Uncommon Sense ROM

Here's what looks to be another great custom ROM for the Droid Incredible -- Uncommon Sense v 1.0.  It comes with a load of UI customizations, and I'll be the first to say they look as good or better than anything from a carrier or manufacturer.  It's more than just visual tweaks though, there is a lot behind the scenes as well as application level tweaks that sound like the makings of a winner -- both improvements to the Standard Dinc system and bits and pieces from other phones.  I know you guys get addicted to flashing ROMs, so do I :)  Try this one out!  You can download it from the forums post, and there's a nice collage of the ROM on device after the break.  [Android Central Fourms]

Uncommon Sense v 1.0


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Droid Incredible ROM -- Uncommon Sense v1.0 [From the Forums]


Just flashed it, but seem to be having some connection issues. I can still dial out, but when trying to add my google accout, it says i dont have a network connection. Anyone else having this issue?? I'll mess around with it a bit and report back. Other than that, it sure looks amazing!
After rebooting, 3G data is restored and working great!

So far its running really well. Seems to be decent on battery life, though may be a bit too early to tell. After running CM6.0.2 for a while, the app drawer seems a bit sluggish, and home screens aren't as snappy, but has a great feel overall. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants to stick with Sense!!

This is so cool! It's everything I've been looking for and would include if I had the patience to make ROM's. Thank you for your "Incredible" work.

I wish they had it available for all HTC Android phones specifically...MINE! Is there anyway we can have this for the EVO please?

try fresh 3.3 it's a pretty good rom for evo.. and their making a program that lets you easily modify the rom to what you want.. so far i think is one of the best roms out there. best speed and battery and includes froyo v3.. which unlocks fps limit.

I've been on the Uncommon Sense train since beta v0.6, which is far longer than I've stayed on any other ROM. Highly recommended.

It's not a browser short cut type app. It's an actual app like the Youtube app. Most of the custom ROMs have this app baked in to it.

The Hulu app has been around for a while, I've seen posts about it on the XDA/EVO boards for a few months (I think it originated on the Nexus, as with a lot of things). It's a bit of a hack tho (you have to force close it to kill the audio for instance) and I think it currently reverts you to a previous version of Stagefright (so it might cause issues w/Pandora), so I haven't bothered with it much.

I dunno why Hulu doesn't just bake mobile access into it's premium plan, a lot of people would be willing to pay for a legitimate and optimized Hulu mobile app.

Wtf with the Silk Scarves comment lmao, I love this Rom awesome awesome awesome , I liked RR .03 but it caused my device to crash every now and again, plus I didn't like the changes from .3 to .4 like removing changing the lock screen ..... pick something and stick with it ..... and yes I know I could but it back but hey, I'm lazy plus it didn't come with this nice hulu app but both Roms were great ima keep this one though for now .

Can someone tell me what i need to do to flash this rom. my phones rooted and i bricked my last one tryna flash roms. i really want sense and dont want another DX brick.