CM9 Music

CyanogenMod 9 Music is now available for download, and you don't even have to be running CM to install or use it.  It offers a level of customization you won't find in other music apps, from things like searching the Android Market music store for the currently playing song, gestures for audio controls, sharing the current track with any of your social media outlets, and even setting your favorite song as a ringtone with one button.  To top it all off, the app has a theme engine that changes just about every aspect of the look.  A "Google Music" style theme is available, as is a theme template for you artistic types to have at it.

To get the app, follow the link below.  We have to mention that this one only works for music you have stored on your device itself, as it doesn't hook into any streaming or cloud service.  Andrew Neal, the developer of CM Music, says we'll see it in the Android Market shortly, as well as see it in CyanogenMod 9.  This is one to have a look at guys and gals.

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Reader comments

CyanogenMod 9 Music app now available, theme engine is a go


i was really hoping this would be a modified version of the google music app...with access to google's cloud storage. With out that this app is useless to me and many other people. I am running a Kang of CM9 right now on my GNex and its great...but i cant use this cause i dont store any music on my phone...Locked in unlimited for me!!!

AC needs to be better about certain things, like mentioning where the thing you all are reporting on will and won't work. Only took 3 minutes to find out, but a simple "This is only for ICS roms right now" would have been helpful.

Hopefully in the future this can integrate with Google Music. Someone needs to come out with an app that can log into either Google Music, Amazon or both. For my non-streaming music I'm pretty happy with Double Twist and its syncing features.

I gave this app a tried and to me it's just like Google Music(except you don't have clouds here). It does has some nice features but still doesn't cut it for me. I still like PowerAMP :)

Really would be nice if you mentioned right from the get-go that it's 4.0+ roms only. Especially given the small marketshare ICS has so far, it's a fairly small audience.

Looking forward to it when I can use it though.

I just wish Google would release an API for other apps to use to connect to Google music. That way there would be an option for people.

I agree, I am not really a huge fan of the Google music widget, but it's the only choice I have until Google releases some apis for other people to use!

I never thought I would be a "cloud guy" but I am... I hope one day this cm9 app can sync into google music.

Any player that doesn't come with cloud service support is just not going to work. It clear we have moved on from having the need to carry your whole music collection around with you on a micro sd card.

Pretty sweet. A couple of things though - am I the only one seeing these...First I'm using a custom ROM and ADW Ex. There is no Shortcut in my Launcher (even after reboot) and when I click a song the player doesn't go to the Now Playing Screen - stays in the list.

Overall pretty sweet, but not compelling enough for me to move from PowerAmp for my local storage music needs.