Dungeon Hunter 4

The latest in the Dungeon Hunter franchise is now available and free-to-play on Android

When Gameloft teased us with a trailer for Dungeon Hunter 4 and said the release was "coming soon", they certainly weren't kidding. The latest iteration in the Dungeon Hunter series is now available in the Play Store, and it's also free to download and play. The game is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler title, with single player and multiplayer co-op modes available. Building on the previous version, Dungeon Hunter 4 has all new enhanced graphics and gameplay elements that should make it feel like a whole new title.

If you're interested in giving the new Dungeon Hunter 4 a shot, you can download it from the Play Store link above. There's a pretty large "additional file" download required to get up and running, so be sure to stick your device on Wifi if you're tight on mobile data for the month.


Reader comments

Dungeon Hunter 4 now availabile in the Play Store


I know this is off-topic but the PlayStore needs an option to delay downloads or download only on WiFi, but still allow you to purchase the apps. I've had to use mobile data for data-intensive downloads just to be able to take advantage of a time-limited offer or a one-day freebie :(

The APK file shouldn't start downloading automatically after purchasing it. There should be a message that says "the file is ready to be downloaded when ready" before it actually starts downloading.

Do you have any of the settings for the Play Store set to update automatically cby chance?

Also, I'm guessing if you hit cancel when it's downloading that it'll refund the purchase, otherwise I would say to try that.