eBay for AndroideBay for Android

Online auction giant eBay has just revamped its Android application, adding selling capabilities for casual and professional sellers alike.

  • List an item for sale, from start to finish, in under 60 seconds
  • Use the barcode scanner to scan a product’s barcode and immediately populate details for listings
  • “Sell One Like This” – for a casual seller who wants to list a similar item already selling on eBay
  • Schedule when an auction starts and ends
  • Contact the buyer

Buying -- and now selling -- from start to finish, all on your smartphone. Welcome to the 21st century, folks. Download links are more screen shots are after the break.

eBay for AndroideBay for Android

eBay for Android


Reader comments

eBay revamps Android app, adds more selling capabilities


My ebay app will not let me sign in...say" login name/password incorrect. Just used is yesterday. I can log in using my pc, but not my phone. Should I just uninstall and reinstall?

I have a inspire 4g phone