We may have jumped the gun a bit in announcing the Android 1.5 Cupcake Update being rolled out to all T-Mobile G1 users because well, we're still scratching our heads waiting for Cupcake to come to our G1. However, a lot of users from the UK are telling us that they have received the Cupcake Update and that's making us wonder if it's strictly a UK phenomenon.

Are T-Mobile US and T-Mobile UK working independently on the release? Strange but logical considering the HTC Magic (which needs Cupcake to work) is available over in the UK and Europe already. On the US side, there's no pressing need to push Cupcake out.

So G1 users in the US, do any of you guys have Cupcake running on your T-Mobile G1? Anyone? Let us know in the comments!

And remember, Dev Phone or Rooted G1's don't count.


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Did Anyone In the US Get the Android 1.5 Cupcake Update?




I don't know forsure if this is the Cupcake but when the phone powered back on the ANDROID design was different. The icons are a bit different and the menu's are now animated..THIS IS KOOL....Here is what I noticed so far...

The Image frames are different.
Browser Icon is now different.
The security code is different.
There a gradiant fade on the google search bar.
There is now a camcorder (SWEET)
Amazon icon is different.

This is what I have for now...BUT, I CAN FIND MY PICTURES...

I'm in jacksonville nc and t mobile told me dat everyone is suppose to have da update by june 5th and I don't know how true dat is but hopefully well have it...

Yeap I live in az and still no update as of may 31 I have a buddie that lives in virgina and got his 2 weeks ago

I'm in the UK, and I've seen no sign of it. But with the last release it took about 2 weeks after I heard it mentioned online for it to reach me. Maybe it's an alphabetical thing :(

I am in the US and it looks like it was another false alarm. Bummer, really thought it was coming through this time.

Still, I check constantly thinking maybe ....


Note that the cupcake update breaks compatibility of the phone with the HTC 3-to-1 adapter: after the update the adapter can't be used to direct music to the 3.5mm headphones jack any longer.

I am in the US and have not gotten it, but if there are 1,000,000 users, and they are pushing only 11,000 a day, that is 90 days.

I'm in Virginia in the U.S. and I haven't gotten it yet. I'm very frustrated with this. If it will take 90 days, I might as well wait for the G2 to hit the U.S. market.


I'm a developer and one my T-mobile US customers got the update OTA. Unfortunately she can no longer find my app in the market!

I agree. I just talked to T-Mobile customer service @ 611 and they said they can't push it to you on demand, but it id DEFINITELY coming out.

No update here yet. My wife has been stalking her G1 ever since this site mentioned the release of 1.5. Thanks Android Central! It got real quiet around here and I was wondering if this was just a hoax.

I see the poster above said he went to T-Mobile and got the update on his G1. I don't believe that for a second.

I live in New Haven Ct and there is plenty of ppl saying that they have the update and I don't havbe. Squat..I've been hearing that the ones that's been pushed out are just for dev phones and we the customers will get the update..starting may 10th through 16th so that's what I'm hoping for

Thank goodness! I thought it was just because T-Mobile hated me. Now, I know that, really, T-Mobile hates all US G1 owners.

I notice the official Android website says 1.5 is now available.

Will T-Mobile push the update out slowly via cell network? I would rather update on demand via my home wi-fi. I hope such a plan is in the works.

When i switched to WiFi yesterday, i was immediately prompted to install the update. But this is here in Austria!


ive had the update forever and alot of my friends have not gotten it yet but its really worth the wait they finally put a camcorder and a touch screen keyboard!

Its the 12th and I'm still waiting..hopefully it comes soon..this has nothing to do with me not being in a 3g area right ?..if anyone in CT has gotten the update yet say something

It's May 25th here in New Britain, CT and I haven't received any cupcake whatsoever.
I've been waiting for ever and still nothing. Hopefully I'll get it soon.

Does Root accessed JF 1.5 cupcake update count? its awesome. :)highly recommend it, allows you to use your phone to its full potential, installing apps on your SD, using some of your sd as swap space, installing debian... and more :) ciao.

I got 3g network and still no cupcake. Been waiting since last yr. Maybe g2 has to come out before the cupcake comes to g1... though if this update will disable the headphone jack maybe I'm better off without it,From California, US.

Well its May 12 and as much as i google this update no one has received the update in the US this is just another bullshit prediction i guess. Damn! Im putting my phone on craigslist next week im tired of all this rumors. Ppl already talking about the donut 2.0 update Wtf? Comin after the cupcake.

just download it from Android's site and then put it on you memory card and run it from you phone or you can just sit their and wait for it OTA update.

I too am waiting for this dreaded update. THE CUPCAKE HAS GONE STALE! :) I will keep waiting. I don't want to attempt to 'root' my phone and end up breaking it. I'm not that savvy. I agree that they should allow it to be done manually over wifi. I keep googling the update and watching all the videos on how awesome it is supposed to be. I am waiting for UMA capability. Then this piece of plastic will truly be all I need in a phone.

Its supposed to come out late this week so unfortunately that probably means Friday would be early for the majority of us.

I am here in fairfax va and there is nothing yet. I actually think that having 3G does not matter with the update because when I first got my phone it was unlocked and I used it with Att and while I was with them I did not even have edge but I was on wifi most of the time. One day I got a message on my phone for update and that's when I got the RC33. I think it will take time untile every body gets there's just put in mind that you will be the last person to receive update ota lol.

