DL09 Super Clean

Want to get more from your Samsung Fascinate?  Android Central Forums Adviser Adrynalyne has worked some magic and offers up a DL09 Super Clean ROM -- removing the bloat, leaving what you really want, and improving what needs made better.  It's not a Froyo ROM, as it is built from the current DL09 release, but by all accounts you won't mind -- it's fast, everything works (and works as intended!), and all the bloat is gone. 

Adrynalyne has worked with the rest of the Galaxy S community to include things like custom built AOSP apps, tools like a BASH shell and nano, and in his words he's removed "ALL VZW and Bing crap" and "As much TouchWiz crap as I could, including livewallpapers".  If you're looking for a stock look and feel, this one is for you -- and Adrynalyne is actively supporting the build right in the Fascinate Hacking forums, so no hunting down anyone when you have a question.  Free yourself from a carrier deciding what you should have on your phone, and give this one a try.  You can find it right here.  Hit the break for some pictures of how nice a clean ROM looks on the Fascinate.  Thanks Adrynalyne!

 Super Clean 2  Music Player

About Phone  App drawer 1

App drawer 2  app manager


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DL09 Super Clean ROM makes your Fascinate fantastic [from the forums]


can anyone show how to install this step by step? have no idea about rooting/modifying my phone. thanx in advance.

Big thanks to everyone that worked on this or had some part in it! I installed this ROM yesterday and have not looked back. It's speedy, stable and best of all free of bloat. Oh, an I like the lock screen far better than the puzzle or glass one the comes on the phone.

Stupid question (maybe) but is this applicable to the Samsung Mesmerize? I understand they are essentially the same model.

Installed this ROM about 50 minutes after it was released on XDA. Adrynalyne and jt - You guys are my hero

Will this work on the canadian (telus) fascinate please i need to know, and does anyone know where I can get back a stock rom for telus ?

after i got the rom flashed it worked great. nice work. later i found out that my bluetooth would not turn on. anyone else having this issue and is there a fix. thx in advance

If I install this, and then decide that I want to go back to the original ROM (i.e. if I need to take my phone to the Verizon store for some reason), is there a simple procedure to reset everything to the original state? What is it? Thanks.