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CyanogenMod 11 M7 is being pushed to download servers starting today.The team at Cyanogen have indicated that this build still runs Android 4.4.2, but that the next major release, M8, will be based off Android 4.4.3. Google has started rolling out OTA Android 4.4.3 updates for several Nexus branded devices last week, and Motorola has also started pushing out the latest Android build to the Moto X, Moto G and the Moto E.

The M7 update brings performance improvements for low-memory devices, a new calculator UI, Trebuchet enhancements and much more. Here's a changelog of the new features:

  • Common: Theme Chooser UI Overhaul
  • Common: Calculator app redesign (courtesy Xlythe)
  • Common: Performance Profiles
  • Common: Improved theming performance on low memory devices (~512MB RAM or less)
  • Trebuchet: Move settings to new slide-out panel
  • Trebuchet: Consolidate settings for home and drawer options
  • Media: Add FFMPEG support (expanded media format support)
  • Bluetooth: Improved support for new car audio systems and docks
  • Various small bugfixes, global and device-specific

With the latest build, Cyanogen has announced support for new devices that include the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (mondrianwifi), Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE (n5120) and LG G2 Docomo (l01f).

While the M8 update will be live in the month of July, you can try the CyanogenMod nightly builds if you're interested in getting your hand on Android 4.4.3 right away.

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CyanogenMod 11.0 M7 is now available for supported devices


4.4.3 is out on nightlies and running like a dream on my s3.. Big props to the cm teams

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Same here. I am going to keep the Nightlies just to have the 4.4.3 update to contacts. I like the new UI.

After using the Cyanogenmod installer you will have to boot into recovery, wipe and flash M7 along with Google Apps.

Hi Harish, want to install this on my friends Samsung S3 phone. He has bought it here from india and unlocked. How do i go about this. Thanks

DAMN! I just clean flashed M6 yesterday. Phone was running like a piece... Finally got everything set back up the way I like it.

Just installed hoping the problem with the Them Provider was corrected. Unfortunately it hasn't. Still getting "Unfortunately Theme Provider Has Stopped". I did a wipe of cache/dalvik. I even deleted the apk file for the provider and reinstalling the update.

I love how far CM has come. They made my GS3 useable, and I'm eternally grateful for that. If something pulls me away from Motorola when it's time to upgrade, it'll be a CM supported device.

Its ashame that CM has gotten so big, they are starting to forget the phones that don't pay them :( ... Running the lg g2 on verizon and its still stuck on the 12a radio, The dev maintainer has abandoned the phone and this think sucks with CM on it now...Random reboots all the time, painful to use.

I haven't been able to go beyond M4 on my wife's Galaxy Nexus. Major issues with processes crashing, sms not working, 3g/lte hand off.

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I have Alcatel 7047a. It is problem is
that files freeze, do not respond, or enter other apps. No one seems to know why or how to repair. Some say clean my caches, but that was
first thing done. Also uninstalled and then reinstalled. Can anyone help?
. c