Phil Nickinson

The recurring theme running through my head the past few days is, obviously, the headline for this column. Timing is everything. OK, maybe not everything in the mobile business -- hardware and software still count for something -- but timing is still damned important.

That's particularly true when launching a new smartphone.  Last week's Samsung Galaxy S4 event in New York City offered any number of ways to consider how timing affects a launch, and affects a product as a whole. And not just for Samsung. HTC and LG did their best to nip at Samsung's heels Hell, so did Apple.

Make no mistake -- every other mobile company sees Samsung as the one to stop. There's some serious realpolitik going on these days.

Some thoughts on timing:

  • We've now had the HTC One for a week. (Today marks Day 8, actually, or Day 6 with more complete software.) To me, that's about the minimum amount of time to properly get to the ins and outs of a brand new flagship. There are some big concepts -- and a lot of little stuff -- to keep track of with the HTC One. Reading back through some recent and past comments regarding how long it takes to review a phone, I've decided we're going to do things our way. If that it took us a week to write a comprehensive review means more to a reader than the review itself, well, I can't help ya.
  • So, yeah. Look for our HTC One review in the next couple days.
  • I can't recall another time when we've had two new flagships to deal with (that makes it sound way more like a drag than it is, but you know what I mean), at the same time. Trying to properly learn and test one phone while traveling for the launch event of another. Craziness. We're a pretty lean organization.
  • That's partly why Alex has taken the lead on the HTC One review while I focused on features. The bigger reason is because we have European devices. Alex is in Europe. So he actually gets to get a proper feel for battery life in regards to network use -- including LTE. (Splitting things up like that also lets us give better play to the features, I believe. Wish we could do this every time.)
  • Thinking about how not one, not two -- but three companies were taking potshots at Samsung on the eve of the Galaxy S4 announcement. Apple, LG and HTC.
  • Apple's Phil Schiller was spewing his usual bile. He made the rookie mistake, however, of posing a question he didn't know the answer to. The Galaxy S4 indeed will ship with Android 4.2.2, the most recent version of Android. Not that it'd be the end of the world if it shipped with 4.1 -- and, actually, being wrong might not matter. How many follow-up "Schiller was wrong!!!" headlines did you see? Not many.
  • So kudos to Daring Fireball's John Gruber for calling Schiller out on that "Unforced error."
  • Both HTC and LG did well to get headlines last week, despite neither announcing anything.
  • LG ran electronic billboards atop Samsung's in Time Square, co-opting the "4" motif. Smart (and a little classier than HTC's guerilla tactics, IMHO), but the Optimus G hasn't had all that much traction in the United States. Still, stories were written. Score.
  • HTC showed up with hired guns outside Radio City Music Hall, handing out swag (potato chips?) to the queue and showing off the HTC One. And it did so loudly enough (neon HTC hats, anyone?) to make sure that everyone saw them. It also helps that one of the bigger lines was for the media, and we spotted at least one plainclothes HTC staffer. I still think that ploy might have had more weight if the HTC One was actually available in more than a few countries.
  • I guess those stories are news, but make no mistake -- they're softballs.
  • Speaking of marketing tactics, when are we going to start seeing that proper marketing push from HTC that we've all been talking about? I was kind of surprised to see LG signage and not HTC.
  • With the delays the HTC One has seen, it's going to reach the mass market dangerously close to the Galaxy S4. In any other scenario, a delay of a few weeks probably wouldn't be as significant.
  • But timing is everything.

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From the Editor's Desk: Timing is everything


Hey Phil, enjoyed the article. I have a question...I understand advertisements and revenue streams, but why would a Android site as big and great as this one have a microsoft advert advertising to drop Android plastered across the top banner? I saw it last night while browsing the newest articles. Thanks J.

The short answer? Someone paid for it, assuming it's not an AdSense ad. 

We don't have any real direct contact with advertising campaigns. (And that's nice for me.)

Yeah well you don't exactly have the kind of face you can plaster on every article. Not everyone wants to wake up and see that!!! Why not post a picture of an Android logo instead?

