If you want to wear your phone allegiance on your sleeve, it looks like you literally can. Verizon is reportedly sending out the shirt above to some customers who have purchased the DROID. We were completely unaware that Verizon was giving out shirts to turn folks into walking advertisements but hey, a $100 million dollar ad campaign is so much more than just commercials and print ads.

If anyone has details on how to get one of these Droid Does T-Shirts, please let us know in the comments. Is it really from Verizon? Or is it some fanatic DROID lover screen printing his affection? In any case, how do we get one?

In the mean time we have to ask, would you wear one?

[via engadget]

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CJ says:

I think I'm gonna get a Droid Does tattoo.

Anonymous says:

Got one in the mail yesterday.

New verizon customer bought droid on release day.

Size was a large tad to small for me :(

SJ says:

One showed up in the mail yesterday. Like Anon, new Verizon plan on release day.

Anonymous says:

I'll sell you mine - it's a large and came with coupons.

Dalyessir says:

If someone received this and would be willing to barter some green paper for it, I'd be appreciative since my Christmas Shopping would be done... - Will check back for reply... Happy HoHoHolidayze...

Anonymous says:

I'll sell you mine. It's size large and came with coupons.

Dalyessir says:

How much for the shirt? Thanks!
Drop me a line at dalyessir@gmail.com -

TvTechGuru says:

Heck yeah I would love one of those! Verizon should just sell them to all current Droid customers only!

PortareAF says:

The real question is why WOULDN'T you wear a shirt like this! Although I agree the tattoo would be way cooler, wonder if Big Red would give me a discount if I did that for them.

i got mine in the mail yesterday!!! i love getting packages... mine was also a large... my shoulders are to big for it.... hopefully ill be able to buy a xl soon!

Anonymous says:

Haha that looks like the shirt that they made Verizon employees wear the weekend it launched.

Anonymous says:

its the shirts they gave us to wear on release date, its a verizon branded shirt.

CJ says:

Just got mine in the mail minutes ago

Mike in NJ says:

Got mine yesterday. Also size large, and also a new (returning) Verizon customer.

TvTechGuru says:

Woah I just got one in the mail today (12/1)! It's so cool but too small! It's a Large and I need an XL or 2XL, not sure. The box it came in was cool too, said "Bragging Rights Have Landed". :)

Happy to see if we can get you a t-shirt. I represent Verizon Wireless from the Northeast Area where this program generated. Please send an email to NEADROIDDM@verizonwireless.com and we will contact you shortly.

Anonymous says:

Any store employees know if we can go into the store to snag one of these?

johnolesen says:

i would so where one...they didnt give us shirts on Launch day..thats gay.

Anonymous says:

all of the shirts that they gave us in the storewere to wear the weekend of the launch, i snagged a few extra though, because my wife like sleeping in them.

steve0423 says:

This is a shirt they were giving to us VZW employees to wear on the launch day for the Droid!!! Got the Droid, it's amazing I love it!!!

Joshua says:

I received one in approx. 8 1/2 x 11 box yesterday, much to my surprise!

Mike says:

I already own one of those if you work for verizon they gave you a DROID Polo and a DROID T-shirt for the day of launch.....

Nicole says:

Would anyone be willing to sell their new Droid Does t-shirt? My brother in laws nickname is Droid & we'd really like to give him this shirt for Christmas.
Pls let me know. Thanks in advance. Nicole (nicole@resortequities.com)