Are you one of the lucky ones who actually has a Droid Incredible, or one of the ones who has yet to switch your order to the Droid X because you had faith in the device? Well, reports from Droid-Life are that an OTA update will be bringing both 720p video recording and mobile hotspot service to the device, along with a new boot animation. While there is no confirmation from Verizon at this time about this update, and these screen shots are all we have to go on (and for what its worth, the hotspot icon on the Droid X is different than what you see here) or any official timeframe for the roll-out, we can only hope it will be soon. Check out after the jump for the video of the new boot animation. [via Droid-Life]


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Droid Incredible OTA update reportedly will bring 720p video, mobile hotspot


Your mature, well thought out rebuttal has silenced Sprint proponents everywhere... though att does suck the big fat one.

Its funny when people can quote something and probably have no idea what FPS is. Not saying you dont, but the majority of people who keep quoting that same comment have no clue.

Sent from my EVO running with an avg of 55-FPS on FROYO.

The Evo is a brick , I so prefer the Incredible to that worthless brick of a phone , or better yet the Droid X , much prefer Motorola over anything HTC makes !!

I wish mine said HTC :( ....don't get me wrong the Verizon doesn't look badd jus the HTC symbol is very down to earth :) I had a hard time covering up the back of my phone for that reason

I have the Amazon MP3 store on my Incredible ? Was able to download it somewhere or from one of these sites , works great !! if I find it I will give you the link ?? anyone help with this ??

This is great....now when my phone randomly reboots it will look really cool.
I am glad that the spent time putting cool advertising on a phone I already own and that others can't get delivered. I much rather have this thanFROYO.

What's with the HTC at the top instead of Verizon? 0_o
Speaking of HTC emblems, the silver lining on the "HTC" letters on the back of my phone are coming off D:

I'm super excited for 720p video :D however I probably won't use the mobile hotspot much (especially if it costs a lot, but even if it didn't, I'm not on the road lol).

The new boot animation is pretty cool just like the commercial but sucks that they have two splash screens. I have the Droid X boot animation and it only shows the first splash screen. I am guessing this OTA will only overwrite in the system/media bin and not data/local.

I sold my incredible. on eBay 500$ plus. I'm so tired of HTC putting the inc on the back burner. Two weeks ill b rocking the X

The X wont even fit in your pockets, the incredible already barely does. Don't say you will be rocking the X in 2 weeks because the only thing you will be "rocking" is a Droid X on a metal chain around your neck.

I wonder when the Desire will get 720p. The Desire's hardware is almost identical, so I don't see a problem with it other than HTC being lazy.

The DINC is going to become the quite favorite when it is fully juiced with Froyo. Meanwhile, those lucky enough to have gotten one early are becoming happier and happier for this stable, just right serving of Android goodness.

We can all remember a time in our childhood when we were promised a trip somewhere. Then we asked the ominous question, "When?" At that point mom and dad began the wonderful process of delaying us into submission. Fast forward 20 years. Instead of the sno-cone stand, we have the Incredible. Instead of mom and dad, we have Verizon and HTC. The ship date has been pushed back yet again. In the past week I have seen 3 dates on the Verizon site, 7/25, 7/29, now 8/3.

What good is 720p recordings and Froyo for DInc when we will be on Gingerbread when the DInc ships again? How does Sprint sell out of the Evo and re-stock before the DInc gets going again? I was really hoping to pick up an HTC Android when I move to VZW, but I may have to go DroidX. I am tired of AT&T bending me over the barrel, but Verizon, welcome me with open arms not a cold shoulder and a "Soon."

I know Vzw is sending $25 gift cards to those waiting for the DInc. OK, but since the DInc is now priced @ $179, not a huge concession. I would rather see $50 cards to all those waiting and an earlier firm date for a Froyo OTA. I am guessing this reported feature OTA also contains bug and security fixes. It would really be sweeter, however, if this was a preview of an early helping of Froyo.

Yeah, this will be a nice update.

What frame rate are you Incredible users getting. I have mine on the highest resolution and I'm only getting 15 FPS.