Dude that was rude as FUCK. What are you gay and I'm not even judging him. He's the editor in chief he can do what he wants on his site that you are clearly viewing. No one cares about your low self esteem.

More importantly : When is HTC going to get it. Marking and yes Phil.. TIMING is everything. They Have the best Damn Android device on the Market. I'm certainly getting it on att day of arrival but seriously.... Where is the marketing.

In fact, it's dangerously wrong: the One is *not* on the market, and won't be before Samsung crushes their mindshare.

Oblivious....s44? The HTC one is on the market.
An awesome accomplishment so shortly after unveiling.

Moreover, HTC has production units of the new HTC One in the hands of AC editors for evaluation and review. Samsung has not done the same with the GS4 as yet. In fact Samsung's unveiling unit did not have a refined version of their software.

According to the 5 to 3 preference vote for buying a HTC One over the GS4, 2013 appears to be on track for HTC to kick some ass, again.

Every OEM deserves oblivious s44? Hang in there brother.

Man you have allot of balls. I happen to think Phil is a breath of fresh air in this wacky smartphone business.
Great article Phil, HTC should forget about the snide and dumb comments and just start pushing their product. If they wait till Samsung starts pushing and they will push hard HTC will get hit hard. Just my opinion.

Actually what "Not everyone wants to wake up and see" is some low-life vomiting forth judgemental opinions on their favourite Android site about whether someone does or doesn't look attractive.

Troll Much, you make Phil out to be an Ogre, he looks fine to me, and I am saying that in a straight hetero way.

Phil looks like a guy I'd like to have a Beer with and shoot the shit

Looks like Phil took a fantastic high quality HDR widescreen photo of himself in front of Radio City Music Hall using his HTC One Superphone's Ultrapixel Camera. It's really cool how the gold sets itself off in the NYC grey. Phil's face is clear with true to life tonality. Your animated expression also makes the picture more interesting.

Amazing clarity and detail of the buildings and their windows. The reflections off the cars are also in crisp focus.

Ultrapixels over megapixels any day!

Awesome camera. Awesome picture. Awesome phone.

You are kidding! That is pretty amazing! Usually stills from a video look like total crap. That photo looks better than many regular camera shots.

that's 1 reason i don't frequently visit this site. i really don't want to see him on every article. ego much???

LMAO. One story a week out of the 100 or so we publish bothers you that much, eh? That's not exactly what I'd call "every article." Pretty sure that's not what *anyone* would call "every article."

So, then leave. No one is stopping you, and no one cares about you. This site would do better without people like you dragging it down, anyway.

Will AC give us a way to mark a comment as positive, negative or, in Mr. Bartolomei's case, flirtatious in the future?

You think that's trolling? No. You write very well and I do enjoy your articles, but not with your big fat head on almost every one of them. As a writer, you shouldn't do that because its distracting. You are a fat chubby nerd who needs to hit the gym. Then maybe you can post a pic of yourself.

Though I'm sure you already know that, right Mr. Nikinson? ;)

Dude, if you're coming here to see hot guys holding tech, you are in the wrong place. There are other sites that do that, but I think you need a credit card.

I assume that you don't read editorials in newspapers either. Or lots of other articles. They have pictures of the writers at the top of most of those editorial columns. And feature sports columns. And entertainment, life and style, local news columns... so do tons of news and sports websites. You should probably just view everything in mobile view on your phone's browser. Then you won't see any pictures.

@Matt: Enjoy your seven-day ban. Please use that time to work on your grammar. Or at the very least learn to spell my name correctly.

Damn, I'm sorry that guy was such a jerk to you Phil. Trolls will be trolls. Clearly you guys are doing something right here, I've verb reading here since the bionic was released at ces and am still a regular. Keep it up

God! I called you a hateful cunt before I even read this last comment of yours. This just makes you live up to that name even more.

