Samsung Galaxy Nexus

What's this, you ask? Why it's a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, fresh off the truck from the Google Play Devices Store. That means it's the brand-new Takju build, with Google Wallet official and ready to go.

How to enter? We've got your details right over here.


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Don't forget: You could win this brand-new Samsung Galaxy Nexus!


Yeah, I signed up to be a beta tester and told them I'd get an ICS
phone to do so!

Can we do a post per day? Didn't see specifics.


C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Nick Nick Nick the whole point of the Nexus is that you won't be stuck on ICS for life, but do continue...

Was actually thinking about getting a Galaxy Nexus yesterday when I found out that Google was selling it directly. It would be great to save $400 and at the same time get a awesome new phone. Hopefully I win.

OG Galaxy S user right here, given S3 is likely long ways away from coming to the States, I MUST have this nexus! Otherwise I'll either get lost somewhere forever (gps issues), my girlfriend will break up with me (not receiving most of the messages she sends me), or I'll jump off a building (the next time it takes 5 minutes to load a freaking webpage). So... ANDROID CENTRAL, HOOOOOK A BROTHER UP!

Well, heck, free? Why not?!

I'm on Sprint and will probably grab the CDMA/LTE variant very soon [as in if I don't win this one. ;)], but it would sure be nice to see how the GSM version performs.


G-nex FTW!!!!!! This is the only phone I want cuz short of the 2012 nexus its first in line for jelly bean which funny story I'm actually allergic to.

I want takju, i want ics, i want this device.....
Please give it to me. Thanks android central :-)

I had my blog dedicated to the galaxy nexus.... ....

but to an important issue, should google start making their own phones????.!..i really think they shouldn't no matter how tempting it is!

Obviously the chances of me winning are slim to none but it would be a nice post birthday gift(my birthday is April 27th). :)

I have seen the specs, touched the Demos in the Verizon store and I love the phone. I plan on getting one when I can upgrade later this year, unless I get selected for this one =)

I'd love to have A New androd phone to play with. My old incredible goes into a overheat boot loop after 15 min of use.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the ambassador of Droidlandia and in control of a considerable stockpile of internet goodwill. For a small handler's fee, such as a Galaxy Nexus phone, I will gladly reward you you with 10,000 points.


I'm so sick of my iPhone, and really would love to switch to the Nexus. Always been kind of envious of my friend's nexus one and his Nexus Galaxy.

I have been an apple person ever since I won my first computer (it was an imac). I love my iPhone. If there is one phone that would convince me to give up my iPhone it would definitely be a galaxy nexus. I had a chance to handle one that my brother in law recently bought and I have to admit that it is a beautiful device. I would love to win one.