same phone so yea I also don't know why you would like the GS5 more. You talk about the GS5 like your readers should be surprised that you like it more than GS4 and then make a stupid comment like "you don't know why". How cute and witty you are. Alow me to help you out yet again......... the reason you like the GS5 more is because it is a better phone and if it was made out of metal you would probably like it even more.

Nice to know the editor is willing to let himself go down to troll level. Says a lot about this site.

Posted via Android Central App

As someone who works in IT, I've never been too comfortable with password managers. You're trusting all your passwords to be safe behind another password in essence. Granted you could make that a very strong password, but it's putting all your eggs in one basket really. Might be the best solution at the moment, but it's hardly ideal. I do my best to keep every password unique, some are variations on others, but they're unique.

My favorite part of this read "While I believe opinions should be educated, gut feelings shouldn't be ignored, either". Well said!!