Wow, who the hell is this guy? Why does he think he can judge another guy's appearance? Sorry man, not everyone looks like a model, this ain't Hollywood. Sorry to burst your fantasy of good looking men taking pictures with their phones. Phil just looks like a regular dude and I happen to like his wacky pictures, it gives even more personality to his articles. I hope you do find the type of website you're looking for and leave this one ;) but looks like Phil took care of the second part for you lol.

SeaLyon2; you should do a study on where civility has gone in the age of the intertubes. Besides, Phil is clearly mocking his self in that picture... Or maybe that is how he always looks!

I swear, people are so damn rude!
I think it's nice having a connection with
those who write articles on this website, .makes for a more community feel.

You're not lying. I saw the posts above and I was like WTF? Never really communicated much with Phil, but I do like how all of the authors on the site post replies and communicate with members. Some people need to grow the fuck up.

Do what you do Phil. You da man.

i don't mind all of the self portraits. but the extreme closeups and bizarre facial expressions are disturbing. i suggest you back up away from the camera and try to smile or at least look sane so as to not scare all of the animals and small children.

Hey Gekko, try holding your Nexus 4, stare into the lens and see if you can get a HD wide frame of you from a video.

Impossible, with the lens you have. Your face would take more of the frame.

Can we see you now... Gekko?!?!?

What a ridiculously rude dickhead! Great thing about it though, Phil gets paid every time you click on his "face-ridden" website! Click away, dickheads!

Know one forces you to read his articles. He is the editor and can do what he wants. Sometimes it's not about the picture, sometimes it's about the information provided by the person in the picture, which in my opinion is way more important. So grow up, we're adults here looking at product information that's important to us and Android Central rocks when android knowledge is needed, particularly with some many products out there with way many new features.

As for LG and Apple, I think they're going to miss the boat yet again on this one. Samsung is going to out do themselves this year.

And Phil I don't mine seeing your mug in your articles. It makes you more approachable and likable.

Phil, just wanted to say "Thanks" to you and the entire Android Central Team for all the current news that you provide us with! I'm sure that plenty of work and traveling are involved. I'm a fan of Android Central and of the mobile phone industry, especially Android. You all do a great job!

Give yourselves a big pat on the back, take some time to appreciate, rest, relax & catch up on your lives, and then do what you do best! You all help to make Android Central great! Thank you & good work!!!

Hey Phil,Were you being flashed by some random woman when that picture was taken? As for why a Microsoft ad on AC? Smart marketing. Get your product in front of as many eyeballs as you can,especially the phone nerds who hang out here. Not everyone here is a Android fanatic. That's what you do when you have a lot of money to spend on advertising. You spread it all over the place,you never know,that guy with the droid may say to himself,that Windows phone looks kinda interesting.Maybe I should check it out.

HTC will fail again with a decent product yet again. The last time I saw any meaningful advertising from them was about 3 years ago. I think they made their biggest push around the time of the HTC Desire and what ever devices cam after that when they were still competitive and Samsung hadn't got traction...since then however their marketing has been minimal and products ultimately not done well.

Unless they are going to change that and throw big $$$ at marketing to make the One any success then all this 'trash talk' is just going to make them look petty and lame.

Actually, I saw quite a few HTC Evo LTE commercials, and they weren't half bad. However, it was a drop in the bucket compared to iWhatever and Samsung commercials.

Yeah? Look at all of the cheap advertising HTC got for the One just by crashing the S4 event. Numerous tech blogs picked up the story and ran with it, all for the price of paying a few people for a few hours to walk around and hand out bags of chips. Perhaps not the classiest of moves, but very effective.

Not trolling, just curious ... Is anyone out there excited about the S3-to-S4 upgrade? The move up to the S3 was a fairly easy call but this time, not as tempting. At this point, I'm hoping the X-Phone (or whatever it's called, if it's for real) is the one to wait for.

I was excited, then I saw it was close to the s3 in terms of looks and was less excited. Then they said my s3 was getting the same software and I thought why bother? I can just ride out my contract and wait for the next big thing. If I burn my wife's upgrade, as of right now, it would be on the HTC one. But that will depend on s-off and development community

Yeah, riding out my contract too. All these features are going to be pushed to the S3 either by update or devs on XDA. If my contract were over though, I'd be pretty excited for the S4.

