Samsung Galaxy Nexus

What's this, you ask? Why it's a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, fresh off the truck from the Google Play Devices Store. That means it's the brand-new Takju build, with Google Wallet official and ready to go.

How to enter? We've got your details right over here.

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bigrican89 says:

I would love a free Gnex!!!

MurdR93 says:

WOOT! Google Nexus! <3 IT!

riosclr says:

I am a newbi ... would be nice to win

dannylacy says:


cloakinghalk says:

I could use a new phone

30014 says:

I need this phone just as bad as i want it.

boss2688 says:

was gonna buy one but if i win wont need to ;)

ads says:

Yeah, I signed up to be a beta tester and told them I'd get an ICS
phone to do so!

Can we do a post per day? Didn't see specifics.


Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

icu says:

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Nick Nick Nick the whole point of the Nexus is that you won't be stuck on ICS for life, but do continue...

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

Nick m says:

Ics for life!

rocket321 says:

Whoa Nick M....step away from the keyboard.

It be a nice birthday present if I win this beauty

jdmtsx says:

FTW send it to me! :)

Was actually thinking about getting a Galaxy Nexus yesterday when I found out that Google was selling it directly. It would be great to save $400 and at the same time get a awesome new phone. Hopefully I win.

abc1234 says:

I must win.

rohanmarhas says:

an android a day keeps the doctor away :D

bobbyyyu says:

OG Droid to Galaxy Nexus? Make my dream come true AC!

droidstreetz says:

I need a new phone. Would be great if I win this galaxy nexus been wanting this phone since it came out :-)

Haven't forgotten & certainly hoping to win.

rkara says:

Having a free one of these would just make my year

jaysyn says:


williamj1 says:

Can UK Residents enter?

jojomoulder says:

I guess I'll take it

Bklyntom61 says:

Would love to win a pure google phone!!! :-$

mayimbe27 says:

i need a new phone i hate the gs2 so much rightnow i need a pure android phone for my everyday use

SCOOBYDOO732 says:

Yeah Buddddy!!!!!!!!!!! I love phones that are Free99

ikealike says:

I would love to rock this phone.

Yes I would love this

jiwon0522 says:

I never win anything

dark11bb says:

Gnex + ICS = Androlicious =D

i want one please!!!!

Velez160 says:

Can I have a free one lol

I want it, Till recently I was till rocking a G1 like a boss! LOL

Igorenyuk says:

OG Galaxy S user right here, given S3 is likely long ways away from coming to the States, I MUST have this nexus! Otherwise I'll either get lost somewhere forever (gps issues), my girlfriend will break up with me (not receiving most of the messages she sends me), or I'll jump off a building (the next time it takes 5 minutes to load a freaking webpage). So... ANDROID CENTRAL, HOOOOOK A BROTHER UP!

revolverx10 says:

Need an upgrade :(

hutch1911 says:

I need one please! I've never had a nice phone before

Already got mine.

WOWZER! let me have one!

ro1224 says:

Well, heck, free? Why not?!

I'm on Sprint and will probably grab the CDMA/LTE variant very soon [as in if I don't win this one. ;)], but it would sure be nice to see how the GSM version performs.


Kalel2 says:

"I am methos". "There can be only one"!

jglenn says:

My nexus one needs to be replaced.... Help!

rushanq says:

Give me this phone .... I will make all the Apple fanboys mad by showing this device :d

bladed2 says:

I want one, bad.

ls1power says:

me want it!

a_f says:

androidcentral, thanks for keeping me updated :)

Greetings from a fan in Portugal!

Looking for my first android

Brennen1 says:

I want one immediately

nory826 says:

If I won, I would just give it to my girlfriend. She is also an Android lover, like myself

the4ofusjax says:

I would like it

I love it & expect to have one

Xcution26 says:

G-nex FTW!!!!!! This is the only phone I want cuz short of the 2012 nexus its first in line for jelly bean which funny story I'm actually allergic to.

BadgerPip says:

Fingers crossed that I win!

desny says:

I want takju, i want ics, i want this device.....
Please give it to me. Thanks android central :-)

Drooling on my keyboard!

I really really want this phone.

xxmrx4foxx says:

i would love to win this sweet phone. =]**

Watch This says:

I would love one please and thank you

Fingers crossed

nullscience says:

My Nexus S became attracted to water in a fatal way, so a new galaxy nexus would be amazing.

ricbon says:

cant wait to unbox that phone!

Im using a below standard featured would be amaizing if my first phone would be THE GALAXY NEXUS! So help?

corey_66 says:

I am the right guy for you Nexus, please be my pet :) I WANT IT!!!

