Plume logo.

As we told you last week, Twitter is forcing LevelUp Studio to change the name of its well-made Twitter app, Touiteur.  Well, the day has finally come, and from here on out, Touiteur will be referred to as Plume.

Touit--err ... Plume users will find an update in the market today that makes the name change official, and also brings lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Grab yourself a download link after the jump.

There are 7 comments

Ytown says:

At least I can pronounce it now, yay!

mike340t says:

lol oui le plume

Regardless of what it's called, it smokes that lame excuse for an official twitter app. Great job Plume!!!

So if i don't update will it still say via Touiteur?

bennish says:

I believe so.

Personally, I'd like to see a hack that allows Plume to say 'via Touiteur'. That possible?

Pl4ub says:

HTCs Peep is enough for me o.O

kmatheny says:

Been using Touiteur since it first came on scene and haven't looked back. The latest 2.0 update is awesome! Now if only it would multi-post to all your accounts then it'd have every other Twitter client under the sun, on any OS, trumped. Plume! Awesome work LevelUp Studio.