Optimus Black

What's thin, elegant, has an incredibe LCD screen and runs CyanogenMod 7?  The LG Optimus Black, that's what! Android developer Ricardo Cerqueira has built an early preview of CM 7.1 for the Black, and has made it available for download.  Because it's a test build, and not even close to official, expect a few bugs (our unit has some issues with Wifi) -- but that's what previews and beta builds are for.  Ricardo knows his LG Android phones, so I imagine things will be sorted soon enough.

With the Optimus Black rumored for Virgin Mobile USA, and coming to Sprint customers as the LG Marquee in just a few days, there's bound to be some interest in this on our side of the pond as well.  I'll be keeping a close eye on this one, as I'm sort of enamoured to the Black -- especially with a zippy AOSP-ish build like CM 7.1 on it.  If you're feeling adventurous, hit the source link for the details and download.

Source: RootzWiki; via +Ricardo Cerqueira


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Early CyanogenMod 7 build for LG Optimus Black now available for download


You do know that Android Central isnt the one that makes CyanogenMod right??? That comment was pointless to point