Plume logo.

As we told you last week, Twitter is forcing LevelUp Studio to change the name of its well-made Twitter app, Touiteur.  Well, the day has finally come, and from here on out, Touiteur will be referred to as Plume.

Touit--err ... Plume users will find an update in the market today that makes the name change official, and also brings lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Grab yourself a download link after the jump.


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Touiteur changes name to Plume [Android Twitter clients]


I believe so.

Personally, I'd like to see a hack that allows Plume to say 'via Touiteur'. That possible?

Been using Touiteur since it first came on scene and haven't looked back. The latest 2.0 update is awesome! Now if only it would multi-post to all your accounts then it'd have every other Twitter client under the sun, on any OS, trumped. Plume! Awesome work LevelUp Studio.