See You Tomorrow

Excited for the Droid X release tomorrow? Check out the new teaser that was just released by Verizon. Titled "See you tomorrow," Verizon and Motorola once again are preparing for a big advertising campaign for the new Droids this summer. Check out the video after the break. Enjoy! [Verizon YouTube via Droid Life]

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Droid X teaser video almost as awesome as the phone


The phone is pretty awesome, I won one of the DroidLanding scavenger hunt phones and have had it since Tues. Can't wait to see what all the programers do with it once it gets in everyones hands.

except it is locked down.... wa wa waaaa.. too bad too, this one had promise! Pretty sweet device though!

Maybe they didn't get it from Droid-Life, maybe, just maybe it was something that was seen on this miracle thing called youtube, and so he put it up without even checking Droidlife first?

Actually it's completely obvious that they got it from Droid-Life. The picture used in this post was taken from Droid-Life. Same name, same dimensions. The video was leaked by Droid-Life hours before Verizon uploaded it, but this site decided that wasn't good enough.

You're right, the source links were inadvertently dropped. That got messed up in the editing process. My fault, and we've updated the post.

I hope so, because I personally didn't think this commercial was all that great. I liked it okay, but the flashing letters for "tomorrow" was really annoying.

And to think at one time not too long ago Verizon rarely made commercials about any phones. Can't wait to order this tomorrow!

Umm, Sprint are you there? Sprint? SPRINT!!! Wake up! Release the Epic now so you can survive! Droid X looks awesome! This video also looks pretty cool.

I I own an EVO and oh boy do I get pist off at sprint they need to watch n learn cause the have an awesome device but they don't knw how to promote shit

Why the hell do they need to promote it?!? They can't keep the damn thing in stock. There is no need to advertise at this point.

*shrugs* I really couldn't care less about the device. Not because its bootloader is encrypted. (Which kinda is a big deal to me.) But because its on Verizon only. Thanks but I'm not dropping $110-$120 a month over just a phone and one line.

NO FRONT FACING CAMERA??? Even the iPhone 4 has that. What a joke. I use this feature atleast 4 times a week on my phone.

Attention every1 whos getting droid x..I just talked to a verizon store representative and just in case you dont know..if you go in today you can deposit 50 dollars and tomorrow ur guaranteed a droid x no matter what time of day u pick it up.

badass teaser video. love the hype up for the phone. i just wish the incredible got the same type of love when it dropped...

You guys are all retarted well most of you. Its the same as the EVO which I own except for the 4G thing, Front facing camera which is every handy, free tethering via usb, wifi tethering for the phone up to 8 devices not 5, an unlocked rom flashing ability, oh yeah did I mention about 110 dollars cheaper me and my three brothers are paying a month for the same exact package we had with Verizon and are now saving with Sprint. Service is awesome too. So you guys need some coffee and a slap to the face to wake you up.

How 'bout the fact that the phone has shitty buttons at the bottom and the backside looks worse than my hairy backside... GET IT A BAG! And a front facing camera... and all those other things! Come on, it's 2010 Motorola... YOU CAN'T BE RELEASING THIS THING AND EXPECT TO COMPETE.

Verizon is making good moves with marketing. This makes it look like iPhones are for nice guys and Droids are for bad asses.

completely confused by the teaser, but it looked sick. im gonna wait on this one an hold out for the droid2. either way......phones r gonna be sick

Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow!!! So glad this came out on the last day I can exchange my Droid 1.... Pre order done right after the 4th. Woo Hoo!! Go Droid~

What's with all the Evo vs X bashing? Both are awesome devices. Let's save the fanboyism for the iflop 4 crowd. If it runs Android its a great device in my opinion.

I loved the commercial.... As a evo owner I can say that I don't give a rats ass for that phone...most of what people mention before....facing can, buttons, looks, plans pricing. But I'm happy to see more options for high end phones on the market with android os...

Interesting...I wonder will the x sell as much as the droid, and incredible did??? Be it as though those people were swindeled into the infamous 2 year contract.

Holy Shit! The whole commercial without that "tomorrow" bullshit is so much better! Dude sticks his hand into the floating object and his whole arm turns cybernetic and the Droid X rises out of his hand! Makes me (sort of) want a Droid X! If I didn't already have a Droid Incredible that I love...