Exynos, Snapdragon S2 & S3 support on the way; Nexus One still uncertain

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Work on CyanogenMod 9 has been underway since Google dropped the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich code back in late November. Today, lead developer Steve "Cyanogen" Kondik has given fans of the popular custom firmware a quick update on development of CM9, in a post on the official CM blog.

Steve says that third-party drivers remain the biggest issue for CM9 on many devices, particularly when it comes to camera support and graphics acceleration. Right now, CM9 can be compiled on current Google Experience devices (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom), as well as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and HP Touchpad. Steve expects Samsung Exynos devices (that's your Galaxy S II-class phones) to be next in line for support, with Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 and S3 (MSM8660 and 7×30) devices following shortly after. As far as Nexus One and similar devices (HTC EVO 4G, HTC Desire and the like) are concerned, support is still "unclear", though the developer is optimistic.

Steve also reminds us that the team has started with a clean slate in CM9, building on top of Google's latest Android platform, and in doing so, the the team has had a chance to carefully choose which CM7 features to bring forward into CM9. This, he says, should give users a "balance between tweakability and a great out-of-the-box experience."

We're sure we're not the only ones eagerly awaiting the arrival of CM9 on our devices, and we're sure many of you will be jumping on the first nightlies as soon as they're available.

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CyanogenMod 9 team aims for balance between tweakability and user experience


Who cares about the Tegra 2! I have an old phone, will it be supported?
I already know my answer; there aren't plans to support a moto droid. Point is, just because you don't care doesn't mean someone else doesn't. :)

They already mentioned the XOOM & The Tab 10.1 , both of them are powered by Tegra 2
The phones will be coming soon

I care! This would be the closest I would come to having ICS on my Nexus One. And I have yet to find a true replacement yet.

Acording to there website the Qualcomm QSD 8255 series which powers the Nexus One,Inspire,Desire HD,Evo ect. are up in the air. If they do get ICS on CM it will be down the line and not in the near future.

Phones that are barely a year old aren't 'old.' You sound like Samsung.

This is the very reason I love Cyanogen.

For real, where are the other OMAP devices? There is already a working port for my RAZR, but I'd expect once we get official Moto ICS it shouldn't be too difficult to make a version that builds on top of that kernel. Unless of course Moto shocks the world and actually keeps their promise of unlocking the bootloaders with the ICS update.

As I recall, All Motorola phones have OMAP CPU except the Atrix, Photon 4G, Droid X² & XOOM had Tegra 2

I absolutely LOVED CM7 on my OG EVO and have been pining for it on the EVO 3D that I unfortunately upgraded to last July. I'm not counting on a CM ROM by the time I'm eligible for upgrade this summer, likely I'll jump on the Samsung Galaxy S3, or some other new hotness by the time that rolls around. Hopefully CM will be programming for LTE phones and the new generation of shiny coming out this summer.

I'll say this much:

Already running winner00's CM9 Kang on my Galaxy Nexus. Gives me a good idea of where they're at with it. Each time I update it to a newer build, it just keeps getting better. First time I tried it, it wasn't much of any improvement over the stock ICS except a few important features for me (the power widget in the notification bar most notably, which before getting it back with this, was the biggest thing I missed from CM7 on my Thunderbolt), but it's looking more and more like all of the glory of CM that one would expect from CM with every update. I'm definitely getting excited for official nightly builds to start, even if it is still going to be a while longer.

I'm a noob! (Nexus S 4g is on it's way in the mail!) What is CyanogenMod 9? (I'm a recovering iPhone user; went from Jailbreak Genius to Rooting Retard in .09 seconds.)

Haha who cares about old phhones huh? Obviously the cyanogenmod team! OG samsung epic 4g (the one with the keyboard) has it! I'm running it right now and it is super smooth and super stable! Only in alpha stages (we are on alpha2) and it is already a daily driver for most! Can't wait until everybody else can get some cm9 goodness... you just don't know what you're missing

I've been using CM9 KANG nightlies on my Nook Color for over a month and enjoying every minute of it. Sure, there is still a lot missing, but I already prefer it to CM7 (or the stock firmware, of course).

As for old phones, there is even an early ROM for my Motorola Bravo which I haven't tried yet.

Well done, cyanogenmodders!