Droid Bionic

By the time the Droid Bionic finally hits Verizon shelves in September it’ll seem like an old familiar friend. Above is a shot from yet another impromptu photoshoot of the Bionic showing off its sexy physique. Unfortunately we don’t get a great look at the UI, but hey, we hopefully have only a month left ‘til we’re all able to feel one up ourselves. Until then, hit the source link for a few more shots, and try not to drool on your keyboard.

Source: Droid-Life


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Droid Bionic poses for yet another unofficial photoshoot


That extra half an inch of bezel at the bottom just to display the verizon logo and what looks like a mic of some sort, possibly noise canceling?, is really ugly.
Way too much.
Just ruins the design profile for me.

The point of it is to fit the electronics inside the phone.. I agree its ugly but im sure the designers didnt add it for no reason.

Looks just like an inflated version of my OG Droid. Really don't mind the extra area at all. If I wanted something that looks good I'd get a Maserati but it would not be much of a phone. ;)

That's the phone microphone it is exactly like the X. The X is still the bestloiking phone period.

I completely agree with you on this. I really, really hate that bezel on the bottom. Why would you ruin a perfectly good phone by adding a fkin bezel on the bottom just to put the VZW logo on it?

I'm just glad At&t doesn't do that.

It looks identical to the Droid X2 to me especially from this angle. Isn't this supposed to be one of the reasons it was delayed over & over again? Apparently getting the phone to look exactly like another phone is a very labor intensive & difficult decision for Motorola. Not to mention that this spec wise is pretty much the Photon 4g only a few minor differences. Obviously the design & LTE network but after that not much else. Opps I'm sorry there was another difference, but it's rather large difference I forgot to mention. The Photon was announced a couple of months ago & it already beat the Bionic to the shelves & from what I keep reading the Bionic will cost almost 100.00 bucks more than what the Photon cost on the release date. So take heed VZW customers you might be paying more for a device that was delayed over & over & over. Which is already out for another carrier & cheaper. You might want to hold off until the Samsung Galaxy S II is out or possibly the HTC Vigor (The Beast) , which IGN got there sneaky hands on a internal document saying the Htc Vigor will than likely be out for the Holiday season possibly October. Verizon needs more than just one device to compete with what all the other carriers are offering. So of you were wondering where the Verizon love was at hopefully they haven't forgotten us. Also HTC just revealed more about there unlocked bootloader policy unlike Motorola. Keep these things in mind before you buy the already underwhelming incredibly late & already outdated Bionic due to the Photon.

I've seen the droid x. I don't think it's that great looking to be honest.
They really could've integrated the mic into the already existing bezel in a much more efficient manner.
And that verizon logo at the bottom displayed so prominently is just so gaudy.
I really like the sleek look of this phone up until that bottom bezel.
Its design profile seems slimmer and more taut than the droid x and then bam! Huge ass jutting out superfluous bezel.
Reminds me a bit of the chin on early android handsets, which I was also never a fan of.

Yes it is. I use my old Blackberry phone chargers as backup for my Droids as they accept the same input.

Hm. Odd that testers wouldn't be given a Motorola charger to match the designed voltage input.
I use my palm cords over my htc one cos they have longer reach.
Is it the same with blackberry vs Motorola?

it wouldn't matter, the voltage is all the same since it is a Micro USB connection. (Universal Serial Bus)

I don't understand why people keep saying it looks like a droid X. It clearly looks like a Droid 3 smooshed flat from the front.


Sorry but NO. The X and the #'s look completely different. The X is a flat surface with no bezel. The D#'s have a bezel, that photo clearly shows a bezel. Therefor it looks like a D#, not an X.

You're exactly right. If you flatten the screen down onto the lip then it's a dead ringer for the D3, which I've got right here.

I dont know about you guys even though I like HTC better than all these other brands ...but I'm getting a little tired of all these phones looking alike especially Motorola and motoblur sucks too :( lol

I know what I've read about the specs and all, but I'm still not convinced this phone doesn't have a slider keyboard. Especially after this pic...unless this isn't the Bionic. That lip on the bottom makes it seem like the screen should slide.

The "lip" is aligned with the screen, it does NOT slide, there is no QWERTY, its too thin and has no seams on the side to open/slide the keyboard out if it had one.

Back to the article:

It looks ok, the gap between the digitizer and the bezel is interesting, i can't tell if its part of the look or if its to prevent accidental touch when holding it so the digitizer can't accidentally think your pushing a button or something on the screen.

Either way, i'm not impressed with the specs on this phone, the 4.5" screen is nice but is .02" really that much a difference thats worth the extra size of bulk?

I mean take a look at the 4.3" screen on the EVO 3D and compare that to the ThunderBolt. The EVO 3D screen is taller but the device is the same size as a Droid Incredible 1, except a little taller.

The screen on the thunderbolt seems like a better aspect ratio, especially for video.

HTC Vigor or Galaxy S2 (LTE) is what my next choices are, but, considering the Vigor definitely has LTE and we don't know about the Galaxy S2 yet, i'm leaning more towards the Vigor now...

To my VZW waited all this time, to see what the others carries has, so they (VZW) can capycat, and advance their handset. That just my opinion.

All Moto phones are U.G.L.Y without a alibi. HTC makes the most attractive phones and UI and Samsung makes the sleekest looking phones but the TouchWiz UI is too young-looking.

I LOVE my OG Droid...but it's getting a bit slow. This looks a lot like my Droid, just bigger, faster, meaner, and a lot more capable (but without a keyboard, which I hardly ever use anymore)...this is MY next.

To me, call me crazy but i think we have been dooped here. I think that looks just like a droid3 because it is! look at it! no phone has a random lip like that. Doesnt make sense.....