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The guys over at Dropbox have slipped a preview of a forthcoming update to their Android application out into their forums, complete with optimization for Ice Cream Sandwich

Besides looking pretty sweet on ICS, there are also a couple of other nice additions that are forthcoming with this release. These include single tap access to all file and folder actions, ability to favourite files for quick offline access, and bulk upload for photos and videos. 

This release isn't yet available in the Android Market, so if you want to try it out, the download and full changelog can be found by hitting the source link. 

Source: Dropbox


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Dropbox update preview showing off its ICS optimization


Agreed, Gekko. Dropbox has saved me so much in the past. Countless hours of work and who knows how much money. I hope their billions make billions.

I just hope that they get around to including

(a) True the moment, I can download a file from my DropBox account, but if I change it then I have to manually re-upload it. Works better on desktop when changes just auto sync.

(b) Multiple file downloads, or whole folders.

Considering I only have a 5Gb account, and a 16Gb SD card in my handset, I really can't see why a true sync of everything in my DropBox can't happen on my handset.

1. check out the latest forum build and the "favorites" feature.
2. there are battery and resource concerns with trying to constantly sync 16GB of data on a mobile device.