Droid X2 date

Staying up nights wondering when the Droid X2 is going to drop? Well, wonder no more, as we've gotten our hot little hands on Verizon's internal listings. The Droid X2 is scheduled for direct fulfillment on May 19, with an in-store launch on May 26. That's five short days to wait for the initial shipments, and 12 days until the dual-core qHD device hits stores.

That's a pretty big sign that Verizon's not going to make a huge deal out of the Droid X2 launch, kind of like the Droid Incredible 2. Not surprising, we suppose.

Oh, and if you want more confirmation on the full X2 specs -- including 512MB of RAM and a Tegra 2 processor, we've got 'em after the break.

Thanks, anon!

Droid X2 specs

Droid X2 specs

Droid X2 specs

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zdroid says:

Nice how you cut off what android version its running

kronium says:

How can this come out months after the Atrix and have half the Ram? 512 mb for a summer 2011 device? Super Fail.

f150fan says:

The reason the Atrix has that much RAM is due to it running WebTop. That is the only reason it has that much. If the RAM included in the DX2 is DDR2 you will have a great experience with it. Much faster than was is currently being used. You will still have a much better experience. I am really thinking about this as an upgrade to my DX, which I have had since launch.

kronium says:

When multitasking, you're still going to have apps being kicked out of Ram that could have been prevented with more ram.

f150fan says:

Android does a pretty good job of handling the amount of memory available. For me it is a performance issue, not one of how many apps I can run at once and keep them all in memory. Just me though.

This is another verizon special..... 2010 dualcore 3g device this won't do too much on any benchmark test. Verizon is a dud

gcims says:

with all due respect, why will this not due well on benchmarks(and that is a whole other argument) with the vastly better processor, graphics and RAM? Samy Galaxy S2 seems to do great with same three. I am asking because I am looking at this as a possible upgrade from the X. Thanks for helping.

f150fan says:

Me too. I love my X and think I would really enjoy this as well, at least until the fabled Bionic is released. :)

dan4patriots says:

keep sucking Dan Hesse's schlong, this is better than the Nexus S on Sprint and that Kyocera Abomination

Verizon LTE is Superior to WiMax

Slayix312 says:

"Verizon LTE is Superior to WiMax"

Maybe in the future as LTE coverage expands but as it stands now Wimax actually has higher theoretical speeds.

"keep sucking Dan Hesse's schlong, this is better than the Nexus S on Sprint and that Kyocera Abomination"

subjective statement is subjective.

_Zguy__ says:

Meh just another great phone
i want quad core

gcims says:

Gingerbread? No
Blur? Yes
Boot loader locked? Yes

Zero outta three............

Aluminum says:

Why Blur still exists in beyond me, and a 2.2 phone in May 2011? Android needs to step their game up because this continued fragmentation is just stupid now


It's suppose to be coming with gingerbread... look at Droid Life's posting about it.

gcims says:

Why Blur, indeed.

Thisguy89 says:

Anyone who has run the GB leak on their DX/D2, would tell you that the new blur is actually not bad. Dare I say good?

We won't know about the bootloader until people finally get their hands on it.

Sigua says:

If Blur had scrollable widgets I'd be using it right now. The new version has a lot of the same things I switched to Launcher Pro for, and a few things (app drawer, uninstalling features, profiles) it actually does better than LP.

IceDree says:

Any word on a GSM version ? uh hell a World phone ?

oldpapa49 says:

I wonder with this news that Sprint will release EVO 3D near the same time..??
Hint Sprint.

aggie1138 says:

No 4G? What's the point?

mikey95gt says:

Anyone else notice the incorrect Dedicated Camera/Video key? From all the leaked pics/videos there is no such key on the X2.