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No app developer wants to hear that they've lost 5 million daily users in the space of just 30 days. Sadly for the now Zynga owned OMGPOP, that is precisely the situation they find themselves in. 

Draw Something has been the hot ticket since its release on Android and iOS, amassing huge download figures on both platforms in a relatively short space of time. According to information provided by App Data​ though, the number of users is in decline. At its peak, Draw Something had over 15 million daily users. In just 30 days, that number has slipped by 5 million, knocking off a third of the daily user base. 

​App Data's ​numbers are based upon the Facebook login method of playing the game. This of course isn't the only way to play, but it is the most popular, so it paints a pretty clear picture. This then begs the question, are people already getting bored of Draw Something? How about you guys, are you still actively playing? Sound out in the comments below and let us know your thoughts. 

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Draw Something sees daily users decline by 5 million


Just like Words With Friends, I the way the game played it made you constantly have to play as your friends responded. I found myself getting aggravated every time I had to stop to take a turn just to get two or three more turns minutes later. It becomes a hassle quickly.

That's silly. What is it that makes you think you "constantly have to play?" The whole point of those games is you play at your own pace.

As is often the case with text messaging, they're treated like instant, constantly-paid-attention-to services and people get bitchy when they don't have a response to their game within fifteen minutes.

The game became something of a chore... I loved it for about 2 weeks and then stopped playing. Now I'm on Temple Run... Game love is fleeting.

I ditched the game once people started "drawing" in the answers using text characters. The model of the game is broken. That combined with the lack of a push notification prompted a quick delete from my phone.

They updated it at some point and it does notifications now. However I still don't play much. Too many ads. I'd rather have a constant ad at the bottom of the screen then to have ads between every single turn. Also the game locks my tablet up if I don't reboot the tablet after playing.

haha exactly why i stopped playing. drawing in the answers and seeing the same words over and over and over. that, and bewteen watching the drawing as it gets drawn, guessing the drawing, picking a word to draw and drawing that!! it took like 10 min per turn! i think i check it like once a week now.

I enjoyed it a lot at first. I got tired of it when it started taking 10-15 mins to respond to a friend, only to find that 5 more requests have come in. Too much time to invest. Moved on to Dice with Buddies. Love Yahtzee and it takes 30 secs or less to play a round. Win.

All these games are this way to a degree - it's the way it is with our ADD society today. I loved it at first but then you get to the point where you can guess based upon the letters and very little upon the drawing simply because you've seen so many of the words before, so that has spoiled the fun. That, and pop-culture references aren't for everybody either. Maybe historical, if you're going to go down that road where you might alienate someone....

The pop culture references... Too true. I mean, I had this one friend draw Pauly D. I was like? Who is that? Come to find out, it's some doofas off of Jersey Shore. REALLY???

Plus, I don't like how every time you want to go back to the main menu, you have no choice but to exit the game. Not cool...

Many people share that sentiment.

I installed, and deleted after a few days.

I tend to uninstall apps that are not used at least weekly.

Why play it? When I noticed there is no high school, no scoring system at all, no push noties, I lost interest quick, like 3 days quick. Me and my wife are on turn 40 and it has been 2 weeks since we played...

I still play it every day or two. My biggest gripe is that the app is soooo slow to launch and if conditions aren't right it crashes and corrupts. I then have to remove and re-install it, which is a hassle. I am happy that they now have notifications and the ability to smack talk through comments.

The updates helped quite a bit. I still play but my main motivation right now is to get all of the color packages. Also my niece and nephew play so I won't dent them.

FB infestation is correct. I dont play those games and I also block all the crap on Facebook that people send me related to these games.

Draw something was fun for a day or two then got really lame, just like every other Zynga game.. They pretty much all suck.. Some are fun for a short while but like all their games, they get really boring.. Plus having you wait for someone else to take a turn which can take forever also sucks.. Never been a zynga fan & never will be..

I stopped playing and uninstalled for a couple of reasons:

1. Small pool of word choices.

2. Fleeting pop culture people to draw. I understand big name actors and well known, successful movies, but anything involving Jersey Shore is a cancer.

3. Buggy software. My girlfriend would submit her drawing and finish her turn, but it would sometimes not show on my side that she did, and then it would prompt her AGAIN to draw something.

This happens to my girlfriend all the time, I just thought it was because it didn't communicate well with her 1st gen MotoDroid

You'd think it would be easy to come up with new words, but they act as if they are licensing the words and can only use a few :) The only issue I have with the game is your point #3 -- it's really frustrating to spend time on a drawing, only to have the game not send it. That's been a bug since day 1 and they can't seem to fix it. Still, I play it every day, I still find it fun.