From what I understand, the update is actually pushed out by Google, not T-mobile. I just bought an Unlocked G1 and I have an AT&T Sim in it. I'm hoping I get the update when it is released. As of yet, I do not have it.

I did extensive search on the internet and found several reputable sources who claimed that the update actually comes from Google. It will be interesting to see if I get the prompt to update within the next few weeks.

I'm Cailifornia and there is no sign of the OTA 1.5 update from anyone around me = (

I'm excited! I can't wait to see all the new refinements in cupcake 1.5. I have never known of o company announceing something like this and then not fulfilling its promises. So they said it'll be out to us before the end of the month od May. I will wait. Although the JF 1.5 with sd card app storage seems mighty temping. I'll keep waiting. What's this I hear about Donut 2.0? I just got my G1 a few weeks ago and I'm loving the phone. I've never had such an amazing device that can do so many things. I'm hungry for a cupcake = )

Colorado.........................................................................................jockstraps and dingleberries. nothing yet.

im in fresno ca and i just got the ota update to the g1 and there is no 3g network out here. its alsome. the keyboard is alright but i rather us the slide out keyboard. better than nothing i guess. i can now upload videos that i record on my phone straight to youtube.

how does someone snag it in fresyes but all of us in LA dont have it yet. ridiculous! from visalia by the way....

you would think thw system update would pick it up if it was really sent ota!
i want my cupcake already.

I work in a special department at T-Mobile and I know for a fact this update is coming yo all G1 users by the end of the week. It is posted in a special new's updates for all employees. And please coming from a customer standpoint and rep taking the call, we are striving to be America's Hightest Regarded Service Company but it's tough. Everytime people show us true loyalty, pay your bill ontime and we will show you the same respect back, and a tip, if u feel sscrewed by us, not cuz u go over your mins every month but had maybe a one time thing and u been with us, tell us how frustrated you are without yellin at us, its not our fault u went over, but tell us how u feel, be honest, bu u giving us what's on yer mind will truly help get thru our thick skulls, I know some of us are horrible and we do a horrible job, complain to there sup, eventually they will get fired, we dobnt need people like that working for us, again we are here for u. But don't make our job harder bring up your damn tenure when u want something out of the question. I mean something in reason that it is deserved, ask us and if its not possible its not, think u woulda got it from another carrier, at a better price? Eventually, and be patient cuz we have your best interest at heart we will have the phones, the technology, and coverage and all that at the best price with the best custmare there is to be available. And the G1 update will come. Remember what I said everytime u call in too cuz we get graded on our time, how long we spend on the phone with u, granted there are gonna be those situations which take 20+ minutes to resolve an issue, but keep the short calls short, consider a line, a really big line of customers just like u, usually with even more important issues waiting roght behind u, so help us, help u, help eachother, ur guys prices may drop even more, and we can make T-mobile #1 and only with the customers can we do it. Complain if u need to, don't if u don't .

Sorry for my outbreak, but the update was supposed to start May 11 and after, didn't mention at what pace they were going out or to where when. None of that was mentioned, but what was mentioned and this is in the T-Mobile "go-to" books, this phone is getting the video camera and playback, stereo bluetooth was not previously supported, also you can access your camera faster as well as take faster pix. For all of you users out there who hate opening the device just to type something, get ready for the on screen touch qwert wit dictionary pad on screen thats right. so this brings the question, is G2 right around the corner? I hope so

I'm in Michigan and still have not received the 1.5 update. I'm traveling to Florida tonight, so maybe going through all those states I'll get the update! That'd be tight =)

This is terrible! I am seriously checking my phone every few minutes for the update. Every time I hear my phone chime in a text message I have to check it because I am hoping that it is the update.

Let me know if your trip to Florida triggers anything. I might have to hop in my car and do the same!


Im in michigan and i actually got the update OTA but i was on jf 1.43... i did the update anyway and it worked but the market app wasnt working in cupcake... so i unrooted my phone compleletly and went back to rc33... i though that i would see the update right away but maybe once i get my turn its gone... so i prolly have to wait till someone uploads the update online..


I hope that I will get the update by just connecting to my schools wi-fi and have the Wi-fi lock app on. Lets see what happens... I've been waiting for this update since early January... lots of dissapointments... I would be so really pissed off if this tim it was fake too... :/ ... well... good luck to everybody that is waiting for the update! :)

So, if we go by the release schedule posted by Midani then we will not see the update rolling out until Monday? Is that what you guys have gathered also? I hope that is not correct!

Still nothing in NC.


I am copying and pasting a post I came across.

Here's Why Your G1 Android Phone Hasn't Updated To Cupcake 1.5 Yet

Posted by Eric Zeman, May 15, 2009 10:52 AM

If you're like me, you've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Android 1.5, otherwise known as Cupcake. Despite T-Mobile's statement that the firmware would be rolled out "late this week," it looks like the update really doesn't start until next week.

The blogosphere has been buzzing about Cupcake since November 2008. Here we are, six months later, and the update for the Android system is finally on the cusp of reality. T-Mobile USA announced last week that the firmware would be sent to HTC G1's over the air starting late this week. If you were hoping you'd already have it by now, prepare to wait just a little bit longer.

