Just bask for a moment in the pure awesomeness that is the above picture ... oh, yeah. So, Jenn Lee at Streak Smart had the amazing idea of paring a new Dell Streak with a Logitech diNovo Mini bluetooth keyboard to create the 5-inch MID you really want: Android-powered, and oh yeah, it's also a phone with 3G data.

The diNovo Mini is actually designed to be a portable keyboard for your HTPC or media center, but it works just fine here. This pairing is only possible because Dell has wisely chosen to allow the Streak to work with Bluetooth keyboards, a feature we haven't yet seen in stock Android. The article recommends using some tape to keep the Streak fastened to the inside of the diNovo's lid and propping said lid against something firm to keep the whole thing from falling over backwards. This thing would be perfect for a long plane ride, especially as you could bring an extra battery for the Streak.

As the diNovo doesn't have a "Menu" button, the two devices aren't 100 percent seamlessly compatible, but the keyboard does have a light sensor for backlighting, which is also awesome. This sort of device is what gets me really excited to see full Android or Chrome OS netbooks in the future. Click on the link for more details and pictures. [Streak Smart]

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digginter says:

Nice post.I think a lot of people should read this article and got the useful information.
Thank so much.

bearmacerick says:

Neat idea. I have a dinovo mini for my HTPC. It's very nice and all my friends love it.

likwidsoul says:


Dell Streak FTW

Is it available for all networks ir just gsm?

JohnnyACE562 says:

Why does Dell Streak look so much like a Blackberry Storm?


dpendleton says:

Minor point, it's a diNovo Mini, not diNova.

Kyle Gibb says:

Fixed, thanks.

I'm really close to getting one these things to designate as my mini iPad'ish type of device. but I don't travel enough to justify the purchase

Se7en2#AC says:

I actually use a Freedom Pro Bluetooth keyboard with my EVO, and it works pretty much flawlessly. The only thing that doesn't work are the dedicated buttons on the keyboard for email, calendar, etc. However, you can program the F keys to open whatever program you want, so not a big loss. Below is a link for step-by-step instructions on pairing the keyboard with your Android phone:


I used it for an extended period of time the first time a few days ago, and it was great. I attended a seminar and used it to take notes using Note Everything (which I then uploaded to my Google Docs and shared with colleagues that weren't able to attend the seminar), as well as answering emails, since I was out of the office. I didn't have to pull my laptop out all day. Next time, I'm leaving my laptop at home.

Impulses says:

While this looks pretty neat for the Streak (considering it's size and how perfectly it sits on the diNovo), there are far more usable BT keyboards out there that will work with any Android phone (and can be folded so they're portable). See the post above for one instance...

It doesn't seem like you'd be able to type on the diNovo much faster than you could type on a Moto Droid (or even Swype) since you're still limited to just your two thumbs... Not very ideal for note taking or long e-mails. A laptop-sized foldable keyboard would be the way to go for that.

Judging by the Amazon reviews a lot of people are already using the one mentioned above w/their EVOs, I'm quite tempted...

Not sure why, I have a 10" netbook that doesn't occupy that much space in my book bag and it's probably more comfortable to type and edit docs on it, but the sheer novelty of sitting down and taking notes on my phone and this tiny fold-away keyboard is attractive nonetheless.

If Dell simply had the driver map the windows button to the menu button we would be set.

Inthus says:

What's the name of that wallpaper?