On top of their games sucking they love screwing their employees.. Someone very close to me got recruited by them, he is a game designer/maker.. Anyway he decided to give it a go since they paid well, they made him all sorts of promises only to be let go the day he finished a game for them.. Which was about a month later.. Then their attorneys tried to make him sign papers saying he left on his own will which he didn't.. On top of all that, they let him go the day before his stocks officially became his.. Come to find out there are about 40 others they have done this to..

i lost interest before zynga even bought them (i didnt even know they took over) only bc none of my friends played anymore and i didnt care to add random people....i think people got over it and were intimidated that if their phone sucks, the drawing isnt going to be all that.

for example, i have gnex and all my friends who played it have iphones. they became super intimidated when they saw my phone and how large the screen is. hence enabling me more room to draw. so when i used my wifes phone i was like wow i forgot how tiny this thing is lol. the screen is so small. i can see why no one wants to play anymore on the iphone.

What I like is that Zynga overpaid for what is turning out to be the Pet-Rock-of-the-Month (March 2012). (If you don't know what a Pet Rock is - then this really proves the point.)

Exactly what I was thinking and I'm surprised nobody else really said. It's a fad. These smartphones are a huge fad and FB/Apps/Games are a huge fad inside the fad. Things fade quickly. I sort of feel bad for these companies who are at the whim of teenagers.

Smartphone a fad? Tablets, maybe, but with about 75% of all phones sold being smartphones, i would hardly call it a fad.

That being said, i believe that these games are as someone said previously, to help us with our ADD. it is easy to pick up a phone play a round of the game and wait for a response to play again. It is thrilling when you get into a heated match with someone and you want it to happen quickly so you can win. The rapid play is what should keep us interested, but when gameplay slows down, people find something else to do, so they get bored of the original game.

How many Facebook people are still playing farmville or other games that came out a year ago or so.

It is no different with any other cause or news, it is great to dive into something hot and heavy for a short while, but like mynah birds, our attention is rapidly distracted to the next shiny thing.

I have slowed down, but not quit playing, because the game has no incentive.. There's no competition involved, and to me I like competition better than seeing how long of the streak two people can get going. There's also less to keep my interested.. More bombs? Never use 'em.. More colors? Ehhh.. Give me something..

Also, have built in anti-cheat technology, so people stop writing words!! Don't people know the first few rules of Pictionary?!

The game is junk . You take your time to draw this beautiful drawing then the game goes to some ad and you lose it and have to draw over . To many ads Not worth to pay for the ad free version.

When I first got it - admittedly, a little late to the party - I quickly found the pool of words wasn't big enough. Added to that, the lack of Notification on the Android version was very frustrating.

Both these initial complaints are now sorted - although repetition of words still happens and being offered celebrity names that aren't household names in the U.K - I think many people walked away.

As someone pointed out, an initial flurry of interest, but not got the longterm appeal.

I still play and I have 8 games currently going. I started to forget about it but when the update brought notifications, my interest was revitalized. I think more words definitely helps, but it would be nice to save the picture I drew or share it on Facebook. I'm proud of some of the stuff I draw and want to show it off.

A scoring system would be nice. Put a timer in giving people a certain amount of time to try and guess once the drawing is finished and gain points based on how quickly it's guessed correctly.

There is so much they can do to make the game better. I haven't stopped playing yet and as long as they keep innovating, I'll keep playing.

whoa whoa whoa... Settle down Chicken Little, the sky is not falling.

How about how it just got released for Android and now people don't have to login to Fakebook, they can enjoy it on their ANDROID device?? (This being ANDROID Central and all...)

And so your logic is to assume a sharp decline in an app based on Facebook daily usage? And that's only daily use! Over a 30 day period! Not even considering if they have the app and maybe they are busy?! Sure it may have lost interest, but that doesn't correlate into a 72 point font "Draw Something sees daily users decline by 5 million"

This is not news. Where's the dude with the big beard and glasses?

I still play it, although I only open it every other day or so. I'll usually play a bunch of rounds and then not touch it again for awhile. I'm not logged in through facebook either, just my email so I only play with people I really care to. Usually my daughter, wife, brothers and that's really about it. Game is a lot more fun with a capacitive pen, even a crappy one at that.

Small word bank is a major pitfall, but there's also absolutely no point to the game whatsoever. You amass coins in order to...buy more colors? Even those are overpriced. And the only goal is to get as many correct guesses in a row as possible. But, the issue with that is that you only have control over 50% of a streak. I've played games with people who have just given up for no reason at a fairly easy guess. So, in the end, there's absolutely no competition to this game.

The game is boring, pointless, and easily forgettable. There's no mental challenge to it at all, and eventually people realize that all they are doing is drawing dumb pictures to get someone to guess what they drew. It loses its appeal really fast. I had friends who were begging me to join and play. Then, a week or so after I did, they stopped playing, saying they uninstalled it because it got boring.

