Droid 2 leaked pic

It's been another good couple of days for Droid 2 news and leaks, and we love those kinds of days.  To start with, the above shot is a nice semi-non-blurrycam shot of the Droid 2 in all it's qwerty beauty.  This keyboard looks a lot better than the one on it's older brother the OG Droid, let's hope it works and feels as good as it looks.  Add this to the official pics grabbed off the Droid Does site earlier, and we have a pretty good idea exactly what it's going to look like.

Word is that the newest member of Verizon's Droid lineup will ship in August, include an 8GB microSD card, and run $199 with contract and after rebate, or $599 outright.  As with all leaked news and rumors, that very well could change so don't hold us to it.

The news doesn't stop there though.  It seems a worker at a facility creating the phone's packaging is an Android news fan as well.  There's a cool snap of the Droid 2's boxes still on the assembly line, as well as one more full frontal shot after the break.

Need more? How about a shot of the Droid 2 reportedly running Android 2.2. Yes, it takes about 60 seconds to fake a build.prop file, but there's no reason not to think that it will launch with Android 2.2. Check out all the pics after the break.  [Engadget, Droid Life]

Droid 2

Droid 2 packaging

Droid 2 Froyo


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Droid 2 pics and news leaked, August release seems imminent


Unless you bought an incredible off-contract, of course it won't be worth it. Besides, you're talking about a phone with technology a whole 3 months newer than the incredible.

OMAP vs Snapdragon, and LCD vs ugly, trellised, sun-smeared AMOLED? I wouldn't pay full retail just to get the Droid 2 but I would definitely take my Incredible back if I were in the 30 day window.

I won't deny the OMAP is considered a (slightly) superior processor but I'll take my not ugly, not trellised(?), not used in the sun, beautiful AMOLED over a color-washed LCD, thank you. Both are good phones. You just have to make some comparisons and decide what is right for you.

Eh as far as raw processing power goes.. the SD has it.. but the OMAP allows for more powerful graphics processing, so if you're in the market for heavier 3D gaming and such, then yeah you'll want an OMAP or a Hummingbird, I'm very happy with my Incredible.. it'll more than keep me happy til the first onslaught of LTE phones comes out :)

are you F kidding me?

Droid 2: 3.7 display We're pretty sure the screen's not actually 720 dots (or pixels) per inch, 512MB RAM/8 GB ROM, 1GHz processor, EVDO rev A, 5 megapixel camera, and an 8GB microSD card included.

HTC Incredible: 3.7 HD 480×800 pixel AMOLED screen 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 8 GB internal memory, 512MB ROM / 512MB RAM microSD memory card support, an 8-megapixel camera 2 lead Flash with autofocus and video capture 720P , (Froyo) in two weeks. update will also include 802.11n Wi-Fi support, 3G Mobile Hot Spot, 720p video recording, and more.

I've owned an original Droid, and now own the Incredible. While I wouldn't consider getting a Droid 2, the OMAP processor is better for graphics. The original Droid is faster than the Incredible on 3D games, and it has a slower processor. My Incredible slightly hesitates in 3D, where the Droid was smooth.

I paid full retail for the Incredible and am due an Upgrade in August. So I would sell the Incredible and use my upgrade to get the Droid 2. Just would love to see a complete side by side comparison. Does it matter that the Droid only has a 5MB Camera?

I wouldn't worry so much about the 5mp camera...It may actually take better pics then the Incredible's 8mp camera...if Motorola used a better lens.

I prefer the Inc's camera turned down to 5MP personally.. great quality images, more than I could ever ask for in a camera phone.

So mid august is when original droid owners should expect froyo? So really december? Thanks again moto vzw. Maybe my droid x will get virgin froyo with none of this blur crap. Maybe not. Lol. Still love it.

Faked build.prop on an unreleased phone that someone had for 5 minutes...makes sense...seriously.

WOW...!!! If any of you fanboys(droid) to moto pick this phone up over the EPIC 4g , ur just that a fkn fanboy... So0 plz compare this D2vs epic and find out that there is no comparison .. S.amoled screen , humming bird 5 ROW KEYBOARD(swype)!!4 inch to 3.7.. Now I've heard of samsung not backing out there phones but this is 2010 and a half this is there tip of the line, they will put froyo on this phone and WILL be there to support all of the GALAXY S line!! So don't hate on samsung look them up there global not just U.S. ... AND THIS IS COMING FROM A PALM PRE OWNER..love webos just can't wait for a new one.. So0 EPIC UNTIL I GET MY NEW WEBOS PHONE..