I agree. I love my S3 and i've been pretty active in the S4 forums. But right at this point, if I was to get a new phone it would be the HTC One without any doubt in my mind. I prefer Samsung and I would hate to leave it behind. But I am very very interested in the front facing speakers and I want to give the new camera some run. Especially after Phil said the headline photo was a still from a video taken by the One. I wish I could afford to get the S4 and the One but since i've enjoyed my S3 so thoroughly, I might feel ready to try something a little new and different just for fun. Long term, I am certain i'd be right back to the Galaxy S line when the 5 is announced. I just love Samsung's innovative direction they are heading.

Nice article Phil! I was sold on the HTC One, then I seen all of the software features on the S4, now I don't know what to do. The S4 eye detection feature is what raising the bar in technology is all about! I also like the infrared power button that can work with countless technologies, as well as the finger hover. I don't like cheap plastic though! That's the reason that I have a rooted HTC Evo LTE right now. Hopefully the 2013 HTC Evo will have something I just can't see myself without instead of just an added kickstand to the HTC One. Other than that, I think I'm going to Sammy's team for the S4 with a nice phone case!

Wow, thanks guys! I didn't know that. This will definitely be an extra point of consideration for the HTC One. My scale for the two is now 50/ Do I want the Lamborghini with a Ford Mustang engine, or the Ford Mustang with the Lamborghini

Unfortunately for all of us EVO lovers, the HTC One is our 2013 EVO. Your LTE may be the last of the EVOs.

I don't know how wide spread it was, but I also got an email from Apple the day after the S4 presentation to make sure I knew how awesome the Iphone 5 is. It came across as an act of desperation.

Apple is getting paranoid!!! Haha!!!

Hopefully more people will convert from the IPhone to the S3/S4, HTC ONE, Note III,...
Android is moving very, very fast right now, with hardware & software.

Android was first to have dual-core & quad-core processors
First with 2GB's of RAM
First with 8mp & 13mp cameras.
First with NFC
First with the newest version of Wi-Fi "ac"

Android is moving very, very fast in 2013.
2014 will be even more exciting & interesting.

Sony Ericsson & Nokia had 8MP & 13MP Cameras before Android .
Some Nokia phones had nfc before Android !

There are always a few who are slow with understanding innovative technology.

Key components of ImageSense technology:

UltraPixel Sensor - Engineered with larger pixels, it enables each pixel to capture more than 300% more light than most leading 13 megapixel cameras.
HTC ImageChip - Offers continuous autofocus, color shading, and noise reduction, as well as more realistic High Dynamic Range.
F/2.0 Aperture - The largest available smartphone camera aperture, it lets in 44% more light than the iPhone 5.
Optical Image Stabilization - Drastically reduces blur in still photos and shaky video footage.

I could care less if his pictures on every article I come to the site to read the best about Android not to look at pictures if you're so worried about pictures go get you a picture book I'm here to read the best information about Android

Why do I as a consumer need to care which company has a better marketing campaign? The phones are already in production and they are what they are. A failure or success in marketing will not impact the usefulness of the phone to me the consumer. I read many of the comments that state certain phones are a failure because of poor marketing. They very well may be failures to the company that makes them but I'm not a company owner, employee or a stockholder so why should I care? To put it simply, if a company makes a phone far superior to everything currently on the market, but does no marketing, does it make the phone any less superior? Aston Martin does almost no marketing compared to Toyota but I would much rather drive a Vanquish than a Corolla.

But it does affect you as a consumer. If the company doesn't advertise then in all likelihood they won't sell as many devices, thus the company doesn't feel as compelled to update said device as much as the would if they sold two or three times as many.

Great Article Phil. Regardless of the tactics (some low brow)used by other companies to sway buyers to their products. The bottom line is that it's a great time to be an Android user right now.

A lot great choices to choose from, and you really can't go wrong with any of these devices.

