Motorola Droid 2

Waking up to a bit of weirdness this morning as the Motorola Droid 2 -- which officially is available for presale today at Verizon for $199 on contract -- appears to actually be available for purchase online. Not sure how much of a difference that makes considering you'll have to wait for it to be shipped, but there you go. And the website's acting up, which could mean crushing demand, a glitch in the Matrix, or the hamster just doesn't want to say on his wheel. Sing out if you actually managed to order one, and when you're supposed to get it. [Verizon via Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Droid 2 presale starts today -- or is it actually on sale online today?


I ordered mine this morning at around 5am (Eastern) but the D2 dropped on a little after 2am. I ordered it in one try. No lags. No problems. I hope to have it by Friday. I did notice the Incredible's availability date, once again got pushed up from Aug. 11th to the 12th (for anyone who's interested).

Funny I was just wondering the same thing. Ordered it and the whole time I was thinking presale but nothing mentioned anywhere. I will be a bit disappointed if it doesn't come by Friday. I guess the next step is to wait for shipping confirmation. Also I ordered it at about 8:30 EST and the actual purchase did take a minute similar to Ticketmaster orders for football tickets, the only difference being my phone purchase was successful.

Just ordered mine. Had to order the X for me online and Droid 2 for the wife over the phone. Customer service rep was great! He said the Droid 2 should be here tomorrow already!

Not wasting my money. Original Droid with 2.2 is good with me. They should have held back on this for 6 months. More ppl would have adopted Droid2 then. Just sayin'.....

Ordered mine at 9:30mst today. Paid for overnight shipping too. This will be my first taste of android. I am a convert from Blackberry so I hope this won't leave a bad taste in my mouth.

You may want to check on the overnight shipping costs. On the front page of it says free overnight shipping when you buy online. It is confusing though since it showed the free shipping as 2 day. I think I'll get it in two days but maybe it will show up tomorrow...?

On my order confirmation(ordered online) says Fedex standard overnight by 3pm and a cost of 8.99. I also saw the free two day shipping. I've been basically phoneless for going on 3 months now and am having withdrawals LOL. I will keep checking for shipping information and update here if you all want me to.

i visited a verizon branch yesterday and overheard 2 techs talking about D2 already being in the store.

soooo.... screw the presale. big reds getting right down to business.

Ordered mine this morning....just got shipping confirmation from fedex. Be here tomorrow by 3. Hope it was worth switching from Blackberry

Just got my confirmation as well. Fed ex says delivery by 4:30..guess it must be based on location where I live. I hope the switch is worth it as well. I'm a blackberry user going over to the droid side as well.

Tried to order last night when it came up on Verizons website @ 11:30PM EST. No luck it would run thru the order and then come back as unavail @ this time. So, up at 4:30am to go to work and got my order in at 4:45. I have confirmed deliver by Fed Ex as b4 3pm Thurs. I too am jumping from BB Storm I to get on board with Android.