According to a tipster, the release schedule is a fairly cautious one:

5% of Android Devices will receive the Android 1.5 Cupcake Update on Monday, May 18th
15% on Tuesday, May 19th
30% on Wednesday, May 20th
45% on Thursday, May 21st
60% on Friday, May 22nd
75% on Saturday, May 23rd
90% on Sunday, May 24th
100% on Monday, May 25th
That's disappointing. The majority of users won't see their devices update to Cupcake until Memorial Day weekend. So if you were waiting with bated breath for your phone to update today, get over it. You're going to need to be a little more patient.


Everything that I have seen says that the UK version will not work. Xtian, I feel ya! DAMMIT!

Nov, Dec, Jan, Apr, May 11th now its monday?
And when we get 2 monday sum1 is goin to put anew date...
I so close to switchin to iphone. Also dat schedule u guys posting
Doesn't make too much sense to me.

Why wait for cupcake if you're so ready to give it up? Go to your iPhone, while most of the Andriod G1 USA users anticipate the cupcake. It is finally close and waiting a max of 10 days should not be too hard for anyone.

Yeah I thought that Tmobile hated me too with their poor customer service.Lol but nah I didnt get mine yet and im just pissed.

I bought my G1 from a guy on Craigslist. I unlocked it and am on ATT. I wonder when I update if I will have to unlock the phone again... I am not really certain. I wouldn't think so but who knows. Anyone have any experience with this?

Still no update in Boone, NC


If the schedule is true, then none of us should receive the cupcake until the allotted time frame. I agree with Chris, I too check my phone every time it beeps, this wouldn't happen to any of us if T-Mobile gave us confirmed release date for Cupcake.

I am the same way. When I hear the chirp from the G1 I have to go check it. It is driving me crazy. I normally go to bed late and I will be laying there, about to pass out when I hear the phone go off. I will twist and turn until I get up to check it.

That is pretty bad.

Sweet man!
Do you still have the update on your memory card? Can you upload it to rapidshare, megaupload etc? That would make many people happy!

You might have the update but not from US. Your Model should show 'TMobile G1' and not 'HTC Magic'. So therefore you have an unlocked G1 not from the US!!! Some1 with a real post needs to update us instead of all these people trying to get our hopes up. According to T-Mobile US users should all have their update by Memorial Day weekend.


Hopefully tonight around midnight a handful of lucky individuals will receive the cupcake update. Good luck people!!!

When is this update coming can't wait anymore gonna call t mobile and yell at them this is such bullshit. In tampa fl no sign of cupcake

There is no point of knowing where you at, the update is sent based on your phone build number, so if anyone recieves the update it would be great if you could post may be the first four or five digits if your build number so in a way we can tell who is going next.

Does anyone know if you can get the update via WiFi?? I have an unlocked G1 that I use on ATT network. & YES it's a U.S. version i got it from a friend that bought it at T- Mobile.

maybe it will come when we are sleep like santa.......
this is very nerve racking!!!! its 12:21a and nothing!
For all those saying they are gonna goto the iphone, i say go! we dont need you here anyway. iphone users are all stuck up! and im not just sayin that. everyone i know who has one thinks they are the sh*t!....

still not received the update, waiting like a fool!

has anyone with the US version has received it, i have a US version but im india and i dont even know if ill receive update OTA.

So if some one has it please help me out here and upload it.

Sacramento california.. n I ain't get shiiiiiiiet yet .. been trying to check if my g1 can chek for da newest update but that shit don't work wut a fu%^kd thng to have on there if the updates there but we cnt get it thru our fones.. but I love tmobile.. I have unlimited everything.. n I love. Rhe lukluk app whre u can watch crystal clear movies.....woooooo. dis is manny n I'm signing off mt g1

Still no update, nothing at all... Located in Massachusetts with strong 3G signals. Another upset from T-Mobile.


from what I understand that as long as you have a created google g1 account active on the phone you should receive the update. If you are capable of logging into the android store you will receive the update. Google somehow ques the update and T-Mobile sends it out.

I am in the same boat as your. I bought my G1 on Craigslist from a Tmobile user. I then unlocked it.

Good luck!

San ramon, ca. (20 mins from oakland, castro valley area)
9 am here. Nothin on my phone. Hopefully some people are starting to receive it. Can't wait to eat some cupcakes. All my friends have iphones and always tell me how much better the iphone is and how my g1 is like a "gameboy." But hell, I can't wait 4 cupcake. Love this phone!

I have the Iphone as well as the HTC Fuze, Blackjack, E62, and G1. I take turns using all of them but I find that I use the Iphone less and less. It really sucks that you can't send MMS and record video natively. Anytime your friends makes a comment about your G1 you can say something like "well at least I can send MMS, or I can connect to 3g, and replace your battery with ease." Something like that... :)

Nada in Boone, NC

I agree, I have had friends who at first laughed at me having the G1 and not hoping on the iPhone craze. But now there comments are turning into dislike for the iPhone.

I won't lie the battery life sucks a$$, but no MMS, Can't change battery and no qwerty keyboard. I can only do touch screen for so long.

It is funny really. The battery life on my Iphone started out as being great. Over time it is getting worse. At some point I will have to have it replaced. The problem is that Apple isn't going to replace the battery on a jailbroken Iphone so I am going to be forced to wipe the firmware out and send it off or I am going to be forced to buy another one. I have the first gen iPhone so the 3.0 update will not give me MMS so I am screwed out of that. It is really stupid how long we have had to wait for that feature. It is like buying a car and the guy at the dealership says that the air conditioning is included but it will not be installed until 2-3 years after you have bought the vehicle.

this sucks. its 12:10p here in az something better happen by midnight from any g1
user. this is gonna be one stressfull week! im freakin starvin ova here.
cupcake, where are you!