Nicely written article. Well I think HTC needs to buckle up. Frankly speaking I don't see much commitment by the company atleast on WP. Their support for HTC apps is zero. And now on android they are not doing that great either. Articles saying that their revenues are dropping, etc. All I can say is that HTC needs to really get serious. They need to show customers that they can deliver and keep up to commitments. Not a very satisfied HTC customer here. Want to try android. Like on the S4

While I agree they don't have a lot of apps like Nokia , I wouldn't call it Zero Support ! I received updates for HTC apps twice in the past 2 months (Blogs don't write about it as much as they do Nokia) . I also received firmware updates after Portico (my 8X came preloaded with it)& some people got up to 5 firmware updates .

Phil, (Or Alex), Is the home/multi-tasking/Google Now buttons placement on the right as annoying as it appears to be?

You get used to it pretty quick. For me the bigger issue is that I hold my phone in my left hand, and it's really hard to get my thumb all the way over there.

android users are becoming pathetic in the way they behave. Something started to changed few years ago....have some respect for the people who run these sites.

Yes, of course. Because one or two rude people on a site with over a million users equals the entire Android-using population of hundreds of millions of people.

Personally I loved seeing Phil's mug on tthe article header. I actually laughed and showed it to my wife before reading the article. You have a face that makes me smile. Kudos to you and Alex for your hard work. Both of your articles are always the most informative and well thought out.

Hey phil.. i like S4 n was blown away by the features they r going to incorporate in this beast, but i dont know why ppl keep sayin its jus an update to S3? i mean they r goin to have their octa core processor in the international version, so that mean they will be first to do so.. 13 mega pixel cam.. many new features n still tech gigs call it jus a update. Plus i wanna know how u felt abt S4 as compared to htc one?

I think they say that because it's easy to write without having to put to omuch thought into it.

Of course it's an update. It's newer. Would Samsung go backward?

The design isn't significantly different. Is that a bad thing? The GS3 design was pretty damn good. The internals are spec'd about as high as they can be, I believe. So what do people want? There are more new software features here than in any other phone in recent memory.

They want something easy to digest. "It's only an upgrade" is easy to digest. The Galaxy S4 (and the HTC One, for that matter), are full, three-course meals. Not appetizers.

thanx phil for the reply, jus cant understand why ppl r reactin negatively to this awesome device. n jus last question.. u r reviewing HTC one.. compared to ONE how u see S4.. n for me looks don't matter, jus performance n screen r my criteria.

CNN had a segment about the GS4 with the headline gimmick or not gimmick. Everything is a gimmick on a phone beside talking and texting

ya i agree.. to be honest u can get gr8 laptop's in the price of this cell phones. but i believe its more of a status symbol n lil guy thing that makes us wanna buy this stuff.

Well, some of the stuff on the GS4 really is gimmicky. For example, the hover stuff- every time I have seen it used, it is dreadfully slow, inaccurate, and appears to be frustrating to use. The gesture tracking stuff is even worse. I mean, who wants to wave their hands all over the place instead of just flicking their thumb... crazy. Even the eye tracking stuff.... is anyone really going to use that?

I am more excited about sensors/emitters- like the IR, humidity, and temp... those are just cool and have a lot of real-world applications.

Hi Phil, which phone would you pick between the HTC One, or, GS4? Which I know handset has good features, I sure appreciate it.

I realize it's difficult for a few to understand the following based on what has been published.

Android Central has not yet received a production unit of the GS4 for use to perform an evaluative review. In fact Alex's review of the HTC One has not yet been published.

Each manufacturers smartphone will have specific features and hardware some will prefer over what others prefer. You have to choose what is right for you; not what is right for Phil.

Based on past comments about previous models, it seems the AC people preferred HTC's Sense, build, and camera over Samsung's Touchwiz, build, and camera.

Beyond that, picking personal preferences is as meaningless as your personal preference, if you are capable of having one of your own based on your own ability to evaluate.

Great article, Phil. Ignore the morons who think they are entitled to run the site their way. I did. As always, excellent work!