OMGPOP is definitely laughing all the way to the bank with this one, and Zynga is asking itself, "Why did we buy this damn company again?"

Stopped playing becaase

1) Words got repetitive after a while. I was sometimes able to guess a word just based on the letters.

2) Very Very hard to draw on a phone in this app. It's also unforgiving if you screw up with more than one stroke.

3) I didn't know a few of the difficult one because I'm no longer a teenager.

For me (and I think for a lot of people out there) it has to do with Zynga's history of shady privacy practices, and on android their seemingly high number of unneccessary security permissions/intergration in their apps just tarnishes the brand. You can come out with the best game in the world - if I have to sacrifice what I believe is too much of my privacy to play it, I won't. But that's just me (and maybe up to 5 million other people). :)

Oh wow! Thanks for the reminder. I have a bunch of turns waiting on me ;)

I found this game very entertaining in the first week or two but once I got around 8+ games going it started to feel like a chore to take my turn. I fire it up once a week to take my turns while having a beer but I am not a fan of playing it on my phone while on the go - it's a lot better on a tablet.

It's for a couple reasons, the game has no point, it quickly becomes boring with no real way to compete against your opponent, most people couldn't give a crap about collecting coins, the only point I can devine.
Second, it became so popular so many people downloaded it so fast and everyone's like a bazillion games going and one and users burn out quickly, this is caused by point one, no real point and games go on seemingly forever.

It's was good idea but it wasn't completely fleshed out into a full game imo.

I assume that is necessary for the notifications that people wanted/needed to make the game usable.

But from what I hear about Zynga, that is a dangerous combination.

I stop playing because:

1. App was buggy, wouldn't send replys when people would send me their drawing sometimes I wouldn't get them for hours.

2. Words became very repetitive

3. Once you had more colors there wasn't really a goal

4. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and I couldn't add my friends, some bug, i tried again a month later then i could finally add my friends again.

5. People began guessing the answers w/in seconds based on the letters below

6. no notifications

I think that covers it all, it was fun for first 2 weeks, after that it got boring and people began to lose interest.

I assume that is necessary for the notifications that people wanted/needed to make the game usable.

But from what I hear about Zynga, that is a dangerous combination.

Tried it on IOS, after about 5 minutes, just got bored. Maybe it has to do that i am not artistic at all, and hate to draw. Deleted it a minute later.

Draw something got boring. There is no point to it. You just play forever there is no winners or loser and they can simply just write the answer.

I stopped playing when they (Zynga) forced me to allow posts on my Facebook page. Yeah like I was going to let that happen that was a pretty big turn off. I think it has been fixed but that is why I stopped playing. I hope you read this ZYNGA! You piss people off they leave.

Kind of glad to see this. The app, just like the word selection, is terrible. Horrific even. It's like they didn't want me to have fun. Uninstalled after a week. Just terrible all around.

When the words are so frequesntly resused that you can figure out the word after 2 secs of drawing it gets really boring.

I will tell you why I quit playing. Its not a game, there is no end, no winner. There are no points. I lost interested after I figured out that there were no points. So, there is no point in playing. I am an artist, I love drawing, so I was excited about this game. But got bored of it quick. I have some ideas of how they should do a point system, but Zynga has to call me!

I'm done with it....

Got boring, started seeing A LOT of repeated words. Was able to guess some pictures without the other person even starting the drawing yet!

I think that's the problem with casual games...I personally can say that every casual game I have on my phone was fun the first 2 weeks or so and then they got boring.

I'm just bored with it. Other than drawing there is very little interaction between players. Even after the recent update, the comment option is a pain. I've already burned thru about 90% of the words and it just gets old after awhile. It needs more player interaction, more word options, more incentive to keep playing, and a way to nix pending games when the other person never accepts your request to play.

I liked it for a few weeks and I too got real bored. It gets old fast. Small pool of words. Some stuff impossible to draw or even try to guess for that matter. Absolutely NO replay value.

It got boring really quickly. I! still have it on my tablet, but haven't played it in about a
month. Good thing it was free!

I am still interested in playing the game, but I want to play with my friends and since the Facebook integration has been broken since I bought the game I've had no easy means of doing so.

I've attempted to sign in with facebook and three different android devices and it fails on each.

I'd play it a lot more if the app didn't crash every time I tried to open it. Can't get anything but a black screen to load & then it closes itself. They could use some new words as well, but that's a small complaint compared to the Android app not working (Thunderbolt)

Played like a zealot for about a month, but I'm answering the question based on the letters and not the drawings these days. Uninstalled it two evenings ago. Social gaming in this way is sort of a dead end.

The fact that you have to pay for more words really turned me off to the game. Also, it's painfully easy and being able to buy new colors with the coins you earn is not nearly enough of a reward for playing