The good guys over at Engadget have gotten their hands on the Dell Mini 5 and snapped a boatload of pictures for our viewing pleasure. We've known about the Dell Mini 5 for quite some time now and have been rather intrigued about its usability. It's a rather large device, as can be seen in the photos, but the build quality looks pretty darn amazing and we can feel ourselves drooling already. Feel free to head over to Engadget to get the full gallery going. Psst, there's video too.


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Dell Mini 5 Gets Pictured


Does look like a sexy device. The UI is that a taskbar? I like the quick access to settings toggles.

Don't think it's a device I'd ever use but it looks like a really nice implementation for a niche market.

Thanks for confirming. I also somehow remember Dell making a statement about it a couple months ago regarding it's ability to make calls. As for the size, it's definitely bigger than anything we're used to, but so was the iPhone and numerous other devices. I think our pockets can handle it ;)

I keep wondering when HP is going to come out with their version or purchase a company that already has one. An Android NetBook is not a tablet or a phone.

Quite sharp, but could you imagine trying to tote that thing around as your main phone ? It's too big for my taste !

Definitely not to big for my taste. I would gladly rock this thing 24/7.

BUT, if it was super bulky, THEN i could see where you were coming from.

I like how its thin. Thinner than the Iphone, but if this is going to be on ATT, then its going to have the same issues as the iPhone... not being able to make phone calls.

i'd use it with a bluetooth for sure, really cool device that would intrigue everyone and you wouldnt have to put it to your ear and look weird