Some lucky folks out there have managed to already receive their shipments for the Droid 2 Global and with that, some have even taken the time to put it to the test to see if it can be rooted and bootstrapped. Which, appears to be possible using the regular Droid 2 methods. But of course, we do have to advise that you exercise caution if you choose to give it a run through. With that disclaimer out of the way, anyone get their Droid 2 Global? If so, let us know in the forums. We'd love to see some sexy pics and unboxings. [DroidLife]

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cbhouston says:

"managed to already receive there shipments"?

there versus their

there is a difference
and you used the wrong one there

Bravozero says:

People make mistakes, don't be an a-hole.

Besides, your punctuation and capitalizing are non-existent.

No crap. Wanna hear/here lol feedback on the droid2 world/pro. Anyone?

epochers1 says:

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