We know that the Motorola DROID is fully capable of multitouch gestures but because of reasons beyond our control, it's no where to be found in the apps. Luckily, if you're thirsting to multitouch your DROID, you can hit Android Market and download the Dolphin Browser which has been recently updated to support multitouch gestures.

We used the Dolphin Browser for a moment and found that it doesn't really do itself any justice on the DROID's high resolution screen (it looks fuzzy) and has a icon similar to Firefox. Other than those quips though, the multitouch implementation is promising and the power beneath the browser looks to be great. There's cool features that allow users to easily share links to social networks, follow daily trends, subscribe the page to Google Reader, save a link to read later, and much, much more.  

We suggest you download the Dolphin Browser on Android Market to see if it can replace the regular Android Browser in your daily use.


There are 5 comments

chazgoony says:

great browser lots of features, but i think its slower than my current droid browser, so i deleted it.

darreno1 says:

Love it, it's now my default. On my droid it renders quicker and the tab support is certainly a nice addition.

Anonymous says:

Doesnt show on the market

Anonymous says:

This is nice even on the G1.

Derik says:

Yay! That's great but where do I get it. It is not listed in the market.