I was told by a T-Mobile Rep that i was to get my "CUPCAKE" by last sunday but I'm still waiting... (I'm in RI)

Wow....Funk T-Mobile. Holy crap! If I had to put up with this Sh*T I would switch carriers. Thank God I am on ATT. I have already switched back to my iPhone for the next week. Funk DIS!

Great thing about the g1 is it gets noticed. I got the opportunity to tell three people today not to buy one.

obviously some of you are not good at reading. the update says "we are pushing back the roll out by a week and everyone should have it by early june." they didnt say "its delayed until june" they said its pushed back ONE week which means if there isnt another delay then it will start rolling out next week on monday. which is still may. there r still 2 weeks left in may. go re-read the post guys. one week wont kill anyone

You can spin it however you want to. It it was "pushed back" that means it was delayed. Everyone is frustrated because this is something we have all been looking forward to. I am not giving up on the G1. I enjoy mine. I like all my phones. Simply frustrating.

Iphone this. Iphone that. Iphone has met its match! I can wait a week. No biggie!
I had the iphone w/tmobile and the phone sucked a**! It was very very plain! G1 is king!

I say we should exercise violence....cupcake this cupcake that...I'm fed up with T-Mobiles bs...I'm in a glass cage of emotions and bout to catch a case over a freaking cupcake....nothing in Dallas tx

In Boston and not a darn update notification yet. I have faith and gonna hold out some more. They have made us wait this long, whats another week or so gonna do?

I am going to be in Aruba in early June...June 2nd to be exact. If the update does come during that time, will I still recieve the update in Aruba?

Boston, ma. May 19th still nothin ,another week won't kill me been waiting since january lol

Nothing in orlando florida.. I like my g1, I don't love it yet, and the iphone technology is more crisp and seems to be a little more superior than the g1.. everyone has got the anti-iphone pride. Let's face it, its a better phone. And will be having a big update as well.. not bashing the g1 like I said I still like the phone.. where else can I listen to loveline 24-7?

I talked to three different T-mobile reps today one of them being a G1 rep, all three told me that the update has started being sent ota.

I'm in fairfax, va & still no damn update. I spoke wit tmobile at work & my fiance called as well and both reps said there is no delay and that we should all have da update by da end of May...not so sho bout dat being dat none of us received it yet....so we shall see.

Well just got up and checked my phone. no cupcake in boston so far.... damn tmobile damn them to helll!!! Lol jk its only one more week no biggie.

Still nothing in orlando florida.. howabout if this damn update does not arrive here by the end of may, I say we all agree on a time, call t-mobile and all threaten to cancel our service. If an event like that were to happen simutaneously,a million strong they get scared, and its christmas.. who is with me?

Yeah that would be kinda funny but pointless. I don't think they'd delay the update if there wasn't a good reason for it.

The update will be well worth the wait, and a scheduled 2.0 in the distance brings a lot of hope for this phone, ya'll should see the 2.0 hero update called donuts, there is a preview on YouTube, think 1.5 is gonna be kool, wait till 2.0!!

i havent got my cupcake update yet im in usa and i heard that they said it would come in january and april and i heard that it is comeing out in may so if you when this update is comeing out let me know

Wow that's crazy so the new update after cupcake is called wat? glazed donuts 2.0 .
god damn u know wat I'm gonna go and check that out right now

Everybody out there waiting for cupcake...we got bad & good news. The bad..cupcake 1.5 update won't rolled out on the schedule accorded previously, by the old schedule release 100% of G1 would have been updated by monday May 25th but I won't. Now the good or so so, the cupcake will be definately rolled out on the first week of June all over the U.S. The reason behind this is T-mobile last final polish on the system to ensure everything will go smothly . So there you have it people, do not worry , The update will come on time and just like before it will be an OTA update, just hang in there and wait for the notification.

Cupcake release already in the Netherlands. This morning my G1 alert me that
there was this new update to my phone. After doing so, I checked the new firmware version and guess what... 1.5 within kernel 2.6.27. All features that T-mobile promised... checked. Worked all great! Give a look at them


The bad thing is that apparently they took away the multi-touch capabilities which is implemented on the root-based cupcake.

Wait for it guys. It should be in your phones pretty soon!!!!!!

Root your freakin phone's people! It takes all of thirty minutes! Why wait when you can have a fully functional G1 rather than one crippled by tmobile. It is EASY! While cupcake is a nice addition ... you will get over it pretty quickly once it arrives.

Why would you root the G1 Njaz? Which version is best? Can you still use the android store?

and when june comes then they gone say July den August den 2010. ill beleive it wen i see it. yeah i hear wat yaw sayin but aint nobody really sure. And how they comin out wit two new updates (donut folled by the esquire) and they cant give us the one we been waitin on. They priorities all jacked put me on the Tmobile Comittee yaw wuda had cupcake cookies donuts and milk to go along wit it lmao

Ur gay that's not funny. Fucking Lame...... with that spelling and vocab we woulda got downgradeed if u were on the comitee

Ladies and Gents!