Mr. Phil, why is AC ignoring xperia z so much? I felt like they deserved a mention in the timing is everything debate atleast, considering they were the first ones to unveil their flagship phone this year.
If it's because of its uncertain US availability, then please think about the international viewers also..

Phil ,i have a question for you, hope you have the answer ? have you figured out or have samsung say any thing about what they meant with Episode 1 , and what do you think Episode 2 would be about ??? Thanks.

Good article, Phil. Well done. To the list of timing distractions, I'd add Google's I/O registration - speculation before it, rumors after it, management change. Leaves one wondering which phone to wait on...HTC One, Galaxy S4, Note 2 or 3?, Nexus 4 or 5?, X-phone? Me...I want an unlocked, pure Android experience on a 5" phone with an outstanding camera. Here's hoping that's the Nexus 5.

Hahaha! I Love the picture, it made me checkout the story! Mr. Phil is at the right place for the story, behind him, how many times does a person get to BE AT THE SPOT and report- and its his damn teritory. ANYWAYSSS, another gay man likes it, so who is to bitch now! Sorry I don't wanna make you feel awkward...are you married? Jokingg! I find it a bit funny how HTC sent their minions to steal the show lmao! But it was the semy-right thing to do. Their balls are made of metal, a nice shiny aluminium(wtf is aluminum?) and they need to show them more often. There's a saying, on the top there is always room, so who ever is on the top, be it Sam or Apple, they will get scratched out of the spot by the wild cats below. This time around tho, HTC better match their fishy Marketing 2.0 with the screaming attention the One demands. Somehow, I fear they will mess it up. Lastly, as many have said, where the hell is that Marketing still? There is nothing,NOTHING happening! Where are the teasers, ads, billboards saying "coming soon"? Holywood starts teasing sometimes a year before the feature is released, in the end, what ever the krap movie it is, it makes half a trillion based on the ad teasers. Sometimes I wish I could just bust into the office and slap-wake Mr. Benjamin Ho. Go Go Go! Take this damn momentum the time is yesterday! Either way, sooner or later, this baby will be mine! (im not talking about you, Phil) Samsung is lost at the top spot, looking very desparate as they don't know how to display "pride" like apple be it real or engineered, there is no sophistication with Samsung as they only ever focus on push quantity not quality. Gs4 will initially outsell the One by a longshot because of the global marketing and mainly due to supplies, as HTC doesn't have the output, yet. Things should speedup for HTC tho, as for LG, I don't care about their design incopetence either, even if it has the antigrav unit that will fly me across atlantic using free energy from the very air we breathe, I'd be unimpressed with the boxy design.

Divinus, is there something about the HTC One that appeals to the Gay community? I am asking because I think this is the first time I've seen postings about the HTC One (or other phones) that actually identifies the posters as gay (of course I haven't seen every post on this site). I'm seriously asking the question and not trying to be offensive.

Its also good timing that Samsung added all these features so Apple will not say we did it first. Its basically going make iPhone 5S/6 whatever the name will be look like a catch-up then Samsung can go on the offense again with their teasing ads.So its good timing and good strategy as well.

First off, yes it's a terrible picture Phil, but its also kinda funny and since its your column/blog you can put anything you like so ignore the trolls!!!

Marketing is extremely important - there's not many products that can sell themselves. Whilst most of us can read a spec sheet and make up our minds, most of joe public won't have a clue. All the acting sequences put on by Samsung were corny as but they still gave everyone an idea of what they can do with their phone and it will probably stick in the mind more.

HTC have to do a lot of work in this area, all we have heard is how nice the case is. Why didn't they try to make the launch as high profile as the S4? By announcing early they should've been able to have some sort of advantage but it doesn't look like that will happen.

In terms of the spec sheets, Samsung are covering most of it with only the body causing the biggest debate. If Samsung suddenly decide to bring out a special edition aluminium version tomorrow then HTC could be done for.

