Falcon Pro's Joaquim Verges

We've got a little treat for your podcasting pleasure this week. We've been inundated by holidays — both Canadian and American, plus one more that we're pretty sure Alex tried to make up and slip past us — so there's no live show this week. Instead, we're bringing you a sit-down with Joaquim Verges, developer of the excellent (and extremely popular) Twitter app Falcon Pro.

Find out where the app came from. Learn about its quick rise to becoming one of the top Android Twitter apps. And, yes, we cover how it became one of the first to hit (hard) against the new Twitter API rules that limit the number of users an app can have.

Mad props to Joaquim for hanging out with us. You can download Falcon Pro at getfalcon.pro, and find more info in Joaquim's announcement on Google+. Enjoy the podcast, and we'll be back on a regular schedule next week.


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Great podcast. I hardly use Twitter and now I'm angry with them! Thanks Phil and Jerry.

Posted via Android Central App

I do not know English, but I would love to read the interview. You can transcribe it so I can translate with Google Translate and read it? Impossible request to be serviced, but I have hope.

Great interview!

I love Falcon Pro, I use it every day, and I would really appreciate if the developer continue the development even after this token limit problem. I hope Twitter come around and change this stupid restriction.

I think its safe to say most of us are angry with them. They should be finding ways to get more people to use them not limiting how their users do if they want to stay popular and grow. That's not rocket science: -(

Interesting interview - really enjoyed it.

I'm a little confused about why he pulled the app from Google Play though. How does pulling the app and making it available on a website get around the token limit? It's a Twitter limit, not a Google Play limit, that the app is hitting, right? Wouldn't all new app installs require a token from Twitter to use the service, so the app still wouldn't work without a token?

No, that's not what it's about. It's not complicated.

You either have to already have a token with Falcon Pro (after the last reset) or jury rig one, which is a workaround, at best. 

You have an app that only works when you're able to sign into it. New downloads for folks without tokens won't work. If an app doesn't work, there's no point in having it in Google Play, with hundreds (if not thousands) of comments saying "This app doesn't work! 1 Star! FAIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!!!" 

As he said in the podcast, he's no longer looking for new users. By removing it from Google Play Falcon Pro isn't going to show up everytime someone searches for a Twitter app

This sucks. But thanks to AC I use app.net now. Twitter is becoming a thing of the past. And the Robin app is phenomenal. Some of the same great features that ate in FP with a minimal design.

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Woow, what a lovely interview, i think you should do this often guyz, this guy is a legend of android.. if he can develop his own platform like twitter, i guess most of us will follow him..
i justh ate twitter, i use falcon pro all the way
and i am not seeing myself using anything else..
I hate Plume is ugly..

Thank you for this much needed interview for so many!
Falcon Pro made Twitter fun.
After loosing it, I don`t have Twitter fun anymore.
So "Plan B" it is... Let`t have fun with it!

Joaquim Verges is a talented Android developer. I look forward to his future works. Always hoped he created a new RSS reader. I know he has Minimal Reader, but I think it needs more fleshing out.

I feel so Geeky listening to JV and this great Twitter app. I am having fun with the app and watching it growing to where it has come to be now. I am still having log out issues on the phone as it just hangs. So I am waiting to see if I can do that first before I can even begin with the "hidden feature".

He has such a sexy voice. SMILES!!

This was a great interview. That stupid token limit is why I'm also spending more time on ADN and less on twitter. I just want to know if there's a way we can send Joaquim the $2 it used to cost on the Play Store via PayPal or something for his time and continued support.

Just got around to listening the Podcast. Awesome interview and I learned a lot.
Love Falcon Pro and will always support the app.
Never again will my phone see the official Twit app!