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EA Sports has released two long-awaited titles on Google Play in Europe and North America today -- FIFA (Soccer) 12 and NBA Jam.

FIFA 12 is the latest in the long-running soccer football franchise, and launched on games consoles and iOS last October. The Android version originally launched exclusively on the Xperia Play last December, carrying Sony's "optimized for Xperia Play" branding. Now EA's opened things up to anyone with $5 (£4.15 in the UK) to spare and an Android 2.1+ device.

Likewise, NBA Jam is another classic franchise which has finally made its way across to Google's app store. EA promises arcade basketball action featuring all 30 NBA teams, including head-to-head multiplayer over Wifi or Bluetooth. NBA Jam is priced at $5 in North America, or £3 in Europe.

We've got Google Play links for both titles after the break.


​FIFA Soccer 12


There are 23 comments

wojtas25 says:

But before you say "yaaay, hurray" etc. you should know that on most devices FIFA 12 or NBA Jam just doesn't work!

For example:
not supported on Atrix, Galaxy S2.

Yeah, I think the shorter list would be for the devices for which they do work.

drhere says:

I have only a few games I play, one of them I was interested was Need For Speed Hot Pursuit when it was 50 cents, I use to play on PC a long time ago.
Couldn't buy it on my T-Mo branded SGSII, noticed this with a lot of EA games. Need for Speed Shift wouldn't work on my old DX, it is touch and go with EA.

Bigsike says:

Add the Transformer Prime to that list.

ashamoun says:

EA mobile sports games are nearly impossible to play. Save your money

No go with ICS galaxy nexus

Richillion says:

Awesome it doesn't work on my galaxy note or my galaxy nexus smh. Can some one make a patch or find the Apk

Not sure if I should buy now or wait until the price comes down and/or goes on sale. How much space does it take up?

Bigsike says:

This in my opinion is why a lot of people steal games. They are just simply not compatible with a ton of devices. How can these companies not see this?

booberthecat says:

DroidX not compatible? WTF!?!

infared825 says:

You can add the HTC EVO 3D and MOTOROLA PHOTON 4G to phones that are not compatible but the SAMSUNG NEXUS 4G is compatible

Love NBA Jam. make this for the EVO 3D in 3D EA..!!

slayerpsp says:

The sad thing is I have both these games working just fine on my Evo 3D. FU EA you wont sell it to me Ill take it. I did buy NBA Jam for my Acer a100 the only device I have that the play store version supports

pDoG says:

Do you....want to refer me to where you got the apk from?

Mobius360 says:

Fifa 12 works for my tablet and NBA for my phone, go figure.

itsdamage says:

NBA Jam works perfectly on my Galaxy s2 (T-Mobile)

no nba jam for my nexus but can get fifa on my nexus. Christ EA needs better developers.

Not compatible with Razr Maxx either. What's the point of developing a game that isn't compatible for Galaxy SII, Bionic, Razr, Razr Maxx, or Gnexus?

yofat004 says:

Works on the Nexus S 4g running ICS. Sorry guys. Hopes EA updates this like they did with Madden. We all know how choppy that ran on quite a few devices on first release..

DaEXfactoR says:

No haps on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Tab 10.1. Even if you love Android as much as me, this is the stuff that drives you crazy. Devices running 2.1+ my shoe....

Ratzi1 says:

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Skip Ross says:

It works great on my galaxy note 2