Expanding the team to push CM even further

The folks over at CyanogenMod have announced today that the company is closing another round of funding. Building on a Series A round of funding of over $7 million to get the new company off to a start, this Series B round is bringing another $22 million into the fold from investors Andreessen Horowitz and Tencent. Initial investors Benchmark and Redpoint will still be involved as well.

CM says that the new hefty chunk of capital will be put towards more team members across every bit of the company — engineering, UX, design, products and more. As for the end users of CyanogenMod, they shouldn't expect too many immediate changes. The long-tail effect of this new funding will of course be new apps, features, services and even more devices that are pre-loaded with CM. We can be sure that this is just the beginning of what CyanogenMod wants to accomplish.

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CyanogenMod receives new round of funding, talks about future plans


Not really a valid comparison: one is an app, the other is an entire OS.

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Yes! Moto X2 with CM pre-installed. Or CM editions, like they have Google Play editions.

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

I didn't say first,see how mature I am.Oooooh what the hell,FIRST!!!

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Hilarious. I was thinking the exact same thing... I beat me to that commentt.

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Best of luck to them. They've come a long way, over the last few years.

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Where I would like to see that money go (assuming it's not already).

Camera team:
AOSP camera is just about the only thing subpar compared to OEM software. As a result a lot of folks I know who try CM eventually come back to stock for better imaging.

Device "bug-squashers"
My understanding is most device maintainers are volunteers. We need a core set of developers on the payroll who rotate through all the hardware helping to resolve device specific issues.

Good to hear Steve! I am a huge fan of the CM experience, but the camera always makes me go back to something closer to OEM shipping software.

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A: HOLY *** Steve Kondik just replied to me (lol)
B: I'm super excited to see what CM has in store. I'm a long time fan starting with flashing it on my Galaxy S (Epic 4g) and always checking it out on my latest handset.

They need to spend 21,998,000 on lobbying carriers to leave the bootloader alone, or they are going to go nowhere. The big manufacturers invest way to much in their flavor of Android to let CM dual boot. I don't think they even care about the Google version of their phones, except if Google is helping with driver issues on new releases so they can get the regular versions updated faster.


I don't want dual boot I want a downloadable app that overwrites the stock rom then deletes it unlocked bootloader or not Googles os should be an option on every android phone

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I agree. I think dual boot is the way to go as it would allow you to easily switch between them if you like CM better most of the time but there are still things about the stock OS that you like (for example imaging software for the time being).

CM & AOKP are awesome! I never had any problems out of the 2 the only reason I stopped flashing nightlies was because of my bank app that caused my to re-register every time I updated my phone. I wish Cyanogen the best and I will be waiting for a phone that comes with Cyanogen as the OS.

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Awesome. Love CyanogenMod. Vanilla android without Google bloatware except Google plus which seems to be always preinstalled

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