The moment you have all been waiting for...

Like all of you I have been waiting a very long time for this moment!

The cupcake update is here! It is available now!

It is my pleasure to present to you the update!


LINK: https://android.clients.google.com/updates/partner/signed-kila-ota-14883...


ORIGNAL POST: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=518145

FOUND HERE: http://android-dls.com/wiki/index.php?title=OTA_Updates#Cupcake_1.5

This is all you have to do:

If your running on a PC, Just download the link rename it to update and transfer it to the root of your SD CARD, and the turn your phone off, once its completely off hold the power on button and the home button at the same time until you get the little triangle we are all use to..hit ALT+L the ALT+S..And there ya go. US VERSION OF CUPCAKE FINALLY!!

Also, for you ATT users out there I can verify that the G1 works like it should once the update has been installed. I followed those directions and all of my programs, contacts, pictures etc. are still located and accessible on the G1.

Good luck guys!


U are awesome. there is a video on youtube with this same links in it only took me 8 minutes to do this. Everyone should do it its so simple n ez. "No rooting(jailbreaking) nescesary"

when something is to good to be true it normally is. i will not install this and risk my phone, untill it is verified and works fully

I have using it for a few hours. The installation went fine and smooth. Everything works as it should so far. MMS, SMS, Internet, Android Market and all that good stuff. I'll report any bugs if I find any. So far though, it is great! I really dig the on-screen qwerty keyboard! All of my programs, pictures, music, is all there like it was before.

did you have to unzip the file or did you put it on your sd card as a zip file??? also what changes has beem made to the call experance as state in the feature list.

All you have to do is rename the file to "update" and move to the memory card. The call experience is about the same I suppose. I noticed a few different options when calling from my contacts. The interface is a little different. I love cell phones but I don't really talk on mine that much. You will have to ask someone else about that really. If you wanna know about the mms, sms, internet please fire away questions.

Update works fine!! however, the auto rotate function doesn't work on the home screen or texting screen. Otherwise, nicely done! I'm impressed how it turned out.

I was under the impression that the auto rotate feature was if you had 1.5 JF version or Haykuro installed on a rooted phone. I think I came across that on XDA under the rom development forum. Buggy if I remember right.

Update works fine!! however, the auto rotate function doesn't work on the home screen or texting screen. Otherwise, nicely done! I'm impressed how it turned out.

Update works fine!! however, the auto rotate function doesn't work on the home screen or texting screen. Otherwise, nicely done! I'm impressed how it turned out.

Update works fine!! however, the auto rotate function doesn't work on the home screen or texting screen. Otherwise, nicely done! I'm impressed how it turned out.

I am guilty of doing the multi-post thing all the time. I was under the impression that the auto rotate was only for rooted G1's. Like some kind of hack. I remember reading about one having to install a different SPL in order for it to work otherwise it would brick the phone. Does that sound right?


Here you go! The auto rotate does work! It needs to be enabled. From the dashboard press the menu button. Click on settings. Go down to sound and display. Go down to display settings and activate orientation. Also, I would go ahead and activate the animation setting. Both are FREAKING AWESOME!

thanks, but i figured it out already. i had to do a factory reset. because for some reason when i would roate it would freeze but it works fine. now im going to test gps and see if it faster

No, do not unzip the file. Simply rename the file to "update" without the quotations. Bam! You are good to go!

Just wanted to say to all finally a job WELL done on finding the US ota offical release. Works flawlessly. ;-)

Just wanted to say to all finally a job WELL done on finding the US ota offical release. Works flawlessly. ;-)

I really didn't want 2 manually update my phone, but since tmobile is BS-ing with the OTA I will be updating my g1 manually very soon. Thanks to everyone that posted links and n4 on the update .

Oyeah... Los Angeles Ca.
Still No update!

Been using the update for 24 hours. I confirm to say the update is official and flawless! Its perfect! Now I can use my bluetooth stereo earphones I've had for a while! =D

My pleasure :) I am as glad as you guys are about this. It is breathing new life into me G1. I dig it! Now only if this update would increase battery life :) we would have it made!

It's all good. All you have to do is simply rename the file to update and just drag it to your memory card. Do not put it in any folders or anything like that. Drap to the memory card and follow the steps. You will be fine.

Ok this is BS. Here it is the 24th of May and still nothing. I live in Tucson, Az and we are on 2g but I don't think that matters. I love my phone a lot and hate the Icrap. Never had one have an Ipoop (pos). Anyways I want my update NOW!!!! Seriously if its not here by June I'm going to look for another phone that tmo sells that won't break my heart everytime it goes beep beep!!! OMG the suspence is killlllllling me!!! This is worse then waiting around for you to finally go into labor at 40 weeks!!! Hurry Tmo I'm bored with my G1 and need some new features like video recording so I can hopefully take my 8 1/2 month olds first steps to send to his daddy who works!!!!!!!! Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Still here in NY the night of the 24th of May. Still no update, I am dissapointed. I constantly attack my G1 checking for an update with WiFi on and off. I have had my G1 since November and it is in pristine condition I love my phone and can't wait to love it more.

