Palm Pre vs, Droid Incredible

So the lads and lassies at Laptop Mag are doing their Battle of Champions as a follow-up to the Smartphone March Madness tournament. And in the finals just happen to the Palm Pre Plus and the Droid Incredible. It's Verizon vs. Verizon, smartphone vs. (erm) smartphone, slider vs. slab. Vote early, vote often, and vote below.

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Droid Incredible vs. Palm Pre - Fight!


Yes, it is interesting isn't it? There are lots of nice things about the Pre/WebOS.... things I would love to see in Android (like a full swiping interface, root without rooting, Preware patching).

Because Palm Pre Plus won the smartphone march madness contest and the Incredible won the Android World Cup, thats why its the Battle of the Champions.

These polls are pretty well a joke. You can refresh the page and vote as many times as you wish. With that being said, refresh the page and vote Android.

And the reason these are the only two is because the Inc won the poll style Android cup, and the Palm is the winner over all smart phones from the last time. So vote vote vote.

Dood! Really, this is going to be a slaughter, don't let that Palm Pre Plus fool you, in the beginning its a slow start but in the end, the Palm Community will come in for the kill. o.O!

I love the palm pre. Just wish we sprint users had a new device so might get the epic then switch to webos when they release a new device. I like webos a lot more than amdroid. Android has that old 16bit winmo look while webos looks really elegant. Just needs new and better hardware.

I love the palm pre. Just wish we sprint users had a new device so might get the epic then switch to webos when they release a new device. I like webos a lot more than amdroid. Android has that old 16bit winmo look while webos looks really elegant. Just needs new and better hardware.

Webos while high on eye candy is not near as full featured as android how long did it take to get video recording . And don't get me started on the pre or pixie both are a joke hardware wise. Ill hold final judgment until I see their 2.0 os and new hardware. Btw this is coming from a former pre owner now a Droid owner

android reminds me too much of windows mobile. It has the same 16bit look and multitasks the exact same way. Since sprint has nothing better I'll use my upgrade that I currently have on the epic 4g since I get one every year.

Seriously? Is this even a question?

@thebizz, you said android reminds you too much of windows mobile and yet you plan on getting the Epic?!? You do realize the Epic is Android, right?

maybe you didn't read my response. Sprint has nothing else and I get an upgrade every year. I want to use the upgrade so I can upgrade again next year. There isn't anything else out there that seems interesting. The epic seems nice with the high quality screen. The evo has a crap 65k color screen and no keys. Yes android reminds me of winmo with the 65k color operating system and the task manager way of killing apps. The htc phone with winmo and htc sense looks similar.

I said nothing about the epic I was talking about something else maybe you meant the person above me

I just love the notifications on the pre... Other then that everything else wasent all that... No Although patching etc was alot easier then rooting... WebOS could be alot nicer with better hardware though..

The Droid army is small compared to Droid army. It was android vs palm in march and we got beat. Nothing will change hear

The Droid army is small compared to palmarmy. It was android vs palm in march and we got beat. Nothing will change hear

I was a Pre owner, before upgrading to EVO...

I've played with the Incredible a few times, but what pushed me over the edge to Android was the 4.3 inch screen that the EVO has, and that the Incredible does not. Eye candy or not, I don't think the Android OS has conquered mutli-tasking the way WebOS does.

mmm... but there are so many features to the Android OS, that probably has more to do with it been around longer than WebOS. Don't really know, it's hard to say.

Webos is a magnificent piece of software. To bad the funding dried up. I loved the platform but the hardware was terrible. Great idea, that was too little too late.

I refuse to vote, cuz I had the Palm Pre and loved it. My Evo will take it's place for now till HP comes out w/ something.

it's obvious that you've never used webos for more than a day.

WebOS is the best mobile OS out there, it just has shitty hardware.

once the PDK is released, WebOS will finally become relevant as far as apps go.

Having experience with the WebOS (my wife has a Pixi Plus) and Android (my Moto Droid) I have to say that the Android OS is the better of the two. The only feature I can find on the WebOS that is far superior than Android is switching from task , aka multi-tasking. The ability of switching tasks with a flick of a finger is really nice. However, the lack of customization (changing UI, adding short cuts, and widgets) is a huge problem for me. While a OS can carry a phone a long way, if it's laggy, it'll hinder the experience no matter how good the OS is. If Palm/HP adds the customization Android has and some hardware to support it, then Palm would have winner. Plus having the choice of many phones is a huge plus.

LoL I would not really call it crushed , the victory was not by much and the poll was closed before all DINC fans got to vote, sneaky tatic , lol

I have to admit when I was a Pre owner they always say go to a site they are having a poll and I would go there and vote hundreds of times to keep the Pre ahead even if it wasn't the best phone out. With that said I wouldn't take this poll with a grain of salt! I just voted fifty times just to prove its the same polls as before. The Pre is this a small turd of a phone that's so bad they are trying to give them away and still can't. Nobody wants to buy a failed crappy phone! The community won but not the phone anyone can cheat on these sites polls.

current pre owner switching to the evo tomorrow, ive played with droid and have had a pre for a year now. webos is by far the best mobile os on the market. im only switching because of the hardware issue. the pre is limited with its 500 mhz processing. it is soooo slow compared to the 1 ghz. recently overclocked my pre to 1 ghz and it is fucking remarkable, however the stupid apps that i dont need but still want from the droid marketplace are appealing as well as 4g coverage here in san antonio. hopefully hp and palm can create a beast of a phone next year around this time so that i can go back to webos. but as of tomorrow i join the droid community, i will still check in with precentral and play with my pre but droid is where its at right now

Agreed, I'll be trading my Pre for the Epic when it comes out. WebOS has tremendous potential it's just not there yet, still a baby. The hardware definitely screwed them on user buy-in, plus their awful marketing if anyone remembers those weird commercials. If they can create a competitive piece of hardware and really pull out all the stops for the 2.0 version, it'll be wondrous. For now, Android is hands down where it's at.

The Pre community needs all the help it can get because Android is activating 160,000 devices a day and Palm maybe 100 with most of those being exchanges from current customers with broken devices. It's the only site that I can go to where the forum always have someone mentioning a broken Pre or they got a new one for one reason or another. I knew I shouldn't have brought a phone that looks like a little black turd, glad to be rid of it.

Must have put poll up and closed it as soon as got more votes for Palm. Go on about every day and did not see this one, I have Incredible and have use the Palm. No comparison. Incredible all the way.

When Palm was up for sale, I said if HTC was smart, they would grab it. It could neutralize the Apple/HTC legal battle and they could merge the best parts of WebOS into the HTC version of Android. But they let HP grab it instead. My bet is HP will find a way to put out an uninspired piece of hardware with a shell of a "could've been great" OS. That's one of the reasons my money is on Android long term.