Seems as though the Gingerbread love is being spread rather nicely. While a Gingerbread ROM leaked for the HTC Desire HD earlier, ROM cookers have already started building it in to their now updated releases. Personally, I'd stick to one that was pre-rooted rather then downloading the original leaked ROM but for testing purposes that is what you are all seeing in the screenshot -- the base leaked version.

Either way, if you're looking to check out Gingerbread on your Desire HD hit up the source link for more details. Just remember, it is rather buggy as it is not a final release but it'll give you a taste of Gingerbread and HTC Sense v2.1. Here's to hoping we see an official rollout sooner rather than later. [XDA]


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Desire HD gets some Gingerbread love courtesy of leaked ROM


as an owner of the inspire 4g, i am excited to see htc has gingerbread in the works for the desire series. I am coming from a galaxy s phone and I am looking forward to real device support and timely updates...not samsung's garbage

How come that the good leaks always comes from HTC only ? while Motorola's leaked updates are not done yet , while Samsung's leaked updates (uh h%&l even the official ones) bricks phones !!!!!!!!!

Wow I want this so bad. Why can't we just compile the Android source code?
I have VC++ will it work or do I need GNU? I don't know GNU, it looks so complicated, is there some graphical thing to use it? I'd love to workf or Cyanogen