I am not certain about that. I would do a search on Google to find that answer. It isn't a custom firmware like those we see on the PSP. This is the official update, so you should be fine.

ira , I need your help, I will update to cupcake with that link 1. does the folder name "update" have to be liwecase or capitalized and 2 . will I loose myfaves 3.is this the same version as the one that will come threw tmobile thanks

Good morning,

Sorry about the wait. I know you are eager to get this installed. I will help you out the best I possibly can. Here we go:

1. The folder must be renamed to "update" (without the quotations) All in lowercase. No capitalized letters.
2. I am not 100% percent positive about your myfaves. I unlocked my G1 and use it on ATT. So I am not certain. I will tell you this though: after I updated all of my programs and files were on the phone like before. I didn't lose a thing. I would think you will keep your fave3. If anyone knows for certain please post the answer :)
3. This is the official Google OTA update. It should be exactly what T-Mobile is sending out.

Ok, Good luck! Fire away if you have any more questions.

I don't have a computer, do I have to update my phone to cupcake from a computer? Can I use a file app on my G1 and do it that way? Someopne help me please!

You could attempt to download the file through your phone's web browser. Save it to the root of your memory card and rename it to "update" (without the quotations). Then follow the procedure to install the cupcake update.

I can see a few problems from doing this though. It has been my experience in the past with the G1 browser that it doesn't like to download certain files. It might do it but then again it might now. If the Google browser fails then I would recommend trying the Opera browser.

You can use a file app and move the file. I use "ASTRO" which I downloaded from the Android Marketplace. It received very high scores.

I would really recommend using a computer though. If you can use a friends it would take 2 minutes to do. Download the file. Rename it. Use a memory card reader and open your memory card. Drop that file and update that awesome phone!!

You can do it!

I have couple more question, will I be able to receive future over the air updates z
and again about myfaves, do you have the myfaves icon even thought u have att this update was made for t -mobile ,when you drag open the entire collection of application do you see myfaves and will I loose any data on my g1 after this question answered I will update. thank u ira you have been very helpfull , sorry for the grammar I'm in a rush

It's all good :)

Question 1: YES! You will receive future updates. No worries there!
Question 2: No, I do not have the myfaves option. I had to configure my APN to support ATT's network to include web browsing, SMS, MMS and all that. I think because of that it isn't present on mine. Hasn't been since I unlocked it.
Question 3: You shouldn't lose anything that you have on your G1 currently. Once I updated mine everything I had installed was present. All of my pictures, music, and even my wallpaper was there. Most programs through the Android Marketplace have been updated to support 1.5. If you haven't already done so I would probably load it up and click on downloads. Just to see if everything is up to date. It even by default recognized all my videos that I had on my memory card where as before I had to load a 3rd party player in order for the phone to see the movies.

You should be good to go. I haven't encountered any problems at all. Everything works like it should. I haven't heard of anyone having any problems with this either. I would almost bet money that you will be just fine :) Let us know how it goes!

Is there myfaves I will not update without confirmation does anybody see a myfaves icon on there g1 and does the auto rotate work in SMS

Again, not certain about the myfaves. I can confirm that the auto rotate works like a charm under SMS. Also under emails and other programs. You will have to enable the feature under the settings control panel.

I wish I knew more about the myfaves. We will have to rely on other users on this thread :)

I've had the update for over 36 hours now, I can confirm to say that auto rotate works on SMS texting option, and MyFaves are also intact! Everything went smoothly with the US update. SO no worries! =D

Awesome! I am really liking it too. I recorded a 4 minute video. It was only 10mbs on the highest recording setting. I uploaded it to youtube with the wifi on and it was super smooth. I dig this update!

ok I read there is myfaves but also it's been saying on other sites to rename the file to update.zip not how you mentioned rename it to just update , any help thanks

Simply rename it to "update"

You don't have to worry about the .zip. Do that and you are in business!

I updated to cupcake manually through the link provided and it worked like a charm no more waiting for me. IT IS THE OFFICIAL UPDATE SICE IT COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE GOOGLE ANDROID WESITE. Whoever found the link is a geneous. Now I don't have to wait anymore for this update but wait for the donut android 2.0 lol, which I have a feeling will end up manualy updating with it as well lol. :)

Haha I feel you! I think you are right about us doing the manual update from here on out. T-Mo' is just too slow for our needs!

wow it works perfectly thank you all for your help I am acctually typing on the softkeyboard it's verybeasy beacuse I had the iPhone but I reccomend you turn heptic feedback when you type, off and select that it make a click noise because heptics feels like you have to press hard on the touch screen you are all right tmobile will delay till October becuase google part is done and they gave it to tmobile but tmoblie are lazy a**es

I am in texas, us and I was able to get the download. I have cupcake 1.5. But it still hasn't been released.

Just updated to 1.5 (Cupcake)from the posted link and so far EVERYTHING worked and works FLAWLESSLY! I was hesitant, but now I am extremely glad I did! Just follow the instructions and go for it! Stereo BlueTooth is great, video takes and uploads nicely and on-screen keyboard is a great addition. (You have to enable it in the setting first.) Thanks for this update info. I can now enjoy my G1 even more!! CUPCAKE IS HERE... finally!

Auto rotate does work, you just have to turn it on! Hit menu, settings, sound and display then check the orientation box. This will give you a sweet landscape keyboard, you can change the features for this by clicking menu, settings,locale and text, There ya go hope it helps!

Can we still receive the ota updates with this or do we have to wait for the original updates by uninstalling. Oh u can uninstall by going through the same procedures as installing it, you just don't have a file to add.