Epic 4G is on a different carrier, unless you're talking about Galaxy S in general. People have different likes in phones and the Droid 2 will appeal to some and the Galaxy S to others.

Insulting people for their tastes in products won't make many friends.

oOK "friend" then the only reason for getting this new Droid coming out is if your on the Verizon network ..right?!? Cause that's what it boils down for you and others..right? Because that's about all you can say "friend" plz don't say nothing about sprint because verizon nor Att have sh*t to say or wanna start talking about sprint.. Have you ever noticed? Honestly if ur in a contract than go ahead get this droid if not come to the NOW NETWORK and be happy "friend" I can get an upgrade every year can ur carrier say that?!?

If Sprint had better coverage in my area, I would try them but that's not a good idea from my current needs. Coverage is king for me.

Verizon and AT&T (*gasp*) are best 3G in this area and I've also been with VZW for quite a few years. It's tough to make out what you're saying in your post, but Sprint isn't the only one that allows yearly upgrades.

Many don't realize this with Verizon, but if you sign a two year contract and get the two year contract price, you can upgrade after a year with a new phone with the promotion price.

This gets you the cheaper price on phones than you would pay with a one year contract. Though you could get a one year contract and upgrade yearly.

Carrier makes it on this one.. besides I have Swype on my Droid Incredible.. not a HUGE deal anymore, especially since you're talking about full qwerty phones here, we already know the Motorola knew what they were doing with the original Droid. Motorola is the premiere in radio technology, they're Motorola duh. Some people don't want to be on a cheaper shittier network.. pseudo-4G or not.. Verizon is still the most solid, reliable network nationwide, and while their 3G speeds aren't as fast as AT&T's are capable of peaking at, or Sprint's 4G when it works, or even T-Mo's new HSPA+. At the end of the year, Verizon will rollout the first REAL 4G network and have national coverage by the end of 2012 like they do now with their 3G. I'd rather have a slightly less featured phone from Motorola on Verizon than a questionably better phone by Samsung, toting a network that probably won't ever have true nationwide coverage with their 4G service. All of these devices will be irrelevant next year when LTE starts taking over any way. Get your panties out of your ass about it, nobody really care.

Really? Isnt the incredible way better? Unless you need a physical keyboard I cant understand why youd give up inc for the droid2.

Perhaps if they don't like sense UI, I notice no degradation of performance due to sense ui, I actually like it a little more then vanilla android. If you keep switching vanilla droid phones, its always the same os, same old look. Its nice to get a change. I feel outright though that in an essence all android OS based phones are pretty much the same software wise. Its all in the hardware and performance that makes a difference. I can't see a reason to switch to the Droid 2 unless you want a slider with a keyboard and dont want sense ui.

In the end I believe the Droid 2 and Incredible will pretty much perform the same and since Froyo will be here shortly for the Droid Inc, I suggest just waiting it out. Look at it this way, save your upgrade for when LTE comes out if you recently got a Droid X or Droid Inc. I was actually thinking about changing to the Samsung S phone for verizon, I want to see it first though. I will have to pay full price for it though, so it makes it a little tougher decision.

Is there gonna ba GSM version of the Droid 2 ???
I'm from Saudi Arabia & Motorolas are almost impossible to find
but when I finally found the MileStone , I was going to buy it in the next day (2 weeks ago) , I logged into the net to ckeck the OS (the one I've found comes with 2.1 instead of 2.0)
I started seeing news about Droid X (so I desided to wait , u Know it's only 15 days how hard is that)
now they say it's US only !!!
So now this !!!!
I had enough of waiting & I'm not exaclty a petient man plus I had enough using Nokia E75 (symibans are dump)
every time I use my younger brother's BlackBerry or my father's iPhone or even my first Gen. IPod touch , I hate my E75 more
please Moto release a GSM phone soon (X of D2) !!! Please

I am on sprint and i just wanna say that the service is great.i live in nyc and have never had a problem with the service.that being said i see people like to claim verizon is going to have REAL 4G LMAO.i will admit that LTE is going to be faster than wimax but none of these are REAL 4G.at least not yet.4g is supposed to be 100mbps down load on a mobile.i dont see wimax or LTE putting up these numbers.3 to 6 mb down on wimax and 5 to 12 mb on LTE.Thats doesnt even come close to REAL 4G.so please get your facts straight before assuming that verizon has REAL 4G.