I had my blog dedicated to the galaxy nexus.... ....

but to an important issue, should google start making their own phones????.!..i really think they shouldn't no matter how tempting it is!

Love to get that Nexus!

nbelshaw says:

It would be awesome to win a Galaxy Nexus!

Pick me pick me!!!
The Galaxy Nexus is awfully sexy.

geopatr says:

Yes please. This would be awesome!!!

mu5icpimp says:

I feel the need... the need for Ice.Cream! Sandwich that is!

I am developing on some nice featured apps for ics. I wish I could win this to test my apps.

mred612 says:

Oh man, i could really use this phone! Hope!

So, when does it arrive at my house? :D

sewey says:

Thanks for doing the giveaway.

spidey33162 says:

I want the Sprint version if possible!

itsm3 says:

I want one's :)

garyldavis says:

Oh...please! I want one!

Hamodalwhby says:

I like it

drewstar says:

I am never lucking enough to win anything

psxpro says:

Let it be me!

damianlegui says:

yo quiero soy el mas nuevo

photojguy says:

Hook me up

Alright,alright, alright, alriiiiiigghhnnnhhhhttt lol..

Hypnotic says:

Obviously the chances of me winning are slim to none but it would be a nice post birthday gift(my birthday is April 27th). :)

schifty67 says:

i want a free nexus I never win stuff

frcoffman says:

Like GNex

finkman4 says:

Help me get rid of my Fascinate!

I want oneeeeee!!!!!!

jmoney618 says:

I would love a very very early Christmas present

samba says:

Please one 4 me!

Da_Winstar says:

I have seen the specs, touched the Demos in the Verizon store and I love the phone. I plan on getting one when I can upgrade later this year, unless I get selected for this one =)

oletheos says:

I'd love to have A New androd phone to play with. My old incredible goes into a overheat boot loop after 15 min of use.

adeb1991 says:

i love galaxy nuxes ,.,. i just one please ....

hencho_ says:


AtAloss2 says:

GIMME.... please :-)

otorrisi says:

Thank's in advance. Best Regards

luk1430i says:

i"d like to win

wow .... this cellphone is amazing

dbc00p says:

Nexus me!

nickmorin99 says:

Me wants

cellobrian says:

Give it to me!

Fresh1977 says:

Me want one!!!

mwuagi says:

Pick me, please...

cerob says:

Pick me please

gersonhiraki says:

droid me!

Devolution00 says:

I'd love one!

Torture 2010 says:

FU Big Red!!!! Give me that GSM PLEASE!!!!

pleeeease one for me

dfsmota says:

please o crlh!! Este ja é meu!! :D:D:D

I want one!!!!¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!

richardrk says:

I would love to get away from this iPhone. GNex for me please :)

Oh my, oh my... Phone of my dreams. (I'm such a nerd)

hutch1911 says:

Need one please!

hutch1911 says:

Give one to this guy^ he seems pretty cool

hutch1911 says:

^Same here, I couldn't think of a better home for this Galaxy Nexus

bpazmino1 says:

Thank you, Google for the job you've done, this is why I'll have the Galaxy Nexus

va20171 says:

I want a Nexus.

treed1134 says:

Best phone in the world. I will need it please.

Waiting for my piece to replace iphone!!:-P

fangorious says:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the ambassador of Droidlandia and in control of a considerable stockpile of internet goodwill. For a small handler's fee, such as a Galaxy Nexus phone, I will gladly reward you you with 10,000 points.


Roc-Nation says:

I'm so tired of the same stale Gingerbread everyday, I would just love a bite of Ice Cream Sandwich :)

pleeeeeese give it to meeeeee

kickyoface86 says:

Please give me my Galexio el Nexio from el google!!!!

hansonator says:

Would be fun to play with till I get upgrade next year. :)

Malanarth says:

Would love it to replace my phone so my fiance can get rid of her xperia play.

bksst says:

still rocking a lg dare. please picke me, i needs to upgrade :)

iripina says:

I need this in my life! Plus it's my birthday!

kelynn15 says:

Would be phone I wanted for awhile! Att >.<

frcoffman says:

I like AC

neeed oneeee!

Biggd80 says:

I'd be eternally grateful for a new phone. Any consideration would be appreciated.

LeonVanity says:

I'm so sick of my iPhone, and really would love to switch to the Nexus. Always been kind of envious of my friend's nexus one and his Nexus Galaxy.

brokenjarsco says:

I have been an apple person ever since I won my first computer (it was an imac). I love my iPhone. If there is one phone that would convince me to give up my iPhone it would definitely be a galaxy nexus. I had a chance to handle one that my brother in law recently bought and I have to admit that it is a beautiful device. I would love to win one.

I neeed one!