I would almost bet money that you named the file wrong. It needs to be "update" without the quotations. Not UPDATE or update.zip. Just "update"

Hope that helps :)

It should be the same. Simply rename the file and drag it to your memory card. I love Leopard!

Can you tell us exactly what you did. What did you name the file exactly and the location of the file? More detail = a solution :)

ive been reading these and i find that the manual works great for some people, well my usb cord broke and i am ordering a new one, i live in atlanta georgia but i havent gotten the update yet, and i saw everyone was suppose to get it over the air by today. can anyone help or explain

If you have a memory card reader you can always transfer the file that way. I am sure it is a lot faster than using the USB cable. That is how I did it.

With this update I feel that the phone has goten faster and sharper as well. I wonder how 2.0 is going to be like thanks for the link

With this update I feel that the phone has goten faster and sharper as well. I wonder how 2.0 is going to be like thanks for the link

With this update I feel that the phone has goten faster and sharper as well. I wonder how 2.0 is going to be like thanks for the link

I just got my ota cupcake in ny may 27 3:09 am this is so cool, they wasn't lying bout the realese for may 25

I got it today too. Kansas city here. I can't tell what it did e
xcept for the camera does video now.

I just got my update OTA.... I am in Los Angeles. The softkeyboard is really nice, will continue to explore it.

Yeah i just got my cupcake update today the 27th. Its awesome looks a bit nicer, windows pop up alot smoother. Also camcorder feature with a video player. Cant forget the pop up screen keyboard!!

Did you figure out how to use the on screen keyboard? Let us know and we'll show you the way :)

My wife got it and all of my co workers got the update here in vegas, but i still didnt get mine, :( how does the freaking schedule work!!!! i want this update ive only been waiting for it for 5 months!!!!!

Do you have to have a rooted phone to manually install? Is the manual install listed on these pages in the last 2 days the exact same as the one released OTA.

I live in Philly and woke up to the update this morning! The overall phone performance seems smoother and faster! I will probably never use the camcorder and the on-screen keyboard blows! Unless there is a way to use the on screen keyboard and somehow view the screen in landscape mode, I'm still using the regular board! I would much rather have flash then this silly update!

I received the G1 cupcake update two nights ago around 10 pm. I am in Washington. Its really cool but i no longer have internet connection. Its 100% gone. I called to ask whats up and they couldnt figure it out. They said they would call me back when they found something. That was yesterday and they havent called back yet. Its very disapointing.

still waiting in pasadena, ca. according to the previously leaked schedule that has been pushed back a week cuz of the security update, 45% should have the update by the end of today....

I live in Indianapolis and I got the update at 8:30 this morning. Some of the icons are different so is the music player. But im pissed because the my 3 to 1 adapter dosen't let me use my headphones. So i guess I have to by the 11 pin usb to 3.5 mm adapter now.

YEAH! I HAVE MY UPDATE! They sent it thus morn.
No volume on my cam though, and i dont know where my google chat went.

I received the update this morning, and it rendered my phone COMPLETELY useless afterwards: no service, no data connection, photos deleted, etc. After spending 1.5 hours on the phone with customer care, tech support and advanced tech support and being told to take my battery/sim card out of my phone several times, I DO have service now (via resetting something in the Network Operators option in Settings), but I still have NO data connection. And if I shut off my phone, I have to keep going into the Network Operators option to reset it so that the service will connect, EVERY time.

I was given a ticket # and told that the issue would be escalated further and that someone would be contacting me; I hope within 24 hours, because this is UNACCEPTABLE.

After 8 years of being with T-Mobile, I am NOT a happy camper.

Chicago, IL

Just curious about the music player...since I do not have the update yet and am just wanting to wait for the OTA instead of the manual install, what is new about the music player? Is there at least a choice to search by Genre now?

No update in Orlando Florida...Saw that other people in my area got it =( I'll def post once I get it. Had my G1 since Nov and I still think it's an awesome phone.

I just Got my Update 05-28-2009

Springfield, Illinois
Happily serverd by a T-mobile 3G upgrade too in our areas last month!


Ladies and Gents!

The moment you have all been waiting for...

Like all of you I have been waiting a very long time for this moment!

The cupcake update is here! It is available now!

It is my pleasure to present to you the update!


LINK: https://android.clients.google.com/updates/partner/signed-kila-ota-14883...


ORIGNAL POST: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=518145

FOUND HERE: http://android-dls.com/wiki/index.php?title=OTA_Updates#Cupcake_1.5

This is all you have to do:

If your running on a PC, Just download the link rename it to update and transfer it to the root of your SD CARD, and the turn your phone off, once its completely off hold the power on button and the home button at the same time until you get the little triangle we are all use to..hit ALT+L the ALT+S..And there ya go. US VERSION OF CUPCAKE FINALLY!!

Also, for you ATT users out there I can verify that the G1 works like it should once the update has been installed. I followed those directions and all of my programs, contacts, pictures etc. are still located and accessible on the G1.

Good luck guys!

Connecticut has an update another thing different is the texting you have android smile faces. Last night 8:00 pm est shelton, ct my girlfriend got her cupcake upgrade. We both have g1s and I didn't get it so I asked what she did to make it happen . she said she was in her android market doing upgrades on things she had and it just popped up. It was probably luck because it didn't happen when I tried it.