Yes...especially if one were to ignore the following technology which seems difficult for some to understand. Hence, marketing is important.

brighter, true color, higher resolution, non glare Super LCD display

dual frontal speakers with amplified boom sound

ultra pixel technology and image sense producing significantly better photos and videos and of course HTC's Zoe and BlinkFeed

noise cancelling microphones for clear conversations

HTC clearly has the advantage this year. Seems as though nearly 10,000 votes for getting the HTC One versus about 6,000 choosing the SG4 in the preference poll.

Kinda difficult to dismiss the choice of 10,000 people, huh?

Apparently people have the ability to differentiate for themselves. Once people get their hands on the phones in the stores, the differentiation will be more pronounced. Samsung is so last year.

Really enjoyed this thanks! It'll be interesting to see how sales go for the One and S4 this year. The picture is awesome by the way!

I support you putting a picture of yourself on the front of this article, I also support the fact you took the picture before they changed the Marquee in front of Radio City Music Hall! (What, I had to comment that my favorite Android News site put an accidental plug in the background of a picture for my favorite band)

Hey Phil, great post... with all the comments about the picture, all I want to know is what did you use, the HTC One? If so was this with the front facing camera? If that was a front facing camera, that was damn good.

I dont take issue with Phil's pic being all over this article but I do take issue with the fact it looks as if he hadn't slept in 3 days. That folks is the face of a man after a steady diet of NO DOZ and Jolt Cola...I think it may be affecting your objectivity there Phil......LOL

I love this site, but I read it for news...not reviews. Your reviews are anything but "comprehensive" they're actually rarely more than a few thoughts off the top of your head.

The HTC One hasn't been reviewed yet.

Alex is doing the review with real use experience in Europe where the signal strength and battery can also be evaluated. Samsung has not yet provided finished production units for real use evaluative reviews.

With America's failing education system it's understandable, yet very sad, people who can read apparently, based on many forum commentaries, have serious comprehension issues.

Oh wow, you went from apparent HTC employee to insulting rather suddenly, insulting people and countries isn't going to help bring people over to your viewpoint.

it's probably more like failing parenting since some of the smartest most successful people are from america. i can tell you were neglected as a child based on most of your comments on here being smartass, hostile and everyone inferior to you. get over your childhood and go out and get a real life away from the internet. trolling is starting to get old.

You misunderstood my criticism. My comment had nothing to do with the perceived "delay" in releasing a review of the device. It was about the general quality of their reviews as a whole. Their reviews have no prior standards to build on, and no way to directly compare two models against each other because of it.

Anandatech imo is the standard by which all other reviews are judged. However, most people don't want to read a 15 page review for a phone. Sites like Android Central would do well to take a look at how they structure theirs, and do a "consumer friendly" version of it.

I like the way they currently do their reviews. I don't need some "prior standard" for them to build on, because I don't want half the review to be just a comparison to a phone that I might not have had a good experience with. Everyone's likes are different, so AC just covers basic functionality and potentially real world usage. That's all I need. I can then go check it out myself and make a better decision. I have much better things to do than read 15 pages of someone's opinion.

Also, pretty sure Android Central is already "doing well". Thus the million members and counting.

Nice article Phil. Quick question, how is the battery life on the htc one? That is the only thing that is stopping me from buying it over the galaxy s4.

Phil, Rene and Kevin are the coolest mothereffers around the web! Nothing against the rest of the MoNa staff.

Phil, if the trolls hate you, you're doing something right.

Wow, i thought when I saw 100+ comments people were thinking "man this is crazy Apple, LG, and HTC are all teaming up in bashing Samsung", but no people rather talk about something dumb like someones self-portrait. Seriously the only thing missing was Stephen Elop and his smartphone has officially left beta testing spiel.

Great article Phil! I agree 100% it's a shame that HTC hasn't gotten the One out in the US yet and I haven't even seen a single advertisement for the One so I fear again HTC this year will be the odd man out and might possibly go bankrupt. They need to figure out Apple's release window formula fast because announcing a phone then waiting over a month to finally release it, is a shot in the foot.

The other person was out of line. On the other hand, that expression on your face could send someone for their shotgun. "Braiins..."