CyanogenMod 9 now available for the HP TouchPad

Earlier we all got a preview of CyanogenMod 9 running on the HP TouchPad and now, if you're a TouchPad owner looking to get in on the action -- you can do so. CyanogenMod 9 for the HP TouchPad has been released in alpha form.  To break things down for you all:

Things that DO NOT WORK:

  • Hardware Video (OMX). As a result, Netflix does not work, YouTube works only only in non-HD videos.
  • Audio is a mess. The microphone does not work. Work on the current libaudio solution has halted because we will eventually switch to a CAF libaudio.
  • Camera does not work. The only that we have is from froyo and its closed source. There is a wrapper for QCOM gingerbread libcamera libraries that could likely be used as a basis to get our camera working.
  • Market filters prevent some apps from being installed (this can partly solved by switching back to standard DPI settings(120, 160, 240). The current build is using 160 which fixes the market but makes everything look ugly and low resolution.
  • Titanium Backup crashes the kernel. There’s an investigation in progress...There are reports that older versions do work.
  • Most of the hardware problems from CM7 still exist in this CM9 alpha build.

Like we said, very Alpha. Don't venture into this if you're easily annoyed by bugs because you're going to have to deal with quite a few of them here. That said, hit the source link below -- read the disclaimers and get some Ice Cream Sandwich love on your HP TouchPad.

Source: RootzWiki


Reader comments

CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 now available for the HP TouchPad


This is great news!! I would much rather wait for a later build with less bugs. It's only a matter of time for a better build :)

sweeeeet... this is what i have been waiting for to happen since i bought my TP. i like WebOS a whole lot (got a pre - right after it came out), but lets face it, Android has a better browser(s) and like we all know, tons more app support. Brinnnng it.

I have a Touchpad but still waiting for a less buggy version. I'm very optimistic because much progress has been made just in the last 6-8 weeks. Thanks for the hard work team Cyanogen!

Awesome, great news to wake up to. Wanted to put CM7 on mine but I decided to wait for CM9. Now it's finally here. Still going to wait until a better version comes out though. Looking forward to it.

I'm rather surprised there is much development going on for a device that sold poorly and is not made for Android. Pretty cool though.

After the fire sale, there are a couple hundred thousand of these orphans out there. I have two of them. While I loved webOS, it clearly is going nowhere, thanks to Leo the Moron, so I will be like all of the others and installing it as soon as it reaches a more stable state. Thanks to the CM team!!! Looking forward to Beta.

I have CM7 in my TouchPad now and I love it. Since this is still an early CM9 build, I'm going to wait it out a little longer. Good work so far, Cyanogen team!

I used CM7 a bit on my TouchPad and for the most part I found it unusable. Not that it was bad, but it was just not designed for a tablet. I was having problems with WiFi and some other stability issues. It didn't replace webOS as my main OS on the TP. I've been using CM9 on it for less than 4 hours and I'm hooked. It's surprisingly stable for an alpha and everything I've tried has worked except for camera, mic, and HD video. YouTube still works if you untick HQ =)

I can't wait to put CM9 on my Touchpad. Well, I'll wait a bit longer until it is more of a beta. I am very excited though.

I just installed it on both touchpads in my household. I dont mind messing around with it till they work out all the bugs, but its great so far i recommend it! Thanks CM team :)