I'm here in Colorado USA and got Cupcake at approx. 5:30 am Friday May 29th. Awesomeness!!! Ok gotta go play with the new features. Hope you guys get it soon!

Greetings from Atlanta, GA!
May 29, 2009 10:50 AM

I have just received the Cupcake Firmware 1.5 update!
I have an unlocked G1, but I have T-Mobile. I have no data plan.

*NOTE* THIS IS FOR PHONES WITHOUT DATA PLAN. However, you can still follow these steps if you just don't have Cupcake.

To answer some questions:
1. You DO NOT need a data plan to receive the update just Wi Fi. ( I went to Starbucks and did it.)
2. Unlocked phones CAN receive the update: I will explain below.

What I did:
If you follow these steps, you should have Cupcake and it will be legit, not a download from a link!

1. Find an area with WiFi, again Wendy's, Starbuck's, and McDonalds have free WiFi.
2. Press "Menu" and click "Settings" then select "About Phone" and then you will see a link for system updates. Click it and it should start downloading.
3. Restart your phone and enjoy Cupcake!

Trouble Shooting:
1. To be safe, make sure you have GPS and 3G on.
2. The file is 32mb! If you want a good fast update, don't go in a sketchy neighborhood that barely has any signal. In order to download at first, you have to have a good connection. After the bar turns yellow, even a little bit, then you're safe. If you lose connection, downloading will resume after you get reconnected.

3. My biggest mistake: make sure you have SPACE in your phone. Not the SD card! I had to delete around 50 apps before it would download. Just to be safe, the update requires 32mb, you should have around 34mb free.

4. If it prompts you to restart before downloading, do it! I restarted 8 times!

Please leave feedback and tell me how it goes.
Hope this helps.


My bf received the Cupcake update May 29th. I still haven't gotten mine tho. Grr...! We're in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The Cupcake update is for real, folks. It is amazing!!! I'm totally jealous of my bf. Can't wait to get my own.

I recieved the cupcake update today finally early this morning. But im having a serious issue I think. It says updating sim card and it has been "updating" since 7:00am this morning when the update installed. I cant use my camera, I cant download anything because it just says its updating has anyone else had this issue? If anyone knows a fix It would be much appreciated

Finally got my cupcake this morning! Orlando FL. I really don't know if this affected me getting the update but I read above that the update is 32mb. I went into my applications and deleted a bunch that I knew wouldn't be a problem installing again. I made sure that I had 34mb of memory available. I also left my GPS on last night. When I woke up today there was no notification - I went into system updates like I have been doing and there it was!! I did have an issue at first where it kept starting to download the update and would stop and "need to restart" before installing message showed up. I restarted like three times but then it worked. I would say it took about 10 minutes to download then to install. There are a few applications that developers are still working on to use with cupcake so don't freak out, I'm sure they will fix them soon. By the way I think the update is cool, nothing super awesome but it was needed and it makes me happy to have a G1.

im totally trying that, 35 megs of internal memory free, gps turned on and we'll see what happens in the morning, nothing in pasadena, ca......

So here's something funny. My wifes G1 updated today... after a couple days of denying it. I'm still waiting. We live in Milwaukee and bought our phones on ebay. Also, no 3G here.



Well my sisters boyfriend nd her have the G1 they are on the same plan and he has gotten his update I just showed him how it works I had almost about 6 G1's and I think I should've have the update already but my sister hasn't gotten her yet . Also I'm on a different plan with my mom

This is stupid! I don't want to download the thing! My friend lives in Burbank, CA. I live about 30 minutes away, she got the update and I didn't. WTF??? I have had my phone longer than she has.

My sister got hers this morning May 31st. However I am on her acct and my number is one digit different than hers and guess what? Yes, u got it, I DIDN'T GET MINE :(

I just received my update an hour ago, finally. I turned on my wifi and GPS then checked my settings for a system upgrade and it was there, prior to turning on my wifi and GPS the update was not there!!

I received the updadate in AZ about three days ago.

I did not know I needed to have @ 35 megs available for the OTA update.

My phone is working OK. The only thing is that I did not get the music player and the other third party application some of you are talking about like the music player, note pad, and global time applications.

So, what I was supposed to receive in this update?

The only new application I got was the comcorder.

Does anyone know how I can get the music player and the other applications if I did not get them in the download?
Anyone with the same problem?


Got the OTA update in AZ about three days ago.
I did not know I had to have 35 megs available on the phone before the OTA update. I did not get the music player, note pad, and global time applications.The only thing I got was the comcorder.

Does any one had the same problem. How can I get the music player?

What other applications I was supposed to receive in the update?


The music player is a widget. To find it you can press down on your home screen and then choose widget then choose music player. The changes with the update are things such as the your contact list, your favorites show pictures next to them now, faster gps and camera response time, look it up online for all the details.

It is already may 31 and a friend of mine received her update...so i dont knw if its cause she got her phone in jan. I got mine in march so still waiting to get mine.

Got mines at 4am in hawaii,though I didnt get any notice sound or massege,I did have both gps & wi-fi off,I went into menu/about phone/check for system update/ and yes! it had the update download massage, I did delete some apps to get little over 32mb of internal memory two days ago & lucky I did because the update says 32.0 MB.

It's June 1, 2009 and I'm in Florida
My fiance got his update last night. I'm JEALOUS!
I have yet to get mine.
We have both phones on the same billing plan.